So can you stay tuned as we talk more about this device right after the intro, so whats up tech folks welcome to both sector adept, education and entertainment, Music. So welcome back so the infinix x4 was launched on april 2019 and for me it turns out to be an impressive device. I must say, but we see what happens to this device after some few years of usage. However, the advice, the device is really an impressive one. At this it has some new and newly improved features when compared to the previous infinix, s3 plus, as well as its other um predecessors, which are the infinix, s3 and s3 plus and other lesser versions of this infinix smart 4.. So kindly stay tuned to check out the specs and the features as well as the qualifications of these very fascinating tech gadgets. The infinix x4 mobile phone comes with the following specs specs, which are the helio processor, and it runs on android 9.0 pi android version 9.0. Pi as well as it also has two storage options, which are the this two gigabytes, and this is four gigabytes row and it also has two ram options, which are the three gigabytes and the system guys of ram. I must say, wow. This is an impressive device. I dont think they have much variation of this particular device in lesser version unless are talking about this through dc us. The producers of this particular infinix s4, as well as it comes along in a glass covering or a glass body.

I would say so. This is a glass covering and which is much more likely to break. I mean its not its, not breakable. Proof now, like its more like its more, which makes the device much the covering of the device appear more, become more fragile and easy easily breakable, all right. Folks, so now we shall head down. You shall dive deeper into the view of this particular tech, digits and all right, technical, so ive got the infinix x4 with me right here and we are going to. I was thinking of heading out to an unboxing process of this device, but i dont really have the enough components that came along with this device when it was being brought to you. I didnt ive had this device for like a while now, so i dont think i pretty much have everything with me so, however, were just going to check out other features of the box and get rid of the box. So, as you can see, as you can see, the device image we have, you can see it came along in a blue color and with the infinix logo, nicely implanted at the back of the device with a fingerprint scanner as well as the um, the sticker that Contains the modern name of the device and other other other verification, other verification, writings written at the back of the device right here and made in china stops. So you can see the um 6.

2 inches water drop, display, thats, the display of the device and the gloss. I really like the glossy blue color black glossy blue black color black color of this particular device and so also really much yeah. I was going to get Music. This is two gigabytes of rom and the three gigabytes of ram version of this particular device, and this is the zoo, the two megapixel, its the ai server camera, with it with triple camera with it with triple camera implanted as the rear camera thats, detecting this mega Pixel camera the eight megapixel camera and the two megapixel camera respectively. So we also have the speaker, the speaker of the device, the micro usb port and the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, as well as the sim card slots, thats pretty much it for the unboxing process.