So for some time now, google has been making their own branded devices, whether it comes in the form of nexus devices or in more recent times. The pixel series lineup, however ill be honest. Google hasnt quite found an identity for themselves. The pixel phones definitely are googles phones, but they dont really stand out as the google phone. That is until now introducing the pixel 6 pro and, of course, the pixel 6 in general. I feel like these are the first true pureblood, google phones and for good reason. They really have set an identity, which is exactly why in todays, video were gon na see what makes the pixel 6 pro such a fantastic phone. Why its getting so much praise where google got it right, what can be improved or done better and ultimately answer the question of whether or not this is the right phone for you, as always, if you enjoy the content hit that like button sub to my channel, Thanks for watching lets, get started in terms of design. Make no mistake: the pixel 6 pro is by all standards and means a very large phone. This is what i describe as a typical two handed phone. If you are someone who prefers smaller phone sizes, youre not going to be very happy, but with that said that gorgeous 6.7 inch, diagonal screen looks crisp. The curved edges just give it such a nice and premium feel ill talk more about the display in a minute.

But just know this is a absolutely breathtaking display when you get to the size of the phone, its all stainless steel, baby, thats, right and youll notice. On one side, you have the sim tray itself. On the other side, you have the volume rocker, as well as a multi function, power button on the top side. You do have a bit of an odd design choice here, the stainless steel kind of ends and goes into this white pattern or design. If you will, i think it looks really weird to be honest, its kind of out of tone compared to the phone. I know the antenna is hosted there, but it is what it is on. The bottom side is where you have the speaker grilles, as well as the good old fashioned usbc charging port. The back side of this phone is where you really get that unique google identity for the new pixel 6 pro. So you have a gorgeous glass surface, finish thats, smooth to the touch that fantastic g logo in the dead center im loving the minnows design, where things get kind of bold for google, that is, is when you get that massive camera bump. That goes from one end. To the other, and unlike a lot of traditional phones nowadays, where you kind of have a camera in one area of the phone, google said nah bun that were gon na, go all the way, baby and heres the thing. I personally think it looks nice.

Its bold design may turn some users away from it, but it hosts basically all the cameras sensors, as well as the flashlight, and i really think it gives this phone a unique look that again defines it as the pixel phone and, if youre looking at some guy Walking across the street with a phone youll know thats a pixel 6 pro the display on the pixel 6 pro is a absolute work of art, so you have a 6.7 inch screen here. Its worth noting this is a qhd plus resolution display, meaning you roughly get about 512 pixels per inch. Everything looks sharp defined and clear and crisp as youd expect it to the curves complement the display itself. Great experience, its also worth noting you do have a adaptive. 120 hertz refresh rate here, meaning when the occasion calls for it. Your refresh rate can go all the way up to 120 hertz, but when theres no motion or activity it can drop to as little as 10 hertz, which means battery life savings. One thing worth noting with this display is that under peak brightness, with sdr content, you only hit about 670 nits and with hdr peak brightness levels can go as high as 1050 nits. This is great for most settings, but its not as competitive as the likes of samsung or iphone 13 pro display, which can hit well above 1300 nits with peak hdr content. The cameras on the pixel phone have always been one of its most defining traits and thats.

Every much as true on the pixel 6 pro, so you essentially have three dedicated cameras. You have a ultra wide lens at 0.7 times zoom, you have the standard white lens and then you have the telephoto lens with a optical zoom of times four, and you can go all the way up to 20 times zoom with the digital ai functionality on google And let me tell you the 20 times: zoom is fantastic, it puts the likes of the iphone to shame, which can only go up to 15 times and the amount of clarity this camera produces with digital zoom is unreal. Generally speaking, photos are very nice on the pixel 6 pro. It has a more neutral tone compared to the likes of samsung, for example, and colors may appear more dull, but at the same time you could argue theyre more lifelike theyre closer to you know what youd experience in real life and its a very good experience and The amount of detail in each picture is just jaw dropping great job, as always over there. Its also worth noting you have a bunch of additional features, the one that appeals to me the most and a lot of other people is magic eraser. Basically, this is like having a particular photoshop feature right in your pocket, so what i mean is that magic eraser allows you to actually remove any object or person for that matter, that you dont want in your pictures, if youve ever taken the shots where youre like, I wish i could just get this out of here.

Well, go on to the magic eraser functionality after youve taken a picture and poof you can remove it now. Googles, ai does search automatically to see what counts as a foreign object, but you can also manually scrub things out, depending on how complex the picture is in terms of textures, the lightings, the colors, the job itll do will vary greatly, so its not going to be Photoshop level perfect, but its definitely, you know really good considering this is supposed to be intuitive on the spot feature. You also have additional features like long exposure and action pan. Although im not going to go into too much detail, these essentially are just a bunch of cool, if not somewhat gimmicky functionalities that you can definitely use when youre playing around with the camera. Unfortunately, the pixel 6 pro isnt as stunning in the video department, so it has all the modern capabilities of a fractional phone. It captures 1080p and 4k footage with all the way up to 60 frames per second. However, the overall quality of the footage is somewhat questionable. During bright light settings, it does great, everything, looks nice and the dynamic range is healthy, the white balances are great, but when you start getting into mid and low light settings, the camera just doesnt shine as much. I found that there is the occasional noise in some videos and also the white balancing is questionable here. Overall, the pixel 6 pro definitely isnt as good as samsungs galaxy series of phones and it falls far behind apples, iphone lineup when it comes to video quality.

Also, the actual app on the pixel 6 pro still isnt, as smooth as i was hoping, given that this is stock android, but overall again for all your tick, tock, snapchat and instagram needs. This is a fantastic camera and ill get by just fine from a performance perspective. Googles, pixel, 6 pro does a fantastic job. The tensor core chip is nothing to scoff at so its googles, first self developed processor, and it shows because this thing really does handle hardware and software integration in a respectful and graceful way. Everything from day to day, tasks like browsing, the web checking out some articles or going onto your social media platform will feel crystal smooth, but not just that start doing more. Demanding activities like gaming or even lets say video editing on your phone and again this chip handles it like a champ, theres, no visible, lag or delay. It just does everything great and, of course, having a generous 12 gigabytes of ram, definitely helped improve those use cases. Now, with that said its worth noting you do get stock android here, which is of course everything and android 12 is a fantastic operating system using it the way google intended it without all the excessive bloatware that a lot of other companies add just really makes the Tensor chip that much more better – and i do believe honestly as time goes on well get more optimization by developers for the tensor chip, which will ultimately result in even a better performance.

As far as sound quality goes, the pixel 6 pro is what i consider to be an average set of speakers. So it is a stereo speaker setup, but i do find the bottom firing. Speakers are way more louder than the top side, one which kind of results in a bit of uneven sound, have a quick, listen for yourself, Applause, tragic Applause in terms of battery life. You do have a relatively massive 5 000 milliamp battery on here and while the pixel 6 pro isnt going to break any records for battery life, and it still falls somewhat behind some of the other devices in the competition out there. Its definitely all the battery life by all standards. So if you have moderate users like me, where you go on social media several times a day, watch youtube using devices built in speaker or you do the occasional gaming youre definitely going to have battery left. At the end of the day, in my case, i usually end the day with about 25 to 20 battery remaining and again this is more than sufficient and did i mention fast charging is totally available on this device. You can charge 50 in just 30 minutes. Unfortunately, you will have to dish out a little bit of extra cash, because the fast charger is not included in the box. The phone also supports wireless charging. Also, you do have wi fi 6c onboard for speedy wi fi connections. Additionally, the phone is waterproof and dust resistant with a ip68 rating, and, yes, you do have a fingerprint scanner thats directly built under the display itself, although it is slightly slow compared to the competition it can take up to two seconds for it to recognize your finger, Which i was a little surprised at personally, the pixel 6 pro retails at 900, us for the 128 gb capacity and can go all the way up to 1100 dollars for the top 512 gigabyte capacity model.

Unfortunately, not all the colors have all the capacity, for example. If you want the top capacity, you have to go with your black color, which is a bit of a shame honestly with that said, though, overall guys, the pixel 6 pro is one of googles, best iterations of the pixel phone. Yet it has a gorgeous and massive screen. The curvatures look natural and the display is so vivid. Also, the build quality is very much so premium and i really like the design direction. Theyre going with it just gives the phone a distinct pixel look also its worth. Noting the phones advanced functionality with its camera, as well as cool features like magic eraser, definitely make it very appealing to casual photographers and people looking to have a little fun with their camera in general. Unfortunately, the video department is somewhat lacking in this area and i do wish that they put a little bit more emphasis but, generally speaking, the pixel 6 pro is a great all rounder phone. It has fantastic performance, while the tensor core isnt the most powerful chip out there, its definitely amongst one of the more powerful chips out there and itll provide a great day to day experience and battery life is also like, i said, pretty decent overall. So, if youre, looking for the perfect stock, android phone well, your option and your only option – is the pixel 6 pro and trust me when i say its a fantastic option and it already has an advantage when it comes to pricing as its cheaper than both samsungs Galaxy series and iphones 13 series of phones and hey if you dont, want to go for the pro series go for the standard pixel six, which, in my opinion, provides the most value but ill cover that in another review on another day.

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