You know the performance is still somewhat smooth, the cameras can take decent shots and the display remains sharp by modern day standards, but unfortunately, like all old devices, the battery life has taken a huge hit after all these years, but with the phone only costing around 100. Us on the used market, its tough to argue against the seemingly incredible value here, and so should you actually still go out and buy this phone in 2022? Well in this video im going to be covering that, as well as the design display cameras, performance and battery life of the iphone 6s from a 2022 perspective and by the way, if youd like to see something specific, the timestamps are in the description below. So, starting off with the design, the iphone 6s is relatively generic compared to other iphones sporting, the home button, bezels and 4.7 inch display, all of which are also seen on the iphone 6 7 8 and the sc 2nd gen, so its nothing unfamiliar. But obviously it is going to feel dated compared to the all screen designs on todays handsets, but one thing im a fan of here is that the body is made from aluminium, which you dont actually see on high end flagships anymore, due to wireless charging, only being Possible with glass, so yes, that, unfortunately, means no wireless charging on here, but it does make the phone look and feel more premium as well as making it lighter to hold, although, admittedly it can be a bit slippery at times.

One downside of this body, though, is that it missed out on water resistance by one year before it was added on with the iphone 7. So it would be a good idea to keep this phone away from liquids, as it probably wont, survive any spills or drops in the toilet. But the 4.7 inch form factor feels snug and compact. You can use the phone with one hand and because of its weight of 143 grams and thickness of 7.1 millimeters, its very comfortable to use too now turning our attention to the home button. This is something that many people will favor over the gesture system. On the new iphones, hence why the iphone sc released in 2020 still has it. The home button on here also packs second gen touch id, which unlocks the phone incredibly fast and, in this day and age of masks, face id on more recent iphones isnt as convenient as it used to be plus. This was also the last iphone to have a physical clicky home button before it was replaced with the haptic home button the following year, which honestly feels a lot worse. To be honest, ive never been a fan of it, and how can i forget? This was also the last iphone to sport, the headphone jack before it was also butchered a year later on. You guessed it the iphone 7., with the wireless 159 airpods conveniently being announced minutes after the 7.. So if youre a fan of wired earbuds well, you can still use them with the 6s.

Now, at this point, if youre anything like me, youll be thinking about how much the iphone 7 was a pretty watered down successor in comparison, the 6s has a very nostalgic feel to it due to this, and it truly was the end of an era for better Or for worse, but since it can run ios 15, its the best of both worlds, but all in all im a fan of the successes design, the aluminium gives it a certain sleek and premium. Look that modern glass back phones, just havent been able to pull off moving onto the display. The one on here feels like its barely aged at all. It is lcd, but it sports a resolution of 1334 by 750, along with a pixel density of per inch. Now sure its going to be missing quite a bit on paper compared to modern, handsets like a higher refresh rate oled and a better color reproduction, but because of its high pixel density, it still boasts a high end and vibrant quality. You cant see any individual pixels and for the average person who doesnt care about specs, the viewing experience holds up just fine, if not above average, since its so sharp. Now critics would say that this panel is actually bad because its only limited to 720p and not the full 1080p, like the 6s plus that has boosted display specs to accommodate for its size. But again, since the regular 6s still has a high pixel density.

The sharpness of the image doesnt lack whether youre reading an article watching a video or playing a game, although it can struggle with outdoor use due to its peak brightness, only being around 550 nits, which, in its defense, was actually pretty typical for 2015.. All in all, though, this display has aged really well and especially for its price, is perfectly up to scratch. In 2022.. Now, in terms of the cameras on here, the 6s still packs a half decent punch, it sports a single 12 megapixel, rear shooter and a 7 megapixel selfie camera, and, to be completely honest, this setup is far better off than you might think. The one on a seven year old smartphone, would be sure theres, no portrait mode night mode or anything remotely fancy on here plus the dynamic range definitely shows its age. But if youre in a situation with good lighting its completely possible to take some pretty darn decent shots, that more than definitely deserve a pass in this day and age, move on to low light or in door situations, though, and all of that just kind of goes Out the window, especially since the sensor is quite small, compared to modern smartphone cameras and it isnt able to let as much light in and obviously the lack of optical image. Stabilization on the smaller 6s means that its a lot harder than normal to eliminate blur. In comparison to the 6s plus, that does have it but like considering that this is a seven year old, smartphone camera honestly whos complaining about the quality.

Considering its this good. I mean, of course, its not going to even come close to what modern handsets can do, but this shooter can still capture your memories well enough for the average person, although moving on to the selfie camera, its pretty mediocre compared to the main lens, still usable by All means, but just not great and its just worse. Overall than is ideal. Now, when it comes to video recording, the iphone 6s was actually the first smartphone ever to be able to record in 4k. This was a huge deal back in 2015 and it was incredible at the time that you could record in such a high resolution on just your smartphone, its basically the 2015 version of the samsung galaxy s21 ultra being able to record an 8k. But in terms of how its held up well like everything else on this phone, its much better than youd expect and its perfectly usable again, the dynamic range could use some work. Theres no ois and below average lighting conditions are your main enemy here, but again, lets not forget that this sample was recorded on a 2015 smartphone, so it definitely deserves to be commended for how good it looks for what it is now moving on to the performance. This is pretty much the main area that helps this phone to feel much more modern than it really is the 6s sports, the apple a9 chipset as well as 2 gigabytes of ram – and this was a huge performance breakthrough for apple compared to the previous iphone 6, Which had only half the ram just one gigabyte and thats, why the 6 is stuck on ios 12 and the 6s was able to live onto the current ios 15 and it could even get ios 16 this september.

But i highly doubt it considering its age. Now. Obviously, the performance, isnt, shiny and snappy and blazing fast, like it was seven years ago, but its more than usable. It still handles day to day tasks like checking social media web browsing the light games and texting without any hiccups. Maybe the occasional lag once in a blue moon, but its nowhere near painful to use and even the heavy games i tested like pixel, gun, 3d and roblox ran pretty much flawlessly. Okay, maybe not objectively flawlessly. There was the occasional rope bump, plus the phone felt like. I could fry an egg on it by the end, but by all means they were still playable at 60fps. I am just so shocked at how well this seven year old smartphone can perform, and i applaud apple heavily for optimizing their aging chipsets for the modern software. So well, it still sails through everyday tasks and can even run intensive apps. Should you choose to, but just for a change lets talk about something thats, unsurprisingly, not that usable the battery life and it didnt take a bloodhound to sniff this one coming. The 6s is equipped with a 1715 million power cell and due to a combination of the already small battery aging and degrading over time, along with more computationally heavy modern software. Getting a full days use on the 6s is pretty unlikely if youre anything more than a light user, of course, with the 6s plus youre getting a bigger battery that will be able to last a bit longer, but its still anything but ideal.

Now, if youre someone whos always near a charge up – or you only use your phone for the basics, this wont affect you as much, of course, but its still definitely a whole reason to avoid buying this phone despite everything else holding up so well and its a Shame because it really taints the whole thing about the phone being more than usable today, but again its just a fact that batteries will get worse over time and the software sucks a lot more power than it did back in 2015. So theres not really too much. They can do about it anyway, and so with my review now. Out of the way lets discuss if its time to upgrade from the 6s, if youre still using one and if its a good idea to still go out and buy one in terms of whether you should upgrade from the success. Well, theres, not really any need to. At this point, if its still doing everything you need it to since its going to receive software support until at least this september, when ios 16 is released, but it seems pretty unlikely. Seven years is a long time in our world of consumable electronics and you have to draw the line somewhere before the hardware will give in. But then again lots of people said it wouldnt get ios 15 and 14. So you never know, but even after software support has dropped, you can still keep using the phone its just going to get slowly less usable as time goes on.

Plus, you wont be getting any new features of further updates, so id say, probably start considering an upgrade, but theres honestly no hurry to go ahead with it as for going out and buying one, though, if youre on an extremely tight budget or youre just getting something. For a kid to play around with, or maybe for a grandparent to just text and call on the 6s will probably do you proud for its price point of around 100 us on the used market, although please do not buy the 16 gig version, because its just Too little storage to basically do anything if you have the funds to do so, though, you should definitely consider something newer, thatll be better in the long term, such as the iphone 11 or the 12, as these phones will have much improved cameras, battery life performance and Longevity, but to anyone still saying that apple slows down all iphones and makes them obsolete with software updates. This phone will counter any argument towards that, its honestly, just such good customer service. How apple has done this instead of slowing down the phone so that youll be forced to buy a new one? Their goal now seems to be making your device last as long as possible, and it makes you wonder just how long the newest iphones are going to last on updates. Eight years nine years, even a decade of software support could be in store for them. The way things are going and i truly commend apple for showing that they care about people still using these old phones, but all in all the iphone 6s has had such a good run over the years.

Its not only the longest supported smartphone ever made, but its also maintained a pleasant user experience along the way battery life aside, and it shows that apple really cares about their users, even the ones who are still using their seven year old devices. If you enjoyed this video or found it useful in any way, please make sure you drop me a like and subscribe to techspree for more reviews, insights and the occasional unboxing. Thank you so much for watching this is tom with tech spree and ill see you.