In the description, click and now it goes now in the application, and now I click creep and well and it all opens itself passes the self seeding application and also I will be on the computer. I installed the extension, click install and it is uploaded by the weight it does not fit the way. Then you can create a password and e mail click open now register and log into your account, and now you are prompted how to enter. I just press the will and enter your account. Why is it because it is convenient to buy on the computer if it doesnt suit? You write here your email and password and confirm it. I click with google, you can use facebook or we pathetically click with google and go in. We automatically indicate which one account your account. You can have 2 of them and then just confirm everything go because in the mail y and confirm if i need a mobile phone. If i need my friends to leave the app shock after you register, you need something here. Settings go to know how simple questions! Mail will be indicated here if you entered, as I showed the first video, and here you only add the phone when you already have funds for withdrawal and there will be an e mail language you set, you can change the settings of the notification about the author. The phone is not necessarily immediately possible, then, when withdrawing funds also help evaluate the application, and now the withdrawal is a slice withdrawal of funds.

You must have already confirmed the phone motives of at least two hundred 50 to 250 hryvnia and you can safely withdraw. It is displayed, everything is fine. Further, we and transitions show the procs of the store you went to buy and now the most important river of code. Here you will have last minute offers from your quieter thats when it is active and so active cashback is shown and you can use it, then I mean share with friends and earn money for it. If you have a youtube or a website. Well, you can share. Well on social networks, twitter and facebook, and so on, contact my classmates cashback will show you that you are now on the balance of his expectations and promotional bonuses ran very cashback into this code or hot as it were. Here is yours. The affiliate link, invite you click and you can share your link. Here is your link. It is automatically copied to the clipboard. You can immediately send it from your mobile phone. Click exceed then immediately share the mail in the hut and so on, see what you have in your smartphone and also a description like this works further. Now the most important products products search for products you can from here where the basket is drawn, go to look for stores, and here you need to look carefully lets look at any 1 later hd itself, click select, cashback go to the store, and you should always Look at the conditions of cashback thats how we look here activated and now we look at the top of what we will have now it is activated and now the top is activated and we press the bird and look at the suans accrual time and all the Rest of the information conditions of the toy disk.

Why? Because, if you go from another link, you must wait for the cashback to be activated. Otherwise, you will not receive money, so I went so that you do not wait from another store and all this information is written here why the cashback can be rejected, be everything here. There are costs to be disabled, the ad blocker in the order you need to make a change. You need to mark the initial order from the well, then re issue or quieter. Why? Because they also write so that you enter minus silence when ordered from here. Also, before activating cashback always read the conditions, and here the reviews can help you. This is just the situation. The singer is when a certain nipple virus has the same order recorded in a different resource in the partner program database. Such a situation could arise if the purchase was made after switching from site inspection of goods by post. The first newsletter is also the sea on the appearance of the extension. The browser is installed and the advice was observed and the conditions also here will always show visited and – and you can go immediately, to find your favorite store, where you constantly skimp and click enter from here and your favorites can add your favorite stores here and when You buy from computer, you need to stop the extensions in google chrome on the computer in the search engine. Write, the google chrome, store and open come to the google chrome store on the computer, write the same application that you have on your smartphone.

This is how you will have massive rum on your computer and write seed. The show install on extension, computer and turn it on when you buy when you dont need to turn it off. If it bothers you, if you have weak computers, it can pull you or you can turn it off. Only when you buy our application here is a yellow latish. So you mouse to the site and install it in the browser see the squirrel is not installed and the computer, you SEB. If you install it, it will work the same way as the application on a smartphone is identical and you can also enter your personal account. Both on a computer and a smartphone, this extension will become your settings. There will be an extension to coal, except for all the friends from the settings in the next video.