We got this uh prime connect. This is a smartphone tripod with mount adapter im excited to see how this is going to function, uh with the phone that im shooting this with uh, particularly ive, been trying to set up uh its very difficult for me to set up inside of my home uh. The table that i use is covered with a lot of stuff and uh its a coffee table, and you we all know how a coffee table collects stuff um, so my coffee table definitely collected its fair share of stuff and uh its just very difficult. In my opinion, to set up to record and uh normally i have to prop things up and prop the phone up and try to get a really good picture that way and uh. Sometimes it doesnt always work out that way so uh meg for christmas. She got me a tripod and uh. I know its not like a really expensive, razzle dazzle me basil, uh tripod, but i still want to see what its, how it handles and and what it looks like in all honesty, im trying to take it apart. Nice and neat that obviously isnt going to happen, so i just manhandled the box and ruined it. Oh well, it was mine anyway, i was gon na return it. It was a christmas gift, so it does have a decent little mount. It is a spring loaded mount. So well see how that works.

Uh, it does have this. I guess it wants you to pick it up via the spring this. The piece right here i dont see that working out too well. I can see me more so having to grab it like that to extend it around my phone um Music, the base mount now they advertise that these can twist and bend they totally can and after you twist them and bend them, they will never be the same. Ever again, just so, you know that so your initial twist or bend or whatever you choose to do with them, thats going to be the best position that theyll probably ever be in so try to make sure you choose wisely and lets see how the mount fits. Throw the mount on – and they do have a tensioner here, which is nice so, judging by the way that this is set up, were gon na. Put that like that, because im gon na put my phone on it like that. So that requires me to set that up like that and then create some tension, its a small little everything on this and all honestly, this this was made, but with bicycle pieces you use something just like that to hold the seat in place, although its on a Tube, so i mean you could very well make a very bigger one of these heres, the real one. This is this: is the kicker im sorry guys, im gon na pick you up, and i have to know i just have to know – is it going to handle my phone wow check that out it does its crazy.

I just i dont know thats wild. I like this, this im gon na have a lot of fun with this toy its set right now its set right in my dashboard uh with the phone attached, and it holds the phone perfect in the phone case. Im loving that um they advertise an iphone on the box. Smartphone tripod with mount adapter uh prime connects uh. Sorry, the guys around me are doing theyre cleaning the yard up, uh securely mounts most smartphones and small devices, versatile adjustment joints pivots for the perfect viewing angle, which is true, uh installs easily and secures securely with strong, durable legs. Texas, 10, 4. Um Music. I cant wait to use this at home for a serial review. This is awesome, im so happy with this. This is an awesome, little gift, as always, my name is johnny5. If you enjoyed this review, make sure you give me a thumbs up. Show me some in the comment box down below if youre new to this channel its the first video youre catching theres a lot more content coming up, you dont want to miss a thing, make sure you subscribe in the corners, and you ring that bell daily uploads. Here and check the description box for jay glieses channel, and i will catch up with you guys on the next one, be good, be safe.