The google pixel 5a with 5g is the best phone in its category. The phone is an excellent choice for anyone with a powerful performance, a beautiful display, a large battery and an incredible camera. After months of a news vacuum, google finally announced the new and improved 5a with 5g, though it doesnt have a 90 hertz display or wireless charging, and it only has 6 gigabytes of ram instead of 8 gigabytes. This phone is otherwise nearly identical to last years. Pixel 5.: it has the same ip67 rating as before, and the same aluminum, unibody frame and camera stack. The pixel 5 is a vintage looking phone thats, just as good looking as functional, it might seem like the color. Mostly black is misleading, but its the color of ripe olive. The phone is 6.1 x, 2.9 x, 0.3 inches and 6.5 ounces in weight similar to the google pixel for a 5g, but it packs one of the largest displays in this size category a 6.34 inch oled display with a hole punch dominates the phones front resolution clock At 2400, by 1080 pixels with a 413 ppi density, color accuracy is spot on with an excellent contrast, ratio and deep inky blacks. The viewing angles are unique and the display is bright enough to use. During the day. The back of the pixel 5 is identical to the more expensive pixel 5.. A 3.5 millimeters headphone jack rests on the phones top edge, while two speaker grilles and a usbc charging port are found along the bottom edge.

The sim slot is on the left side of the device, while the volume, rocker and power button sit across from it on the right, theyre straight forward to find and press, but the volume rocker offers little in the way of tactile feedback. When pressed the pixel 5 is the perfect phone for those who need a reliable unlocked device that can work on all us carriers, the pixel, 5 ships with a standard sim card slot and an esim slot to support dual sim dual standby. We tested the phone on t, mobiles 5g network in chicago and recorded speeds, averaging 128.4 megabits per second down and 54.9 megabits per second up. There are two wi fi bands present on the device. No wi fi six nfc is on board for mobile purchases. Bluetooth 5 is also included with aptx hd and ldac codecs for wireless audio call quality is excellent, with an earpiece volume maxing out at 86 db and is loud enough to hear comfortably in a noisy environment. Noise cancellation is perfect. The pixel 5as audio is just decent at 94 db, its at the maximum volume. However, the sound stage is imbalanced. The highs are too prominent and the lows are too much in the background. This speaker, isnt so great for watching instagram stories, but its perfect for gaming or streaming music with headphones. The pixel 5 has unmatched camera capabilities as the more expensive pixel 5.. It has a 12.2 mpf, slash 1.

7 rear facing sensor with autofocus dual phase detection and optical and electronic image stabilization. The ultra wide lens has a 107 degree view, but lacks optical and electronic image. Stabilization the front facing lens is eight mp with an f 2.0 aperture. The pixel 5 is identical to the pixel 5.. What is different, however, is the price point for a mid range phone. It is hard to beat the low price of the pixel 5a, which gives flagships a run for their money. The 12.2 mp sensor on the pixel 5 captures crisp images in all lighting conditions. Even in daylight, google pixel is built for low light. When you take a photo test, shots are crisp and natural with excellent depth of field. The noise to texture ratio is perfect, but is trumped by the pixel 5as primary lens. Its wide angle lens is no slouch either when in good light, it has great composition and natural color theres, a minor loss of fine detail, but its not noticeable unless you zoom in or view the picture at full size. The camera does well in many lighting conditions, but performs best in low light. The detail in the foreground is crisp, but the background is blurry. The quality is incredible and distortion is nowhere to be found. The eight mp selfie camera does well in just about any lighting scenario. Selfies are crisp with accurate color control and exposure depth. Mapping worked perfectly in portrait mode. Video capture video captures on the rear lens max out at 240 frames per second in 1080p and 60 frames per second in 4k.

The samsung galaxy a525g is a worthy competitor to the pixel 5 in price, but not as much as it should be for features in comparison tests. The five outperformed the a52 in any lighting scenario, its photos, looked more natural and crisper and offered a better depth of field. The a52 struggled with hdr and objected to segmentation for low light images. The pixel 5as cameras are flagship quality but its surprisingly, a contender with the samsung galaxy s21 ultra and the apple iphone 12. in low light. The pixel 5 shines due to its better depth of field and background detail, with both the primary and wide angle lenses in daylight. Both phones perform similarly with google having a slight advantage in exposure consistency. The samsung galaxy 21 ultra has a higher price than the google pixel 5a. However, it does have some benefits. The two phones cameras are surprisingly similar. The galaxy s21 ultra captures better background detail. When images are taken in good light, however, the pixel 5, i had better color accuracy and contrast ratio. The galaxy a 21 ultra does better than the pixel 4, a with 5g in texture and detail in low light. The pixel 5 did a better job with color accuracy, but if youre looking to take photos in low light, the galaxy s 21 ultra would be your best option. The galaxy s 21 ultra includes a dedicated telephoto lens, which the pixel 5 a doesnt, making it more challenging to zoom.

This phone has a qualcomm snapdragon, 765 gsoc and six gigabytes of ram about 111 gigabytes of storage is available, but there is no micro sd slot for external storage. The pixel 5 are powered by that chip is very fast. It can handle just about anything you throw at it apps open instantly and theres virtually zero lag when youre doing things like opening dozens of chrome windows simultaneously. One of the most excellent features the pixel 5 has is live view with location sharing. Using this, you can share your location with friends and family, while also providing turn by turn directions to help them get to you faster. In addition, pixel users are treated to good google features. One of them is smart reply. It uses machine learning to provide you with contextual responses in many of the most common chat, apps much as youve seen in gmail or google docs. It starts simple, but it gets smarter. The more you use it. Android 12 is an update that improves the os and includes material design redesign. This update contains smoother animations, updated, app icons and an improved settings menu. The android 12 update is an important one for mobile security. The enhanced privacy features have been created to work in conjunction with the android private computer core, which ensures that any apps running on your phone follow the settings. You have set the privacy dashboard, which provides an overview of all the apps using sensitive elements such as cameras.

Microphones and gps location is another valuable addition to the software.