I have this um gift for my husband and christmas and any occasion or birthday you can get this one if you are a blogger or any like talk in your family, if you are away away for your families like that, so this one is the brand people. I dont know how you read that, so this is what to look like, so turn your smartphone into cameraman. Oh nice, my husband is doing good for this, because im always talking my family almost every other day. Some you know every almost other day, or sometimes i vlog. So this is the favorite pad remote control charging cable. You can get just my husband said he get this into this uh website. Getpeople.Com, so lets open this guys. Oh, can work can work to iphone in android, so whatever you are is like. If you are iphone or android user, you can. You can um use this and then, by the way this is a rotation. You can rotate your uh. Maybe your stand. Multiple or multi stream live um all to trap, so that was flat. Lets open lets open this. Oh thats, fancy! Look there you are just like you can theres a remote control like that. If your? What is this this one guys if youre walking that side, you will go to your stand this one like that and yes, how does this work daddy? Oh you can attach to your these guys you can attach into your vlogs uh this tag.

You know i have. I dont know how, but, yes you can turn yeah. You have this one turn theres a loose and tight this side guys, and it has like this pocket over here. Oh, the chargeable, you have to charge these guys and it also comes with this manual lets check those guys so see. Yeah, your cell phone will stand that way like that, so um can be small gon na be big, quick start guide there that one so by charging, as you have to do this side. Oh, where is this oh over here guys the charge here you can search over here, guys that there you go attach already, and here is a usb side, its kind of small but its worth it its work. So you turn on the way your cell phone will be like this or it could be. You know like that and its like, oh to turn guys so yeah. I have to charge this forest to that and then uh, so that i can use guys and and its really like long, lasting bag or high quality pockets. Like that, i will um husband said you can uh. So this is what the brand guys in case you like to purchase from this brand. By the way, this is not sponsored its just a gift for my husband that i got received and so lets charge this guys so to charge guys you have to have like this to include your to attach your charger and then youre gon na charge it oh There you go here, it goes open, yeah mommy, you want it, and that then, and you have this um, a remote control.

It probably you know the remote has a button, so the battery uh, the remote control guys it comes with their own battery already over here. As you can see so yeah, that was like included the binary guys so to open up like just slide over here and slide. You know so this is like remote if youre going that way, you can just use your remote or just just use this as a manual eyes like that, so guys so guys. This is what a stand im using into my vloggings and use my cell phone. This one im using right now and my cell phone, and then you can put your cell phone over here like that, so so like first, you have to charge and attach your cell phone over here like that, so im so excited with this. My husbands set is a red, but if you are guys love to talk to your cell phone, your family, this is a good gift. Guys ill put my other cell phone over here to show you guys so the this is what the cell phone you attach like that guys. So you have to charge first, it starts charging as you can see, so this is good guys, no matter what you are. What are you doing? You know, like maybe talking your family vlogging, so you can use your regular stun thats not included with this guys, but look at that. There are much together. My husband is good.

I like it so thats the way it is, but you have to charge first guys. So that was in the back like that, so guys i hope you try this this one guys you go to their own website or maybe you can get in amazon. I dont know, but my husband bought this in um. He said he bought in the website, like i told you, so that was the one guys you have to try this its good Music dont forget to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe and hit the notification bell.