Apple Watch 7 mit Cellular (eSIM/ LTE): Lohnt sich das wirklich? (Review)

Befindet hast du dich fr die variante mit cellular entschieden, dann bedeutet das dass in deiner apple watch, eine ist verbaut ist quasi eine elektronische, sim karte mit der ist dann seine app award statt zu der lage, sich selbststndig mit dem mobilfunknetz und auch, mit dem internet zu Verbinden das hat zur folge dass […]

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G Review | Not the perfect reboot

So it certainly aint cheap, but it does actually try to upgrade a couple of key areas of the original s21, including boosting the battery life and actually adding an optical zoom. To that telephoto lens, so maybe its not so much the fan edition as it is the fixed edition, but has it actually […]


The latest faction device from doogie this review unit was sent to me by doojie a company that specializes in making rugged smartphones and smart watches, be sure to check out their website as they are currently doing. A giveaway links will be in the description below. So if this is your first time on, […]

OnePlus 10 Pro Unboxing with Camera Test

This is because oneplus and the parent company oppo are merging so thats. Why it released their first? If you want to pick one of these up early, i got mine from I couldnt wait because i had to test out this camera so im going to give you some camera samples to show […]

Galaxy S21 FE 5G review

This is the 5g phone right here. Ive had it about two weeks now and in this episode i want to share with you. You know my full review. My take my thoughts on it. Should you buy this phone right here lets. Take it out of this s, view cover case, which is one […]

Tecno Spark 8P review. Is it just me or are budget phone getting better-looking

Techno has really outdone themselves here out of the box. I was really impressed by the textured finish, because some device manufacturers are leaning more and more into glossy fingerprint, attracting casings techno didnt get full marks totally in this category, because the camera pump has a glossy finish, but its pretty easy to avoid […]

4 Jutaan Punya 180Hz, Chips 6Nm, Ada Lampu RGB || Review Oppo A96 5G Indonesia

Disisi lain untuk bodynya ini, enak, banget dan juga, kelihatan, tipis, Karena, untuk, ketebalannya, hanya, mencapai, 740, 9 mm dan untuk beratnya, mencapai 171 gram, jadi ponsel, ini, tipis, juga, dengan, banget, jadi, buat, kalian, yang suka, mentracking, atau, suka, main game pasnya, ponsel ini, enak, banget, ditangan, kalian, Atau lebih tepatnya nggak cepet pegel, […]

vivo V23 5G full review

This color is thanks to the v23s uv reactive dye that changes when exposed to sunlight or other uv light its fantastic. The paint can take from 30 seconds to a couple minutes for the color to change from golden to bluish green. You can choose to go with the more understated, stardust black version […]

SMARTPHONE in KONSOLE verwandeln? – Razer Kishi (Review)

Gert mal, etwas nher an wenn man. Sich dass sie, so von vorne, anschaut, knnte man, direkt meinen dass, ich hier am xbox controller layout, so ein bisschen, orientiert wurde was er grundstzlich keine schlechte sache ist das sieht man, vor allem auch hier. An den knpfen die so ein. Bisschen bunt daherkommen wir, im […]

Best Camera Apps for Android – 2022 Review!

Let me know what is your go to android camera app and why? Okay, so theres lots of different options? Some of them are great, and some of them not so great youve got things like open camera, filmic, pro manual, camera, hd, camera pro shot pro cam x, dslr camera pro take and cinema […]