They kindly send me one of their mobile diving housings, like a universal universal dive, housing for your phones and actually its future proof, because it can hold the most of the brands out there, even the bigger phones. Actually, they sent me the pro version, which is contains dive computer, and this is amazing, so the housing comes in this little hard case because you open it, you find a nice pouch also inside we find this nice little bug and what we have here. Extra o ring a nice little hot dive, microfiber cloth to clean your lenses and everything we have a lanyard, so you dont lose it or you dont drop it under water, because its heavy micro usb type c thats very good to see as well a card. I dont know what says chinese or japanese i dont know, so the only thing that i can imagine that is used, take out the old dooring and place the new one and last but not least, focus oh, i forgot to mention in the box also we find The users manual, which is like a big thing, yeah with everything you need to know if you lose it or if you dont, have it inside the box. Dont worry when you scan the application. Everything goes to your phone, so thats the housing here, its aluminum or aluminum. How you call it depends which part of the world you are you from. It looks very steady to me its like super steady housing, it weights 1.

2 kilos its quite hefty. We have building light 500 lumens and 800 lumens. We have built in dive computer, as we say earlier, and in that thing up here we have building automatic vacuum, pump, yeah, yeah boy im losing my mind me. So what you have to do when you buy your housing, i have a qr code here, yeah, you open your camera on your phone. You scan the qr code, you download the application and the applications look like this, which is a official page, an official video of the diving housing you press to dive. He asks you to open bluetooth because it connects with bluetooth on your phone. You see here thats my housing, you press there. It connects and comes straight away to the camera yeah. Here i have the samsung galaxy s8 plus so its quite big phone. You place it in on the screen here. On this side, you see we have one silicon pad. It goes against your screen to hold it in place, so we have a nice locking mechanism. Here. You see, we have the Music holes here. So you put the latch on youre, closing down yeah and heres the magic here you can see the housing actually its bended, because the o ring is not seated properly. What i can do now is, i can press it and make it firmly nice and tight and straight and everything – and here we see the led light red, led light.

That means that were not vacuum. Sealed we open this a little bit but cup here yeah. We have our buttons here, thats the led button that operates our light, but if you press it for three seconds one, two three look at the bent on the screen: oops Music, the bend goes away, so that means that its vacuum very good and actually straighten door. For us yeah now the led here, Music Applause, it goes green, good news, Music and it stops. That means its ready. You can stop it manually as well. If you wish yeah. Actually, my phone shifted a little bit, but you can see what i tell you before. You see the silicone part up here. It doesnt squeeze my screen so hard to make it losing colors or whatever we do that. We need to do that half an hour before we dive 20 minutes or something like that. So you can be sure that you dont losing any air from the housing the vacuum silt. It help it also to prevent foggy. We have nice trigger button here and we have very good and nice clear menu. Let me show you here: is the actual application yeah with my phone and everything. If you press it, says success, press one, the focus and say focus completed zoom in everything, clear, zoom out everything. Fine, you press the mode button. It goes to video you press, one. More time fake one more time, selfie video one more time, one more time and go back again menu.

Now it says: scuba diving, you can press here. Oh sorry, thats preview, so press menu go to the scuba diving Music uh, the exposure, its automatic for me now Music. I think thats preview quality im, not sure, but if you press you can change it to low. No, i think its a picture quality too high. The thats, the quality 2k 4k 2k again and 1080p im gon na leave it to 2k thats good. You can see here it says preview. So if we press that heres the picture that we the picture that we take earlier for three seconds, the autofocus button, we go on the scuba, diving mode and encompass thats amazing. For me, thats amazing. Look at that depth max depth. Temperature heading actual time, not dive, time or bottom time, actual time, dive time, safety, stop and, of course, our battery yeah. If you try to shutter to take a picture, go back to picture mode, what else you can ask from a from a diving housing? Thats amazing? Well, thats, not something else. The light is still green, so that means were done losing air or something. Now because i try earlier to open the the housing its not possible to open it, even if you take the latch and try to squeeze it open, i cant open it because its vacuum, sealed you remember so you you unscrew that cap here now the light goes Red put that thing back. You screw that back into place and now look wow its open, thats it so to me, if im, not into underwater videography or photography and im, not having like uh canon m50 to shoot underwater or a nikon or a big camera or a river gopro with a Lights like that, which is take time to set up it, takes space on your handbag or your luggage or whatever, or if you dont use another camera with a diving housing or if you dont dont, you have a gopro, you know what i mean everywhere.

You go. The first thing that you take with you its your phone, its easy as that i have my phone. Actually, my phone charges with usb type c, which is i have one cable, yeah open. My diving housing stick: the cable here boom two thousand or three thousand five hundred milliamp hours battery its gon na last for 20 days without to charging. So you have your charging for the uh for your phone. You charge your phone. You charge your your case: connect together, thats it as always: they say, dont open between dives or diving housing. I mean so whats the point to have another case to have my gopro, my dom my batteries for the. If you think only the butter is the two batteries that i i need, i need four, those batters that i need for my light. It makes the the weight of the housing, which is one kilo, and only my life, is about one kilo plus my tray plus. My dom port plus everything, so if youre asking me if you are not like the super photographer, that goes with the big cameras and lights and expensive housings thats the easiest way you dont have to mess with memory cards, you dont have to mess with extra batteries. You dont have to mess with uh strobe light, so i forgot to show you guys just say like uh, 500. 800 off uh. You know what i mean, even if i close the light here.

One light i close here. I have one light.