So, im excited to review this because ive been wanting to for a while now ive had the phone, for, i think its been two years now. Maybe – and i just want to discuss how i use it – what i use it for and the tools that i do have on there, because you can choose kind of what you want on there, which you dont you can use it just for call and text. But im going to get into that, so i found out about them on instagram the brown kids, which is an account thats, no longer active, but they posted about it and they had the first version. The first time i heard about it and it didnt look practical to me um, so i you know i saw it. I was like oh thats, like a good idea, and then they started posting more about how they were coming out with the second version. So the time they came out with that um, i end up purchasing the second version of light phone, which ill show it to you in a second um. So ive had a smartphone for most of my life, like everybody else, and i tried turning off notifications and um just trying to have boundaries with it, which did help some putting it away for certain times. But i i wanted more, but i didnt see any options for that, so i just did the best. What i could like, i said, taking breaks and having boundaries with it, and i noticed when i would take breaks um the effects that they had, meaning like getting on it only for a certain purpose, like i wouldnt scroll, mindlessly on it or get on social media.

Sometimes ill take a break from just social media and that helped but um like i said i didnt see any other options out there. So i just kind of stuck with doing that, but i noticed also when i went on breaks and i got back on my phone. It was like a binge and like as soon as i got to that day or that time where i could get back on it. It was like i just was on it for like an hour straight um. So, like i said, i found out about the light phone and i purchased it. Ive had it for a couple of years, so i just wanted to show you what it looks like so ill take the case off as well. First, so they have white gray and black, so i have the gray one um, its really small, trying to see so you can kind of get an idea of it, and i mean the fact that they called it light was perfect because not only okay, you cant See it, but it says, light right here, um its perfect just because not only is it just lightweight because you know smartphones are getting bigger, they feel like remotes, now um its also light in the sense that it only has tools that you need, or you want To add so this is the home screen and they also use e ink. I believe so you also dont have the um, you know the lights and the intensity of a smartphone, so the home screen is basically the date and time and the little asterisk in the corner.

Just shows you that you have a message or a call, and then you have your passcode to put in so the home screen when you open it up, i should say, is just a list of your recent contacts who you called or text, and then there is A little grid in the corner which im going to click so thats, what you use when you want to dial um and then theres a little pencil in the corner. For when you want to write a message. Sorry about the lighting im trying to see okay, so theres that so if i wanted to write a message, i would turn it this way. I would search my context and then write it, and then they also just added voice commands. So you can just speak and then itll type it out for you, which is really helpful because sometimes its a little slow and it ghosts which i never heard of before. But basically, when you click from one app to another ill see. If i can show you so so, if im here, i called it a net like one tool, i should say itll like go so it like goes black, really quick and then it goes to the screen. But here are some of the tools, the ones i use. So it has the phone at the top, then has an alarm and calculator uh. They just had added they just added directions which is really helpful and then podcasts, which i use um and then theres just the settings.

So let me see if i can just scroll like that, they also have music, which i dont use yet um, and i think i have every other feature on here. Besides that theres more on the website which ill also post. But those are the ones that i use most often and they have a case so mines a little cracked. They just came out with screen protectors, which is really helpful, but yep. They have cases they have screen protectors. Now and when you purchase this phone um theres like a dashboard and you go on the internet, um on your computer or on something else and thats, how you add the tools or take them off. So if you just want call and text on there and thats it, you can do that it doesnt have a camera. It doesnt have internet um like a browser, but it does updates, obviously through wifi and things like that. It has a hotspot if you want to use it so its just very intentional, and a quote from the website that i really liked was: you are a customer, not the product. This is the phone for humans, so its like, i said its intentional, with what they use on there like the tools that they add and also support of a privacy as well. But i think that the light phone just helps you to be more present, because you dont have access to all of these different apps or the internet or anything.

So you kind of have to just be where you are when you have it um and then as far as my use of it, so i use it. I would say 90 of the time, um definitely monday through friday, sometimes on the weekends i might get on. My smartphone for a while and i still use the camera on my smartphone as well, but i found that like over time, even when the weekend hits, i usually use my smartphone only for a few hours because it i start to feel more anxious and thats. Another thing about the phone is kind of like the first time i used it. It was just like a calmness and it wasnt, like you, know a miracle or cure like its just like. Oh, i never had anxiety again or anything like that, but, like i realized after using this for a while, how much um, how much it added to my anxiety having a smartphone as well, so um thats one benefit of it so yeah. I use it during the week um and mostly even on the weekend. I usually when i do pick up my smartphones actually for a reason like i need my camera or if i wanted to look up something real, quick and didnt have my laptop, but i use it primarily most of the time they said a lot of their users. Use it as a second phone, some people, its the other way around theyll, use their smartphone and then the weekend hits and they use their life phone.

So its really up to you how you want to use it um some people just cold turkey dont use their smartphone anymore thats. What some of the review said on their instagram like they meant to use it just for a while and see and they end up just only using it and they have different plans. So, basically, if you want to keep your smartphone, you can, and you want to just swap and use it sometimes and you can take the sim card out of one and put in the other. One and theres no obviously cost difference for that. But if you want their light phone plan – and you just want to use that phone, they have a plan for that as well um and then i think theyre i dont know if i wont say working on, but you can. If you like, get like two sim cards, however, you want to do is kind of up to you um, so some of the benefits that ive noticed with this phone is just that. The calmness i would say that comes with it, like i dont, feel an edge. Almost um as much or really at all, when im on, like in comparison using the two different phones and im more present. You know i noticed like with my other phone um, just not really making eye contact with people or, if i do sometimes almost as soon as they start talking im like pulling out my phone and i just wanted to be more present.

So that was really helpful and even watching some of the reviews that theyre posted i started noticing um because it wasnt like i got the phone and then i just went into just using it most of the time. For me, it was more like a process because i kept feeling like i needed my smartphone and i think thats part of the reason why i started seeing it as a problem, because i was like why do i feel like i have to have this like? I need it and i say to myself like: oh, you know what, if theres an emergency, and i need to make a call or text like i have to have it and its like yeah but thats. Why i bought this like phone, so i could use that. So i could still have a phone and one that was, you know modern, because i, like the look of it versus um, just getting you know, i dont know a flip phone or something like that um, but i would ill have like when i first started using It kind of excuses, and that kind of just watching the reviews reminding me of that, like you kind of realize when you use it and youre like okay, this is gon na, be what i use primarily or during a certain time, and you see that, like you, Dont need your smartphone, like you definitely need a phone for calling and texting, contacting people and, like i said, theres other good tools to use it for, but you realize kind of the excuses you make to make it seem like you have to have your smartphone on You all the time um, so i would say it definitely helps reduce with anxiety which and also helps with being present and when ive used it.

Whatever im doing like if im doing homework, im more focused. If i want to even do things that i like to do, but i dont make time for or i spend that time or used to um staring at my phone or like falling to the black hole um like writing or just kind of little sometimes like tedious Things i need to do or get done, but i dont i just get on my phone. It just makes more time for that. So those are some of the benefits of it. Like i said um, they have a lot more information on the instagram account on their website and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me about my experience with it, but theres a lot of reviews and more information on the website.