I hope youre doing well this nice fine evening and in todays video well be reviewing. This led ring that ive just bought at aldi, so stick around Music. So here is this box, its quite large. It barely fits on my bench. Um lets compare to my hands so its long. I assume because they include the tripod by the look of it. So its got the rf remote control, two lights, its got the mini, useless snap, selfie kind of remote control for your phone, its got the light uh. It does appear to have the uh tripod with the usb powered controller thats. What it looks like apparently, and it does all sorts of lights – its got nine dynamic modes im, not sure what would you use this mode for or this one you know if its a decoration yet, but if youre shooting you know yourself, i really doubt that that Would be quite useful, maybe the lights would be um. I assume thats crap its from aldi and its um 25 australian dollars, which means its about 20 american dollars. But you know i thought ill get it, and i also assume that its running ws2811 pixel leds. So what i will do with that is ill, probably rip out all the electronics from the inside and ive put those um its actually medical grade, leds that ive got that are really pure color, so ill use that as a maybe attachment for a camera rig that You can slide onto the lens depending i havent opened the box yet so well.

See whats inside first lets see which end would be easier to open. Oh thats sealed as well, not sealed anymore. All right so weve got our ring, thats, quite big, actually yeah. That is uh quite big if we grab um a pen thats the pen, so yeah all right well have a look at that in a second and i had more space on my bench, weve got a box typical box with a tripod. I assume thats what you usually get from ebay yep, your typical tripod ill show it to you anyway. So weve got the scroll. Actually, i prefer those over the latching ones because they can hold more weight. So just a standard, ebay, type tripod there. It is thats going to go straight into my pile of tripods, nothing else in that box. The next weve got in the box empty cardboard to get my bin full, oh and thats, it thats thats. All to that box. It was just a tripod and that ring its quite a big box. Just for that so lets have a look at the ring. Then it comes with the carry case, which is useful and everything else is inside so weve got the manual. Well, have a look at that in a second weve got accessories. Lets have a look at them, so weve got our phone holder with the ball, bearing which is quite rough. I wouldnt say its smooth at all all made out of cheap plastic very rough.

That was thats a brittle plastic, so i can tell you that this will snap very quickly. Weve got our head as well the ball bearing head for the light that is smooth but its metal, so that might be alright. Yep weve got our useless remote control. With the battery that i will probably take out uh, you can buy those on ebay again, so its someone almost like someone put it, took ebay, stuff and put a kit out of it because its all ebay stuff and our remote controller for the light. With a little thing take that out and our led ring its quiet, yeah quite big, so weve got a little mounting in the center here thats. I assume for the phone yep and thats, where you put your phone in um im, not sure to be honest. How, oh, i think i know yet this is the gooseneck one, so this is a gooseneck type. I thought it was just straight, but no. This is a good snack. So thats, where you put your phone and down the bottom weve got another. I think its three quarters something like that inch adapter for the tripod weve got a cable now before we tear it. Apart lets plug it in so im gon na find my battery bank there. It is lets, give it a go so thats on. Oh its got a backlight on on the buttons here. Just so you can see right. There lets go turn it on actually its, not that bad its bright.

Let me get that on the bench, so you can see. So if i turn my lights off its actually quite clean white light as well. So if i turn my lights off, that is um from a bench as you can see its pretty dark without them and ill put that over the camera. It does slide up quite well, as you probably assumed i have already figured out im using warm whites. This is cold, so lets lets. Try another function so im just going to use that light for now, uh white mode lets press that and see what happens. Oh, that goes to one white. Well, its natural white thats, better press. It again. It goes to warm white, which is what youre usually seeing. I will be by the way, upgrading my lights to cool white and then color correcting so okay, so this is just gives us three modes of light. Lets go for um, oh so theres, two power buttons. So i can – and this is a brightness so thats max brightness, okay lets, try going to rgb power, so ill turn that off and go rgb and weve got this ring, which is yeah like i said its useless, because if im filming you dont want that function, Which is now doing this um, let me turn the light on, so you can see, probably better so its just spinning it around lets. Go for other modes. Brightness still works so another circular mode.

Well, why would you put this for the show anyway, so thats? It lets try remote control and im, not sure where im supposed to be aiming that so well try the remote control doesnt seem to be working. Let me turn that off supposed to be rf, so remote control is transmitting as you can see, but it doesnt do anything. Let me have a look through the manual, maybe im doing something wrong, because it does have a little lock button here. After looking at the troubleshooting thing – and it says, remote control is not working and it says, apparently, you have to pair it with the device thats why we couldnt get it to work so to pair the remote control. You have to hold down m and brightness buttons on the remote control until the ring starts flashing. So i assume itd be on here, so no itll be on here: m minus and brightness minus okay. So so you have to theyre very confused. They dont specify which buttons you need to press, so you need to press the rgb mode 1, my m minus and the down browser. So those two buttons together make sure the led is on and then you hold it down and itll yeah itll work so lets. Try again weve got blue green red thats, switching through the modes and thats a speed. So if we go to auto and then speed, yeah that works and the white one okay, i think its time to open it up.

I will start with the ring im going to use a pry tool to get the top its, not screwed, now its clipped so im going to find somewhere. Where i can, i think its glued, because i can hear the crackling yeah so well crack it all around. First would be good if that cable could be disconnectable. Oh there we go that wasnt hard at all and what we got here, let me zoom in so weve got ring with uh ws2811 leds, of course, and uh they all. I dont know. If you can see, you can see the traces quite clearly, so you can see theyre just going in circles literally and weve got the im trying to figure out which one so youve got. The probably positive or negative. Weve got the um other one. Common and weve got the data from led to led its actually interesting how they did it on the angle. This way you dont have to go around so that just goes in and out straight in and out and here weve got just your power thats. A very interesting way to put the leds and then weve got the cold white and warm white leds. Here again they are in um. Let me see in series in series: yeah looks like it, so that would be common yeah and then weve got the four wires coming in uh black, which would be negative. If i assume the green would be the dara and then weve got yellow for one white and whats, underneath there and white for cold white, so very simple, schematic very simple.

I might. I might actually do something to like a plug, because that is very annoying to have a cable here lets see. If we can open this up, i assume thered been no screws had been glued as well. I wonder if theres anything under the sticker, nope theres just buttons under the sticker, as you can see, no screws now lets see if we can open that up. Oh yeah, its, not even glued its just um ill show you how it held. I already know the system is just the two kind of things plug into each other, so you can see the plastics they just interlock when you plug them in so its not even clips and weve got um thats interesting, hang on yeah weve got usb power coming In and weve got the multiple actually five wires where they have a positive: oh yeah, theres, a positive for them. So five wires going in there weve got rf receiver chip weve got antenna here built in the chips. All the numbers got shaven off them. On this side, theres nothing but two leds in the buttons and here yeah thats, not much at all, so weve got the ground. Weve got data. Weve got positive and extra positive. That is not used and then weve got just two transistors driving the rgb leds thats about it very simple, its effective, its not super bright, but its effective lets plug it in without the cover so thats our rgb, its actually almost better.

Without the diffusing ring youre. Shooting green screen yeah it honestly its the same brightness its slightly brighter without the diffusing ring lets. Try the whites, yes, its bright ill turn the brightness down, so you can see actually the leds. I will try. Unless this is the lowest setting there, we go thats lowest lets see what the power consumption is on. The unit 1.3 amps on both 1.2 yeah 1.24 and then rgb wide is only one amp. Okay, very interesting led ring. So here it is aldi. If you want to buy some of it, its its, not bad, its, probably usable its its, not robust, but its definitely usable for you know if youre doing something at home, uh definitely usable for that. As i said like, this should be glued on a lot better than it was because that just came off easily. You know i just snapped it around and fell apart yeah, so i hope you enjoyed this video. If you want to watch me, do other stuff for the cool with rgb addressable rgb lights, uh, you can click on this link right here. Thats me doing. The addressable, rgb kind of tubes and dont forget to like subscribe, were also on patreon, so do support us on patreon. My name is max. I will see you next time.