I am usman today in this video im going to unbox the new samsung galaxy a03 core plus. I will also give its quick review in this video, but before that i want to tell you that, for which people this phone is for, as from its name core, you can get the idea that this is very entry level phone from the samsung for those people Who dont need a phone for a specific purpose like gaming or good camera? This phone is for those people who do just casual browsing on the phone to make a phone call or message so hope you got the area. What i want to say here now lets quickly unbox the phone Music. Let me open its wrapper, and here is the warranty card, and on top there is print of device. With model number lets open the box. There is another small box with the branding of the samsung on top lets, see what it contains. There are few paperwork, no silicon cover and screen protector, and here is the device on which few features are printed like infinity, v display, camera and battery. Let me take it out of its wrapper device back is really cool. What do you say about it? Please? Let me know in the comments below. Let me turn it on and lets see whats more in the box and next in the box there is power adapter, which is providing 7.8 watt charging. So this phone dont support fast charging.

Next, we have usb cable, which is old, type b port, and next there is sim tool and there is no hand free with this device. No doubt phone back is really cool and its back looks like leather, but actually its plastic. There is one camera on back and branding of samsung and if i talk about its more design, there is headphone jack, usb type b, port and speaker on bottom of phone. Top is totally clean. Right side has volume, rockers and power button and on left side there is sim tray which can hold dual sim along with external storage at same time, and there is no fingerprint sensor on this phone and on top there is 6.5 inch pls tft display, which supports 720P resolution and 270 pixels per density brightness is fine, but we can easily use phone outside and there is 5 megapixel selfie camera packed in infinity v display design. And if i talk about its performance, there is 28 nanometer chipset, which is octa core. There is 2 gigabyte of ram with 32 gigabyte of storage, in my opinion, its not good phone for even casual gamers. There is android 11 on this phone, which is really good thing. This time on this phone samsung changed its menu style. As you can see, plus this time there is more integration of google apps on a samsung phone. Even there are two messaging apps on this phone. You can disable the google message app.

Also, there is 8 megapixel camera on back with flash here are few camera shots that i took with the galaxy 803 core, see the shots and judge its camera quality Music, and here are few selfies Music and last there is 5000 mah battery and this phone is Available in black and blue color so which color you are going to purchase, please let me know in the comments below so this was the quick unboxing and review of the samsung galaxy a03 core. If you found this video helpful, then please hit the like button and subscribe to my channel.