It took me eventually well over uh months to come around and shoot this video, which i sincerely do apologize for. I had actually written out the script for this video um pretty much a week after my in depth review test and all that, for example, another extra three weeks serve off of actually using the device to finally come back and make this phenomenal review, which is what You guys are seeing today so without further ado, pretty much. That being said well be going into the design, the features, implementation, the performance, the camera, what works, what doesnt work, what can be improved, what needs a complete and i mean a complete and a total overall um and at the end i pretty much also still cheap. In what i think the difference is between the pixel 6 and the 6 pro, and, if its actually whats, that extra 300 bucks for you guys to go and get the six bra. Welcome to second time guys its your voice a journey and lets delve right into the business of today. Music Applause, all right lets get down into the pretty much the fun factor and the display. So the phone is a 6.4 inch amoled display, which is really beautiful. Id say probably the only downsides i would think of straight up with the outlet display is the brightness so its not as bright as what you regularly have its technically advertised to go all the way to a thousand minutes or above, depending on the content youre consuming It would naturally stay around the four five hundred nits ish, which is not super its decent enough for me, but for many people ive actually seen a bunch of people complain online about it not being bright enough in sunlight or whatnot, but thats about that um.

In terms of durability, its got coin gorilla, glass, 5 on the back and on the front, its the graphic test, which is pretty much the adex, the oddest alcoholic gorilla or gorilla glass protection. Youve got out there right now, which means, if you drop your phone, um youre, most likely protected from shattering or actually cracking, but unfortunately, that makes this display very easy to scratch. So i definitely recommend you get a screen protector on the device now for the most talked or pretty much most out part of the phone um before the camera itself is actually the form factor camera bar on the back. And what would i say? I actually do love the camera but um. I didnt really think ill like it initially, but after using the phone taken hold of it, the fact that its just balanced you put it on the table and the phone literally doesnt wobble just stays right there, its easy it also slants giving you this um effects Where i dont actually need to pick up my phone to check notification, i just dont, have it, i see exactly whats in there. It just works in the seamless way that i wasnt actually expecting it to work, but i love it. The only downside to that is its quite sharp, which means, when you run your hands around and you get. This um almost feels like its kind of trying to cut your hands, but its not cut in, but yeah, its quite sharp, and it also attracts thats.

Just right on the corner, so i would suppose thats the only downside to that very part of it. Besides it, i love it its a frosted glass on the back too, which means its pretty and it doesnt attach attract fingerprints, so um. I use this and im completely free of fingerprints. The biggest downsides, though, of the process glass on the back, is its actually quite slippery. So if youre, not careful or youre running its easy for the phone phones, the part of your hands, which is where i would eventually recommend you get a case for the phone just because its a little script, slippery um and you dont – want to just continuously drop In your phone, because its gon na crack, eventually um so pretty much add into that, the fact that its got an ip68 water resistance rating or water and dust in this case thats what 68 stands for, which means you can actually also take your phone swimming, but With a splash of rain air water droplets here and there probably in the shower, you should be technically okay, um and on the futures. Finally, google listened and they put an infringer this or in display fingerprint sensor, which unfortunately, has been the biggest downsides of this phone up until last week that eventually fixed the biggest part of it, which i would explain what that issue is in a minute um, but They pretty much gave us just that and they took away face cam.

So you cant use the face unlock, but you can only use the fingerprints now. The fingerprints in this generation um well introduce that 10 star ships which ill go a little bit deeper into in a minute, but a tensor chip comes with a security feature that makes the rather basic optical sensor on the fingerprint scanner much more secure, which means its A lot more protected, but having the extra layer of security thanks to the chip in the phone makes the fingerprints kinda, sometimes just no work. You might have to try it like two three times before it actually scans, and sometimes it just doesnt work. You have to use the pin or your security password, which became a big hassle. Thankfully the last updates. They did actually fix most of that issue, but i would say the quick solution i had to fix that problem initially was to scan my fingerprints like two or three times that way um each time i tried it. It was actually gon na work um, but that was the challenge then, and it fixed it by pretty much theres enough updates recently that, with the security feature so still on, the futures, um google launched their own custom ship called sensor, its a eight core, five nanometer With a mali, g78 m20 chip, um thats, a gpu on it and ill say ive been quite impressed with the performance on this one. At the same time, there are a few places where i would be so impressed, but overall um its actually quite shocking, and i love when i actually did my research into is to discover was actually made by samsung.

Yes, samsung made the tensor shape so its custom designed its uh, its built on the exonos 2020 since 200 architecture, which is the next generation samsung chipset. I should be expecting on the s22 lineup um, but a custom version of it, obviously for google, which makes a lot more sense lets share when you think about, for instance, the new um watch os or the wear os, which is custom design or was custom designed In partnership with samsung, i dont know how far this partnership is going, but its quite interesting how samsung or google is making the samsung so the core of their operations on android itself. But i would say the biggest side of the custom tensor chip is the fact that it actually brings in a whole new layer of machine learning and adaptability to the custom google on native apps. So youre talking about things like, for instance, speech to text. I dont think ive actually used this picture test a lot on a lot of phones just because of our cumbersome and um. The amount of you have with speak to text on the phone, and it was never really something i would use, but on the pixel 6. It saw all different ball games and i mean all the football game because pretty much im african and you can tell ive – got my accent it never for once missed whatever i pronounced, and that was shocking to me. Like speech to text works fluidly the only um downsides, i would say, probably still think some accents is things like send.

This deletes um claire, which uh command phrases that should actually like clean, clear delete or send the text youre trying to send it. Doesnt respond. Just puts that in as texts um for me, which i dont know um, why that is thats after, like the leads are clear with that with typing or the keyboard. But overall i was quite impressed and especially with things like translations, ive actually been taking, spanish classes and translation has been fluid and it almost feels native or natural um. It doesnt regard on the web, its all inbuilt into the phone thanks to the chip, and, i would say its just the whole new level of customization and experience and talking about experience left lets delve right into android troll google did it um. I tried searching to the ios and i barely called thanks to andre shaw, um, its so intuitive and so natively interesting to use. I dont really have so many words for it. You say a wallpaper and automatically just takes in the color ambience on the wallpaper transparency. All across the phone, the teams, the icons on your phone, everything literally implements into whatever you set its just a next generation of personalization of intuitiveness responsiveness, animations, the android 12 ill, say its probably the pinnacle of android, which, of course, pixel has brought even to a Whole new level, thanks also the tensor, should be put on the phone just giving you this custom android experience, i would say if you actually would think you know its probably find other people, if youre, probably thinking of a google phone and android phone.

If that should make sense, i dont think theres, actually anything outside of the pixel right now. That would actually define as a core android experience, but before we get into the full final verdict lets take on some more details. I know you guys. Dont know what the camera pretty much feels like. So the battery is a 4 600 milliamp power battery, which is technically meant to last you for all day now. This has actually become my biggest downside of the phone. The battery life is barely giving you four or five hours screen time, um, which i was pretty much uh, appalled by. I think, thanks to the fact that i know the custom pretty much a tensor chip should have optimized to actually a lot more better. The os to make sure you actually get a much longer battery life just similarly to what you have on the ios was what i was expecting, but i was a little bit disappointed now that being said, after a few days of use, your battery life actually starts To go up because um android truff pretty much starts to learn exactly what youre using whats other native apps you launch and knows. Whats close in the background should keep running the background and things like that. So as a result, it actually keeps your battery life technically. Better you get like a 30 minutes like an hour 30 minutes jump in screen on time, which is quite impressive um, but overall i wasnt so impressed so its like a eight hour screen on time.

Its topping out five six hours max well, luckily lets add the charging power back in there, so you can charge with a third um, 10 watts fast charger, thats via cable, and it has 15 watts fast charging via wireless thats. What the native wireless charger! All you can get the googles custom wireless checkout should russians, want watts of charging, show that and you can also do reverse wireless charging to charging like your bots, like your bots, your watches and things like that. So ill say on that notes. Uh, you dont really feel the effect of the low back your life that much on the low screen on time. Before i go into the camera, which pretty much i know you guys are waiting for lets talk about the audio, so i never thought i would um pretty much give a review on audio, but the audio over bluetooth is impressive, um, its a lot better than what Ive experienced on almost any android phone in the past and i mean almost an android phone in the past, my samsungs other android phone now tested running over bluetooth to the car audio to my airpods theres. Just this extra richness, you can feel the clarity, and especially the low ends, are a lot more pronounced from the pixel. I dont know if its thanks to the optimization its the eq that builds into the bluetooth software or per se or the ad reader now did that, but it really sounds a whole lot better.

Its almost giving me d – well, i would say, on the iphone over bluetooth, will give you pristine clarity with a little lack of some lustrous low end. Pixel gives you the extra low end with a very nice um richness of sound with just a little lack of clarity when compared to the iphone over speakers, which i tested them back and forth. But overall im actually impressed with the sound quality or yeah the streaming quality of sound over bluetooth on this device. That being said, lets get into what you guys actually want to know the camera. So the camera is simple and straightforward. Youve got a 50 megapixel. Yes, 50 megapixel. Finally, on the pixel – yes, i know its pixel pixel pun, intended 15 megapixel ultra wide shooter and youve got your 8 megapixel wide angle, camera which um pretty much ill say, delivers um right from timing memorial. We know. Google has been the king of portraits or point and shoots, which is whatever still shots: youre trying to take text, machine learning and algorithms pixel has always been a call out of the rest. Now that theyve finally upgraded their adware um, i was expecting a huge jump in quality and yes theres, some slight improvements in the quality of the pictures which you can see in this pictures, lineup right now daytime lighting, bad lighting, its pretty much great um. I dont see it as a too much major upgrade over the previous generations of the pixel as a pixel, 5 and ill say, probably thats, because the picture of the portrait is pixel brand.

This pixel binder so youre getting yes, its a 50 megapixel camera. Taking a 40 megapixel shot actually but device that by far by combining four different shots and making it into a 12 megapixel shot. So at the end of the day, youre only getting a little extra richness or depth into the tropical pixel shirt. Now, what that does, or what that allows the pixels to do is things like the extra editing or machine learning that has now been very optimized so that its actually almost impossible for you to get bloodshots on the pixel. Now, like i tried a couple of times and i couldnt get a bloodshot because it takes so many pictures, some of them actually use machine learning to combine all of those and make sure it gets you the best quality almost within that same one. Second, which is quite impressive, um and the camera quality of the 50 megapixel and the 8 megapixel at this point actually now comes to shine some lights in the video now another pixel videos had always been trash yeah. I said it trash um, but this time around its descent, its not above the line dragging the crown with the samsungs on the android side or nothing like the iphone shows and contestants of the world. But it is quite close enough for me to say eventually you have a robust and a complete camera system where you can shoot your 4k videos and its decent enough.

Stabilization is not too superb yet, but its good enough to shoot and take pictures. In almost any scenario, shoot your videos, the same quality, the mic quality 2 is great and i would say one of the things i love the most about this phone still on the camera is the night shirt it turns tonight. Today, um ive tried night shots on. God knows how many phones now and the pixel is just in a class of its own. Yes, sometimes the pictures might be a little bit grainy because it kind of like tries to open the define the shots, but it literally turns night into day, like you, take a picture and pitch dark and it literally looks like you took the picture at 6 pm, Like im, not joking its that clear its yeah, you can see the pictures with it its just its pixel. Now the few things i would say to wrap up my recommendation on the phone um that i really do would say. I found a challenge with this one. The optic sensor, so i dont know what pixel or google decides to put the absolute feedback sensor in this phone on the top. But it gives this weird vibration feel when youre like typing, and all of that so id show you how to turn off my vibrations, because it was weird. It literally feels like someone is moving from the top to the down, which i would say i dont know why the engineering decides to do that um on the pixel 6 pro, though its actually in the right position.

So you dont have that challenge which im going to start, comparing both of them right now, um and the battery life, which i mentioned earlier on the slight challenge of the display and the fingerprint sensor, which thankfully, has been solved with the recent update. Now, comparing the pixel 6 and the pixel 6 pro, i would say personally, the biggest difference are one youre getting the lcpo display thats on the 12th pro its a 126 lcp or display, which means its going to go all the way down to 10 hertz im. Not going to up to one transient you cant switch, you can move right in between, unlike the six where you have just the 60 or the 90s um, you get a much bigger phone, its a 6.8 inch amoled display phone, so its actually quite big. Your 5000 milliamps battery and extra for the amerigraphic so prison mode, an extra 48 megapixel telephoto camera, which actually is great for telephoto shots, which um obviously actually had a few tests on which i was impressed with, and the 5000 milliamp hour battery, which should give you Slightly better battery life and yeah, the selfie cam, i forgot about that. The 6 pro gives you 11.1 ultra wide megapixel camera, while the six you get just the natural wide three megapixel, which theres a lot of difference in one of them. Actually, the selfies that you take um so now the question is: is it worth the extra 300 bucks? I would say if you want a bigger display, you want a little better battery life um and you would need the telephoto camera for things that you do.

Then. Yes, you can do that, but is it really worth it um for the average and ill use ill say no, just save the extra 200 bucks and get the pixel 6.. Now my overall verdict for the pixel 6 says i dont think theres. Actually any android phone out there right now that gives you a 200 experience, um a very reliable phone, with a lovely experience that you can count on at any day. Anytime delivers amazing pictures and goes for a price tag that is competitive 600 bucks um. So would i recommend it? Oh yes, um. Would i use one? Oh yes, would i tell you to get one? Oh yes, um currently in 2021, that actually would be the most value. Crunched android phone out there right now um. So that would be my overall verdict. Um, thank you so much guys for watching this and a little too much information, probably its your voice.