Second, it comes equipped with a one inch sensor and its actually the same sensor. That sony includes in its rx 100 mark 7 camera so with this phone youre, pretty much carrying the power of a professional compact camera with you at all times, which is a game changer for serious content creators. So the phone features a tall and narrow design, which i actually like a lot. The 21 to 9 aspect ratio makes it extremely easy to handle and use the phone with just one hand. Its got a 6.5 inch, 4k 120 hertz oled display and it features an 82.5 percent screen to body ratio. So the bezels are a little thicker than what weve seen on a lot of recent phones, its also covered in gorilla glass victis, which is the toughest gorilla glass available, so its giving you some high level drop and scratch protection on one side, you have your volume Rocker, as well as your power button, which also serves as a side mounted fingerprint sensor – and this is one feature that i absolutely love, because your thumb naturally comes in contact with the sensor. Whenever you grab the phone so grabbing your phone and unlocking your phone is all one fluid motion and, despite the sensor being smaller than most fingerprint sensors, its still extremely accurate. You also have a dedicated camera shutter button, which really gives you the same. Feel of using a professional camera on. The other side is where you have your sim tray, as well as your micro sd slot youre, also getting a 3.

5 millimeter audio jack, which im sure for some will be a very pleasant surprise. On the back of the phone. Youve got a matte finish, which is great for keeping fingerprints to a minimum. You also have a vertical three lens setup with a very minimal camera bump. Each lens is giving you 12 megapixels, so youve got a 16 millimeter f, 2.2 ultra wide, a 50 millimeter f. 2.4 telephoto and the main lens is a 24 millimeter, f, 2.0 and f 4.0 dual aperture lens, and the main lens is the only lens that features the one inch sensor so to take advantage of that. The 24 millimeter is the lens that you want to use. The majority of the time you also have an 8 megapixel selfie camera, but the performance is pretty unexciting compared to the rear cameras. Now, when it comes to video, the phone is able to shoot 4k up to 120 frames per second, which is something that a lot of dslr and mirrorless cameras. Arent able to do. The phone comes equipped with a snapdragon triple eight 5g chipset and youre getting 12 gigs of ram as well as 512 gigs of onboard storage. The storage is also expandable, with support from micro sd cards up to one terabyte, which you will likely need if you plan on shooting a lot of 4k footage. The battery is 4500 milliamps and it supports 30 watt fast. Charging a complete charge requires about 2 hours, but the first 30 minutes will give you about 50 percent of your battery life.

Now one thing to mention is that the phone does not feature wireless charging, so for some that may be a big deal, but for others i dont think itll matter that much operating the phone is extremely smooth, its definitely on par with a lot of the other Flagship phones, if you do a lot of gaming, youre going to be perfectly fine, even with maxed out specs youre, not going to experience any sort of lag or delay. But lets go ahead and talk more about what really matters here, which is the photo and video capability. So, instead of one dedicated camera app, sony has actually included three different apps, which really give you access to the full capabilities of the cameras. So the default camera app is called photo pro and if youve ever used an actual sony camera, the interface is extremely similar, youre able to switch between your different modes. So you have your program mode, your aperture priority mode, your shutter priority mode manual mode as well as an automatic mode. So if youre a serious content creator more than likely youre going to use the manual mode and dial in all of your settings yourself for a more point and shoot experience, you do have a basic mode but buying this phone just to use the camera on basic Mode is pretty much pointless, so the beauty is that youre going to get much more natural photos and videos compared to the overly processed images that you tend to get with a lot of other smartphones.

Having that dual aperture means youre able to control the depth of field, so youre able to switch between f, 2.0 and f 4.0, depending on how much of your background you want to be in focus now, other smartphones allow you to adjust your depth of field, but Its usually doing so with the help of artificial intelligence youre, also getting sonys face and eye detection. So whenever you have a person in your frame, the phone is going to lock onto their eyes to keep their face in focus at all times. On top of that, youre getting real time object tracking. So, if you have a moving subject, you can lock onto that subject to make sure they also stay in focus at all times. Now, when it comes to nighttime photography, obviously, most smartphones have a specific mode. Just for that, where they use artificial intelligence to lift the shadows and adjust the brightness to give you the best possible image, but with the xperia pro i you have more control, so youre able to get a little more creative. You can set a delayed shutter up to 30 seconds, which is going to allow as much light into the sensor as possible, while keeping graininess and noise to a minimum, also with a delayed shutter youre able to capture some really creative shots now moving over to video, Like i mentioned earlier, youre able to shoot 4k at up to 120 frames per second, which is going to allow you to slow your footage down in post and give you some very smooth, slow motion shots.

So the big takeaway here is, if youre looking for a smartphone, to give you some great point and shoot photos and videos, then this is not really the option for you, but if youre serious about photography and or videography – and you want a fully capable 5g smartphone Thats also the closest thing to a professional compact camera. Then this is definitely the phone to consider theres, also the option of a vlogging kit which you can get for the phone, which includes an external monitor as well as a grip, so that you can take full advantage of that 24 millimeter lens to capture your vlog Footage so thats going to be it for this video, if youre interested in the phone be sure to check out the affiliate links in the description to make sure you get the most up to date. Price also, do me a favor if you found the video to be helpful, go ahead and give it a thumbs up as well as subscribe to the channel.