As yes has finally launched its 5g network with dmb, so the nba has announced a couple of areas around kl and celango. That has 5g coverage, and this is one of it, and i have my honor 50 right here, which is one of the supported phones that can support dmbs 5g network. So what were going to do today is to run a couple of speed tests and also to find out how well is the latency as compared to 4g networks as ive been using 5g for about a week already, and i have some interesting findings to share with You guys, on my experience with malaysias 5g network, so here we go weve added a whole lot of things to good use by klg such as bags, smart locks, audio gear and more shop now and check out with atomy, and i o? U pay zero percent installment from 50 ringgit and get carrying it off. Your first purchase with minimum 100 ringgit spend visit goodyears by krg in the link below all right lets. Do a really quick speed test right now. So, as you can see, i actually walk over here from the lake right over there, as i wasnt able to get a good speed test, while i was shooting the intro there. So 5g coverage in malaysia is still kind of spotty. At this point of time, as walking a couple of steps to some of the places will result in significantly different results, so we are in a pretty open space right now: theres no buildings or obstacles or whatever blocking us.

So i have the xepo3 on my left side here, which is connected to celcoms 4g lte network, and the honor 50 is on the s5g network. As i mentioned earlier on, we are going to run the speed test right now to see the difference in results. Lets do it one two three go all right. As you can see, we are also connected to ytl broadbands, all class b test servers so to be fair in this comparison, so um. The z403 has really started the speed test here and we are getting some really impressive. Lte speeds with a really impressively low ping, considering for lt and on the right side right, we failed the test and were gon na run the test once again, yep it works. Now, all right, hopefully its some good speeds – or we are getting about 500 600 megabits per second, which is really impressive compared to a 4g network. All right lets hope it completes the upload speed test as well right, so we are getting 135 megabits per second on the celcom network when it comes to download and 16 megabits per second on upload right. Even the upload speed on 5g net on the ds5g network looks pretty impressive, so we are getting 735 megabits per second on download and 140 megabits per second on upload. All right lets move on to the next one and we are now at our second location of casting and we are outside of minetown shopping center in kuala lumpur, and we have full signal again on gs5gs network and of course, on my left.

We have salcoms 4g network and lets do the speed test right now connecting to the same speed test server, all right, hoping for really good results here. So we are getting a really bad ping, but, as you can see, speed is actually pretty impressive. Here we are getting 700 megabits per second of speed on the s5g network, whereas the silicon 4g network is, you know, of course, way slower, but the ping response on silicon 4g network is still way better um. Now this there is a reason for that, because currently es5gs network is operated on the nsa 5g network, its a non standalone 5g network, so youre going to expect a slower ping as compared to a standalone 5g network because it is actually built based on a 4g Tower all right, so we are getting um 788 megabits per second of download on yes, 5g and 111 megabit per second of upload and as compared to silicon 4g network, we are getting 76 megabits per second of download and 21.3 megabit per second of upload right lets. Try to move inside to the mall and see whether we can get any 5g signal inside right lets go. So this is the spot that i was able to get 5g signal. When i moved indoors, i was standing at quite a distance from the mall entrance and the speed test results are very impressive. With over 600 megabits per second of download with 23 milliseconds of ping, the network falls back to 4g.

Once i move further inside the mall and thats kind of expected, as the s5g network is still using the 3.5 gigahertz spectrum at this point of time, which doesnt reach indoors, and now we are at our final testing spot here we are at bandar uttara patalinjaya, which Is one of the fewer spots in pj that supports 5g coverage, so i performed a speed test earlier on and this is a really good spot, as we are getting really low, pings at 17 milliseconds and a great download speed of 781 megabits per second right. So, instead of doing the usual speed test, again im going to do a gaming test, so i have pop g new state installed on this phone here and im connected to the asia server. So lets go into settings and check out the ping response, so its currently at 60 milliseconds right now, which is not the not the best, but we shall see as we start the game, all right so were going to start a match right now, so i dont Usually game in this kind of weather, its kind of sunny right now, but were just going to be outdoors to ensure that theres a good 5g connection, all right and you should be seeing a ping response right at the bottom left of the screen. Where there is a connection status, where youre able to see the ping response right, so there you go, we are in the we are in this matching room and yep.

I am seeing a ping of 37 milliseconds, so its going up. 48. 47. So its definitely not the best thing as compared to your typical wi fi wire broadband connection here, but you know what for mobile connections. This is actually pretty good all right, so we are at 36 and lets just simply start a game and to find out what is the spring response like all right and the mesh just got started. So we are still looking at a ping of 34 milliseconds, not too bad its pretty consistent, considering that im not moving to any spots, but you know lets just try to move a bit. As we know, moving a few steps can actually affect the speed and response time right right so far we are looking at the ping response, its actually its actually getting higher all right. It actually reached 51 milliseconds earlier on, as were running running im, not intending to get any weapons im not going to play this game for as long as i could stay under here. So there you have it. This is the ping response of the es5g network. Right here in banda utama and next we are going to switch to the z43 where we are connected to salcoms 4g network. So, on cellcons 4g network, i managed to measure a download speed of 83.7 megabits per second with a ping of 30 milliseconds, not looking great over here, definitely worse than the s5g network, which is what we would expect on the 4g network.

But lets just run the game and see how the ping response is in game all right all right there, you go all right im, looking at whoa, look at that pink response, its 92 milliseconds. So there you have it. The ping response is three times lower. When you game on 5g now, that is something pretty amazing right, considering the fact that our 5g is currently in non standalone mode were already getting this really responsive ping response in games really so yeah. I have to say that gaming on 5g is actually pretty pretty promising right and next lets get back to my thoughts about what i think about 5g. Ultimately, 5g is still very limited at this point of time and, as you can see in our test, 4g can still be superior at times and will still stream your typical 4k youtube and netflix videos. Just fine. The inconsistent 5g performance can be attributed to the non standalone, xs or nsa note that has been built on us towers to fall back to 4g when 5g isnt available. Yes, is currently working with dmb to build standalone or sa nodes. At this point of time, and while there is no timeline on when that will happen, its better than ever and im still pretty hyped on the development of 5g in malaysia. So thats pretty much about my thoughts and first impressions of the 5g network by yes and thats, supplied by dmb. Let me know your thoughts below on what do you think about 5g? Are you looking forward to it, and you know what just give us a thumbs up if you love what you saw, because that would really encourage us to make more videos like this and be sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos coming right up.