It takes a perfect combination of hardware, form factor, usage operating system software features and a whole lot more to get it just right, in my hand, is what i think may well be the perfect folding phone. Yes, the much awaited super hyped headline making oppo find then is with us time to unfold the future Music. So the oppo find n was announced at the oppo inno day event an event that showcases some fascinating future forward. Innovations now oppo is focusing more on ai and image processing now more than ever before, and this is evident as they launch their very powerful custom built 6nm neural processing unit, which gives great control from capturing image information to processing information to that final result that you Actually get were expecting to see the technology in smartphones next year, which is going to significantly enhance 4k ai night video processing, along with a whole lot more along with this chipset. The brand also announced air glasses, which are the first assisted reality, glasses, think, navigation, instructions or incoming text messages or event or weather data that automatically pops up right in front of your eye. You dont have to go anywhere else. The air glasses spot a very lightweight and minimalistic appearance and provide users a very different, intuitive interaction, but nothing nothing comes close to what came next. This is the find in the brands first foldable phone now this is a real stunner in terms of material use, the form factor the fit the finish: everything about it, screams premium, the oppo fine line just doesnt look great, but it also feels incredibly comfortable to hold, As well, going to a very compact footprint, look how it fits in my hand.

Nowadays, most foldables have been played with a taller narrow outer screen, which makes gripping the phone or using the phone very, very cumbersome, see if its this thin. How do you really use it? The greatest problem, most people feel with the tall narrow phone is. The outer screen is near unusable, typing, very, very difficult, but with the fine, then oppose come up with a very interesting rather brilliant solution. Theyve gone with a traditional aspect: ratio of 18 by nine, which mimics a normal smartphone with a display size of 5.49 inches, makes it a delight to use very pocketable portable, easy to slip in and out of your pockets. Now this feels like a normal phone in hand, but when you unfold the fine end, this is where all the magic happens. The first thing youll note when you unfold any foldable, is that visible division of the two adjoining screen, which leaves a crease in the center, but not with the fine end. This is where oppo really differentiates itself from the rest, with over four years spent in research and development. They finally come with a very unique flexion hinge, design that ensures each component is perfectly joined together. This results in a minimal crease that almost blends in with what feels like a major win for user experience when it comes to foldable now, this flexion hinge also allows the phone to be seated at any angle, between 50 and 120 degrees, enabling functionalities very much like A miniature laptop oppo calls it the flex form mode, and this seated form allows for hands free usage, while consuming media flex form also has another important function in that you can use it to make 4k hd time lapse.

Videos as it allows you hands free usage in every which way when the device is bent at an angle below 60 degrees. The screen automatically moves the image preview to the bottom display to make it easier to set up your shot, all cool stuff on the inside. When unfolded, youre greeted with a very large and immersive 7.1 inch, inner amoled display with 120 hertz refresh rate that offers a lot of screen real estate way more than youd, actually expect. When you look at this phone outside, do you think it would actually have this much inside? Additionally, oprah took a very different approach and a rather good one, with the phone having a landscape mode that makes great use of the extra width whether youre, reading gaming or consuming media. It even gives you a mini laptop experience once reading an important spreadsheet or while analyzing stocks, good handy, stuff works well, looks good now, while the screen everything else looks good oppo did some other very interesting things. Also. It ensured that its equally durable too, it uses a 12 layer, serene display structure, a very thin 0.03 mm flexion ultra thin glass, which is good for 200, 000 folds and unfold. Look if you phone and unfold your phone 50 times a day. That means this phone will last you nearly 11 years, not just that. You also get corning gorilla, glass, victus back panel protection. Now the rest of the find n specs are also exactly what you need from a super flagship phone.

You get one of the best performing qualcomm snapdragon, 888 chipset, 8 or 12gb of fast ddr5 ram, and what this translates to is a very smooth user experience with instant opening of apps heavy multitasking as many tabs as you want gaming multimedia. The fine end can do all this day in and day out, without breaking a sweat and all of this in a small little device with a big battery 4 500 mah battery that can easily last all day and more plus, you get the 33 watt super book. Flash charger can top up the battery in a jiffy. It also comes with a 15 watt wireless charging, 10 watt, reverse wireless charging. Look now that we are very impressed with the find ends beefed up specs and everything else that theyve done. The software plays an equal or a much larger role. Also and oppo has nailed this one. Absolutely perfectly foldables are all about productivity and the experience once you unfold and the find and excels in providing user customized software feature that improves this entire experience to a whole new level. The most useful is dual windows, which splits the display in half to use. Two apps side by side, simple, very easy. Take two fingers just swipe in the middle youve got two apps right. There works very well feels solid. Easy to do. Floating windows is another very handy way to multitask. If you still want to use the larger display to its full potential, you can quickly pinch your nap down to a smaller size using four or five fingers, so its very easy to move from different apps seamlessly a total breeze on find, and i was able to Do it within seconds look lets just declare it.

The oppo finding is one of the most intriguing innovative smartphones, not only this season, but for the entire 2021, and what oppo gets right is the compact form factor when folded that can turn into a gorgeous size tablet when needed. With this very unique flexion hinge design its refreshing to not feel and see the crease that most foldables are known, for.