Hey welcome to the channel michael here and such a pleasure to meet you and tell you everything, ive experienced with the ddpi z40 model in the past weeks. A dash camera, including a front and the rear unit with focus on safety and smart features, sounds like a summary for most dash cameras from the past few months and overall, this has always been a priority for most car dvr makers. Ive had the chance to use it in my car for some time now and there are features which are indeed impressive. Some have been somewhat sim optimal, but generally, i do feel it is on the bright side of the tech. Furthermore, ddpi have one of the best smartphone apps ever so there are a bunch of reasons why this dashcam is worth checking depending on the combo price, starts at 69 dollars for the front unit. Only without gps and price goes as high as 120. If you want to order a rear unit and the gps module, the full pack is a little more expensive than similar 70mi models, but remains a lot more attractive than other expensive brands like blackvue, thinkware and similar. Does it live up to the high expectations diving into the details and we gon na find this out so unboxing? This is the third ddpi model that i test in my life, in fact a model i have received a few requests about. So no surprise. I was as eager as you are for hands on experience, youre, seeing two boxes, because the one on the left contains the main unit with the accessories, while the one on the right has the rear unit, big stamp for the maximum resolution 1944p kind of uses.

In my opinion and ill tell you about this in a moment: a reminder about the option for parking surveillance and the hardwire kit, so lets take things out one by one, shall we heres the main unit sticks to the cars windshield? Has the configuration buttons hosts the microsd slots and receives the gps signal if that option is included and has a nice display underneath this folio having tested the mini series, i was impressed by the build quality. It is not that remarkable with the z40 model, but still feels good its just that you wouldnt get this premium feeling out of it. During the whole time, i felt like im holding a 70 my dash camera, maybe for the good reasons nice to see that the front lens is adjustable, giving you the chance to correct the angle, depending on how your cast windshield is built. The rear unit is in here youre gon na notice, a few screen, folios included. They need to be sticked to the glass and you can stick. The cameras on top of them makes the removal procedure much easier and faster and im happy to see this getting a trend. Now, in 2022, there are all the needed cables included a car cigar, light charger too, and the holder quick release mount is indeed a wonderful idea. If youre fans of technical specs, i have of course collected the most important characteristics for you as well front unit with image sensor by sony, namely the imx 335.

A sigma star, chipset, 140 degree field of view for the front lens, with f by 1.8. Aperture 125 degree field of view for the rear, 2 megapixel camera and f by 2.0 aperture 128 megabytes, inbuilt storage and a micro sd slot gps gravity, sensor, 2.4 gig wifi, super capacitor and a 2 inch ips screen. As you can already guess, configuration happens either using the buttons or by using the smartphone app in a nutshell, very decent specs ive never pointed to the lack of 4k in a dash camera as a disadvantage due to multiple reasons. In simple words, due to the smaller density in full hd and 2k sensors low light performance might be a lot better. Having a 5 megapixel sensor with this 1 by 2.8 inches surface and really wide open lens is quite an optimal choice. In my opinion, as for the rest, focus seems to be on the safety, because there is a super capacitor, meaning the dash cam is suitable for very hot areas where temperatures can reach really high values, also something quite interesting, theres inbuilt flash, which can temporarily store data. Even if the microsd card fails, meaning that even in case of an accident or a failure, youre gon na be able to recover the last minute of footage. Only for the front unit, though still a great idea before inspecting more footage. We have to install as usual for ddpi models thats a very easy to fulfill task, especially if youre not planning to use a parking mode, because all you have to do is take a moment and plan.

The configuration think about placing the camera in an area which is not going to disturb you, while youre driving also make sure the lens is within the reach of the wipers, so that it can film through clean glass when there is rain or snow. The rest is easy: screenfolio then sticking the module and eventually adjusting. I simply adore the inbuilt installation guides. You can find details on the smartphone app and also graphs to perfectly frame the image from the display on the camera. This is indeed very useful, spares time and helps people without any experience with dash cameras to make close to a perfect installation even for a more advanced user. Like me, its been quite fun and something to appreciate, then you should find an easy way to get the cable down to the cast cigar lighter adapter and everything is set. If you have an extra ear unit, we do the same just to the rear window and thats gon na take a bit more time with finding a discrete path for the wires be creative. Really, nice is the fact that the camera stays inside the cars interior. However, if you have a truck or capacity out car, it may not be a great option for suv, cars or hatchbacks. Quite a great feat indeed, if parking mode is desired, then go for a hot wire kit. Im a fan of such for the record ddpi mini 3, is what my wifes car has been equipped with in the past 3 years and its been problem free.

Also, this ddpi camera supports microsd cards. 64 gigabytes will be totally enough, but if you prefer more storage, greater sizes are compatible as well when you power the engine on heres, the new greeting hello. This is cute. Lets hear it again. Hello start recording. Well, if you prefer to have it disabled thats, an option that you can do from the app menus. As for the rest of the configuration, yes, you can rely on the buttons or im gon na show you the app in a moment. Here we come to the essence: the footage quality, because even if the user interface and the specs are good, if software is messed up, its gon na be a disappointment. Well, luckily, its not the image sensor is fabulous, very good tuning and overall solid, really solid image. Quality daytime footage is superb, which is as expected. Low light is what you probably are more interested about. So what do you think a hit or a miss? By the way? I noticed that using the highest resolution being 1944p is rather useless because it only adds field of view on the top and the bottom side of the frame which are anyways an interesting more like waste of space. So i keep it fixed to 1920p sharpness. Color balance betrayed all of them are excellent, of course, to support my words. I need to show you some evidence in real life side by side comparison with a much more expensive model.

Original footage has barely any differences, no matter day time or low light performance. If we zoom in 4 or 5 times heres how things compare dont forget that ddpis z40 footage is 1080p only while the black view camera is recording at 4k. Quite a nice surprise to see that z40s footage is that close, even at a lower resolution. My favorite feature is definitely the smartphone app. I think ddpi are way ahead of competition with this awesome timeline, selector, which makes experience similar to a surveillance, dvr, so precise and so easy to use. You can select, extract and download the footage without unnecessary extra large files worth of footage. Fantastic graphs gravity sensor analysis. At any point of time, you can prove whether the car has been accelerating, braking or turning left or right. Besides the accurate speed measuring thanks to the gps, of course right so before giving it a verdict, fair to list the drawbacks, there is no adas which some competitors offer and i continue to not be convinced about its usefulness. There is no 5g wifi, meaning that transfer is according to the older, slower 2.4 gigahertz range, specs, no voice controls and some file reading issues on a pc which are easy to overcome by downloading vlc player. Oh and i didnt like the button navigation but thats just me, you may actually enjoy it. So in the end, this is yet another exceptionally good. Dash camera to use good hardware meets excellent software focus on safety and entirely temperature independent, because there are absolutely no batteries involved, definitely a hit and given the fact, parking mode is well supported in working 2 id favor, this moto over 70 mice, a800 and similar.

Would you tell me, do you like the ddpi z40? Do you agree with my observations and is there something else you would like to share in order to help the other viewers watching this video, please head over to the comments and lets talk about all of this? In the meanwhile link to the product and more info are, as usual, available in the description right below im michael, been a pleasure and warm wishes for good, good and safe driving and see you soon in our next review.