. They are equipped with the cartridge technology right inside this mobile platform and in this, video were going to dive deep into one of the most powerful three axis smartphone stabilizer that ive ever experienced in my life, and that is this ultron smart x, pro its foldable. It fits in your hands wireless charging, it has a built in air in the ring light its for quick charging, focusing wheel, telephoto, zoom and even more so want to know more about it. Keep watching. My name is young. My channel is dedicated 360 photography, video accessories and some cutting technology. This is going to get inside the box, smart x pro and the box master leaves always leave and its quite simple inside the box. Despite the usbc charging, cable and user menu. This is going to get inside the box, affordable three axis gimbal stabilizer and a mini tripod, because it has a quality, mel squared hole on the bottom, its even smaller, compared with the dji om4, its foldable, once its open, fully expanded. This is how it looks like, and phone clamp supports, the wireless charging. It has a replacement decent battery. You see that 3200 milliamp its a standard 18650 that has 3200 milliamps and you can bear you – can buy a lot of spare parts for unlimited battery life and the battery door is magnet and before we get started just want to share with you a little bonus Tips before we get started to just place your camera, the main camera lens try to adjust the mounting point of the phone that has the best stabilization before powering on that will give the motor the three axis motor the best possible stabilization.

Once you have power on and later you can long press the power button to power it on. You see that long press for three seconds, and now it has been stabilized so by default it will enter into the pitch following mode where the the phone will follow. Your pitch angle, just like that, and we do have different options where you can see. This is a pitch following single tap its the following and the lock the lock, no matter how you rotate the axis. The form will always align to the point, and this is a pov shot where the phone follows your pitching road angle, slowly and steady. This is the one capture in the pov shot and later go back to the pitch following mode. This is a standard working mode for this gimbal stabilizers and another interesting fact about this gimbal stabilizer that watch out this power button. If you low press, you can power it on or off, but if you single tab short tab, you can see the there is a ring light on the back of the phone clamp center it off and watch how this place single tap. It will light up like the whole scenarios. There are altogether three levels of brightness. This is the lowest the medium and high. The color temperature is around 5500k, its just like a sony days like effects, and did you see that theres a record button? If you long press the record button, you can turn on the water charging.

You know the iphone 13, the support magsafe that has a wireless charging capability. So now we can see if we long press the record button, it will turn on the wireless charging. Did you see that now it is charging wirelessly by this phone clamp that has a massive the charging port on the back? This is really a multi functional gimbal. Another interesting fact about the smart x pro. When you double tap the record button, you can actually switch in between the landscape mode of the vertical mode. Take a look at that. So now we are in the landscape mode. Double tap now lets switch back to the portrait mode, double tap again, switch back in between the landscape mode and this joystick you can see. This is a joystick and it is also multi functional, because if you double tap it will center in the gimbal. Did you see that and if you tap it three times it will enter in inception mode? Do you see that it rotates around 300 degrees, slow and steady, so well, walk around? You can capture something amazing with some inception effects when you stop recording when it stops, we automatically center it into the landscape mode yeah. Just like that long press, the power button turn it off. If you take a closer look at the side, you can see the user menu in brief on the side of this. Its axis so come next lets go to the ultron app where we can unlock all the amazing features of the smart x pro well now you can see whats inside my studio, its quite grounded, but it doesnt matter.

Well, you can control it with a live preview. The offline app not just a controller app for the gimbal, but also a very powerful recording app as well. Here you can have different shooting modes, including the the preset at different modes, the pitch volume mode, f mode, the pov mode, the dm mode. The pure inception. Here you can also switch back in between the front and the rear lenses. You see that and if you single tap on button, you can adjust export on the basis of your point, youve tapped on the screen and it also adjusts with explorer criteria. Just like a native camera, app single tab and just asks for a compensation, you see, it can burn up explore a little bit or it can burn down its a little bit. I do have virus shooting options, including the inception mode. The hitchcock, the hitchcock, has the start and end position and shooting time this is all programmable, its really powerful and also shoot some panorama for the panoramic routines. I have four uh four options: the 180 degree 330 degree 3 multiply 3 or 3 multiply 5.. This is a really powerful tool, its even more powerful, compared with the dji mavic drone in the photo mode, the video mode and in standalone slow motion. You have up to you see that up to 1080, the 120 on the front facing lens for the back screen is 1080 at 240. Maximum frame rate and also select some time lapse.

Well, its also programmable and its really smart. If you shop, shooting time is 30 seconds and sharing turbo to 0.5 seconds, the app will automatically generate the final video lens. That is two seconds long, video and if you use, if you use six hours with three seconds in total, the final video should be four minutes. This is really smart and start recording. It will shoot automatically for you but remember to charge while shooting and turn on the wireless charging when you on shoot time lapse, because you really need a lot of battery and there are also a trajectory delay. You can select at least two scenarios and move back with a preset trajectory and get some very special movement, go to the video and take a closer look at the design and features, because the video mode is the most powerful shooting mode inside the ultron app. You can see there is battery life, the remain battery of the phone and the gimbal. At the same time, the top is a recording time on the right side, theres uh, the tracking mode. You can track the face or you can track the body expert mode. You can set everything in full manual mode. You see that the export value, the shutter speed, iso white balance and the white balance shift manual focus dial. You can also change the focus range and, if you shot its resolution at maximum 1080 and 30 fps, you should have the real time build effects and you can also select the different actors: 264, 265, 4k, 24, 30 or 60.

Yes, and for slow motion. You get maximum 1080 and the 240 fps okay coming next im going to use this combo setup to show some test footage with my iphone 13 mini and smart x pro by holding my hands. Okay, now im going to take some tests of footage with an autumn app together with the smart x pro its 9×16 and with iphone 13, you can capture with 9.16 at 4k 60fps wow, which is insane okay here, gon na open this ultron app. Once again, this im going to show you the body track and the face track capability where im using the front facing camera right here and look at that – and here you can see this is the tablets button. We have face tracking and it automatically detects my face. Try to capture whatever i i go, you know this works extremely well. You want to capture a 9×16 videos or you can literally horizontal and it also works. You see that yeah its pretty awesome right and you can also enable the gesture to control the start. Recording stop recording. Do you see that boom pretty amazing huh and you can stop recording by high five? Yes, just stop recording turn around body tracking. You see that it automatically detects my body, you see that, and it would also detect my gestures. You can see that look at look at the shape it will make automatically make some analyzations. Yes, the smart x pro will not have any interference with the super wide angle lens.

Here you can see my test shot and now in the prime lens, where you can see switch back in between the different ends. This is a rear lens. You can see for every angle, theres, no interference with the gimbal and switch back to the wide angle lens. You see that, and you can capture you, can capture the shot, no, nothing will be captured in the scenarios, and this is what ive been captured. Look at that this is what being captured. This is my setup with my iphone 13 mini see that you can change the focus and you can see the manual focus and value is changing when we click on the the focus dial. You see that everything now is out of focus. Slowly, steady put it into focus, but i do hope that the smart x pro engineer, if you are watching this video, i do want to have a zoom in preview that will help me better make judgement and exactly the focus im shooting with my camera companies. I will show you the zooming feature where i use my smart x pro iphone 30 im shooting in the prime lens. You see that and here watch out we do have a telezoom wide zooming option on the side of the gimbal itself. So now you can see you can capture the pocket too. You can zoom in a little bit, although it did the zoom, but it will give us a really nice view from its partner perspective and you can even capture in hitchcock the preset mode 10 seconds.

Yeah and thats it triple tap. This joystick can enter in the inception mode by a single click. They always triple tap and it will slowly rotate around 300 degrees and then move slowly. You could capture inception mode. This is how it works. Smart x pro is super capable, no matter which camera you have. You can always have four different panorama: settings 180 233 multiply 3 and 3 multiply. 5.. Try the 3 multiply 3 capture 9 shots and automatically merge all of them into a super wide angle view. Well, you can shoot handheld or you can shoot on the table. It doesnt matter. You see that nine shot composite synthesizing and you got this super wide angle photo well lets, try again with another. Well, we capture 15 foot wires for us in full, auto mode where you can see the iso. The shutter speed is changing on the go and it looks like it could perform the matrix shooting, where no other gimbals could ever do. That, in your hand, i mean please use landscape mode so to capture in the panorama you have to use landscape landscape 180. This looks awesome. I mean this. This feature works great, shooting behind this phone. Well, you are actually in that 30 degrees lets. Take a look at that you take nine shots. Look at how wide it is looks like equal rectangular format, parameter feature, also works, awesome and now im going to shoot at night to give you some test sample footage at night with the smart x pro and iphone 13 mini ive already opened up my screen capture.

So you can see everything in my explore. My screen capture now im vlogging with my dji pocket 2 at iso 800 at night. As you can see the imaging quality of my pocket too, and this is side by side comparison, which one is better ill. Try to you can see. Judging from this live review, you can see what it looks like and try to open up this ring light, and this is what my face looks like in the final shot, medium and high. I still already see the light effects from my dji pocket too, but with the face tracking, you can literally capture something interesting at night, only with smart x pro and my iphone 13 mini with the prime lens, and you can also use a wide angle lens and Also tuning the focus yes and thats it: okay, now im going to take some load line sample shot with my smart x pro. As you can see, this is my setup. Do you see that trying to capture the footage and also you can evaluate the sound quality of the iphone 13 mini? So with the help of the gimbal stabilizer, you can capture everything. Well, the quality is really great. The iso is around 600 and its quite windy outside its not holding this gimbal setup and trying to capture some low light situation. You know with iphone 13 mini Music. The um looks stunning. Okay now lets capture something with the rear lens with pitch following mode enjoy.

This beautiful knight looks awesome in my personal opinion. I think the smart x pro is one of the most powerful three access gimbal stabilizer, the built for the smartphone. I mean ios and android. It does unlock all the amazing capabilities inside this tiny little camera. We carries ourselves everywhere, we go and this foldable design a replaceable battery, the focusing dial, the wireless charging and this ring light. Dont forget theres a ring light in the back, really give you more possibilities in your content creation, and i do hope you can learn something about the smart x pro and if you found this video helpful, definitely dont forget to thumb up, subscribe and hit notification bell.