The other thing im going to tell you is when you fix your receivers: cable that runs from the receiver device and plugs in that cable needs to be loose and pliable, so it doesnt bind up the the gimbal im sure you would know that, but its worth, My saying it anyway um one of the things i did when i set this gimbal up by the way i set all of the tracking speeds to slow any options in the settings that i could find that related to panning or moving whatever. I wanted. The motors to move as slow as possible, because i know that in real life, when one is tracking somebody looking at them, they dont want to move rapidly. They want to move reasonably slow. I just went to the extent of the gimbal by the way it has nowhere else to go. So what im going to do now is im going to pick it up and im going to reposition it here in the kitchen area and here im going to walk side to side, and this will give you an idea of slow tracking and the benefits its a More even tracking by the camera, and if i speed up, which ill do this time ill speed up a little bit, the camera is following me: just like a human. Your eyes would track somebody youre generally going to be looking at them, but youre going to be slightly behind them typically and then, when they come to a stop as im doing right now, youll notice that that the camera then slows down, but it catches up with Me i get there first, its a much more natural tracking, so my recommendation just based on experience with gimbals, i, like the slower movements, obviously its its nice – to have a smooth movement which relates to slow.

Sometimes it needs to be fast. But if i were doing a seminar, uh and uh speaking to groups, i would want the camera to just leisurely. Follow me uh. I typically deliver leisurely uh technical seminars. I try to keep them a bit active, but i i dont want the camera going crazy. So anyway, i am pretty satisfied with the unit. It took me a couple of days to figure out the automatic tracking it didnt happen quickly. Ive got two other gimbal units. This one just seemed to be insensitive, not that it didnt care it. It just didnt want to set up for me. I finally figured out that i had to back away from it a bit more. I found the ideal. Distance was maybe somewhere around 48 inches 4 feet to 5 feet, and then once i once, i got the double blink from the light bar on the camera or on the gimbal. Actually, actually, once that occurred, i knew that it had registered my facial image, but then what i found out, if it didnt go with the okay sign, i would grab the unit move it to another area where the lighting changed and somewhere during the lighting change. Evidently it changed the lighting on my face, then it just all of a sudden goes green and im ready to go thats what i hadnt been doing, and maybe, if i were in daylight every time ive been setting up on this thing its been you know in The evening since ive been using incandescent lighting um so anyway, i like the way it works uh.

I uh plan on doing some reviews using this im sure ill still have my wireless microphone system. This is the very mic, and this gimbal will probably be a part of the package. I have a mobile tripod setup with a cell phone frame, its got built in lighting, but i also have other lights. Ive got some compact panels and its really great, when i just want to go light into the field and this gimbal, frankly its so small, its going to be a nice ad for all of that compact equipment. I think its uh its a good item, its a five star based on its price right now and um its features and the other thing im going to tell you since im, working with the gimbal and i think ill walk a little bit its good exercise right. The nice thing about this gimbal is you: dont have to use your smartphone. You can put your gopro or a sports camera on this. Just about anything uh. It will still perform the auto tracking, so thats, a big plus. I i thought that was a good deal anyway, um thats, it im going to finish up the review, and i hope this helped you.