Umobix is a wonderful tool, honestly, its the best tool on the market right now with easy to use interface, easy instructions and a wide range of availability. As far as what you can do, all right join me right now and were going to show you how to set everything up theres only a few things you need. You need the target cell phone, for example your teenagers, or even, if your wife, uh or your girlfriend, or somebody even elderly, its really great too, to be to make sure they are going where they are if they get lost, even if they have a phone. Now you can still find this as well, but so you need the target cell phone and you need a computer. Uh and dont worry about the cell phone you can. This is available for ios systems, apple or android systems as well uh. So here we are with umobix uh heres the website, and if you want to try this for free, actually theres a link in the description be sure to click on that and itll lead you to it. So this is going to do a lot of the work for you just open the phone and follow the on screen instructions. Now, once you do that, youre going to be directed to this now once it and dont worry honestly itll, do it for you, everything that you need will do it for you. So you come to this account.

Uh and youre gon na have the dashboard, on the left hand, side where youre gon na find general social uh youre going to find media and youre gon na find internet, and this covers a huge selection of all of them, were going to go step by step And just to show you what all you can do, but first lets go to the regular dashboard thats going to give you the most recent information that was on that target cell phone. So at first we have location right. So this is going to be the locations of the cell phone, for example. On the right hand, side last visited addresses, so this is going to give you the names of the addresses and the date and the time for these and its going to be really really cool uh to be able to see the seat. We can see that not uh 2020 nine three at 10 25 and its going to go exactly to the minute. So youre going to be able to check that out not very easily when you scroll down youre, going to have most frequent calls and thats going to cover incoming and outgoing and based on the contact list. Its going to have the names for them as well and give you the phone number uh, so we have like mom, had called four times uh andy three times and jax one and so forth, and you get the idea right uh. But what about outgoing calls? Who are they calling? You click outgoing and you have the outgoing calls, how many times right and the number as well, very, very cool uh.

Now the most frequent sms or text messages, uh youre gon na have incoming and outgoing uh, so the incoming is gon na give you how many times and based on who it is right, so mom and so forth, ex so forth. Right you get the idea. Now the last added contact. So this is another thing. So if someones, adding a contact, youre going to be able to see this information with a timestamp as well so youre going to be able to see the date and the time to the minute. So its not just going to give you this very this very what time was it two? You know like just two oclock, or was it 205 right, so this is going to give you 205. uh, for example, in this one it has 1057. So exactly to the minute for alan 205, uh, 29, 20, 20., so very, very cool outgoing, so yall uh for the text messages as well. You got that and the browser bookmark. So if the target cell phone is saving uh, bookmarks youre going to have that as well, which is pretty pretty cool right so uh here in it also gives that that same timestamp, based on that youre, going to be able to see wikipedia was saved just a Moment for uh with saved and dr power international and its going to give you a link, and you can just click the link for that browser, which is pretty cool now.

This is just the bookmarks now what about websites right? So you have most visited and last open now. This is keep in mind that this is the most recent activity when you go to the left in which were going to go here in a minute, its going to give you all history and all information. So if you made it this far in the video dont panic, its very very simple were just kind of going over where you understand a little bit easier, where you can find the most basic information without stressing out how to find this right. So uh just keep in mind all right so the side, so we have the most visited right so like timestamp, the same and 65 times uh new york times and so forth, right,, usa. Today, you have that the last open google the same right now. Last but not least, and probably the honestly, the most important youre going to find on the right hand. Side is the most frequent social accounts youre going to find what was used today, whatsapp five times yesterday, five times and all of them all together right out of all time right here now this is the most easiest aspect of it is the most frequent in the Dashboard, but we want more information right, uh coming to general, we have phone calls, uh and well click on this and its going to come up the phone calls and now its going to show you a complete detail of phone numbers right like this one accept it.

Outgoing, so it even tells you at a time stamp right all right, so we have that for calls the address book. It is going to cover that as well uh, so we let it load, you can see actually it loads up pretty fast, its nothing too heavy right address book. We know what address book is right, and here we go the same time stamp right when it was added and the phone number for us as well, and you can see theres one of 37 of 37, so this is of all times right. The same for messages. Youre going to see youre going to have the big nothing changes its the same last message, and here youre going to be able to read the last text message. So you have the id. You have the contact. You have the title right, the last message that was actually sent and the message was sent at this time, uh and so forth. Right so youre gon na be able to see all of this information which is really really useful, especially with teenagers in a dangerous world that we live in today, all right, so location, the most important, because i think even regardless, if you dont, have a teenager, you Dont have a child, but you have a parent and they have a cell phone. If you have this youre gon na be able to see where they are, and you can actually select it on the map view.

So, like uh the address for brooklyn bridge, it gives you the longitude and latitude the accuracy, the date tracked and the map view, so you can actually find so it gives you a more accurate where that phone is so you can kind of follow it along here. Uh and be able to find, especially for the elderly – and you see in the news all the time that not just teenagers are getting abducted or lost, but elderly too theyre looking for their parents right uh. So this is going to be a big plus when you lay your head on your pillow at night to be able to find them if they become lost or, if youre worried, theyre asking their cell phone now, a quick notice that it doesnt show quite yet right Here, uh, but its going to show you battery how much battery is left on the phone. Its going to show you um its going to give you that option, youre going to be able to cut off the cell phone or turn it on, and what, if the target turns off gps? Well, you can actually activate it remotely with umobix. So, even if they turn it off now, you can have this question well what if they find this and they delete this from the app, for example, teenagers. They love to do this right uh. So when they do this, you can actually it wont. Do it you cant, delete it uh, you can delete it but its a more complicated process.

They find it. They try to go and it just kind of exits out now. Once it exits out of this um, you can kind of go back for it. If you know how to do it, uh, but not the target and its going to make a little confusion and youll have a notification as well uh. So this is a couple of extra pieces of information that really is really going to make it great. So you can actually block cell phone calls as theyre coming if youre on the site – and you see them if its dangerous or not or youll, be the judge of that uh or you can turn off the cell phone as well and lock the phone uh depending On that right um, so you have that and you have social media. The key logger is a little bit different. Um here, youre gon na be able to see the application. Viber was used right, sms, youre gon na be able to see everything. Thats logged in right here and it gives security codes as well onto this information, which is also very useful. Now you have social media, not the same and its going to show you a much bigger list not just was used, but if they havent theyre, not using it youre going to have whatsapp snapchat facebook messages, tick, tock right if theyre dating whatever is skype, wechat hangouts Kik all of these different choices here you can be able to use not only that you can check out their photos and videos they save on the phone uh.

Just like this uh and youre gon na be able to go to browser history as well, for internet and youre gon na be able to see all of the browser history and what about bookmarks? It gives you that deeper detail all right here and you can see this for android or we can swap to ios as well, and here you go, you see and we just changed it, and it goes right back here, so not much differences. The same platform is the same way right just different phone. I hope this helps you relax click the link below, try it right now, just give it a shot, try it and let us know what you think.