In this video we are checking out the oneplus nord n200 5g im gon na go over everything. You need to know about this device in this video well, go ahead and jump right into it here and quickly go through what all comes inside the package first and then well see what the oneplus nord n205g has to offer so peeling off all that plastic wrap And sliding off the lid. The first thing we get is the n200 itself. It comes in just one color, this blue quantum finish and well take a closer look at that in just a second, but digging a little deeper inside the package. Here there are a few more things included inside the first little packet, youll find an instructional booklet and a nord themed card, which also has the sim ejector tool attached to it, and a diagram for inserting your sim card beneath that. You also get an included charger and cable. This isnt, the super crazy, fast charger included with oneplus flagship phones. Instead, you get an 18 watt plug with a still very nice usb usb a to usb c cable with all that stuff out of the way here is the nord n205g once again and dont worry that sticker on the back does come off clean and easy there Physically, i think the n205g is actually a really good looking device from both the front and back its sort of mid sized. It comes in at just shy of 6.

5 inches thats the screen size, and you can see that up front. We do get a pretty decent screen to body ratio, theres relatively minimal bezels that modern hole, punch, camera cut out in the corner that i know a lot of people prefer theres still a bit of a bottom chin, but all in all, i think this is a Solid balance of size and design and in the hand, its also going to be relatively comfortable for most people, i think its big enough to where youre getting plenty of screen real estate, but not so big, where its a stretch to reach all the edges and corners Around back that blue quantum finish, i think, looks particularly nice on this phone. Its got sort of a dark to light fade and a matte finish with just a subtle shine, its an all plastic device, though, which makes sense given its price point: theres no ip or water resistant trading, either here, but overall, with that nice back cover the polished Sides and a decent design. I think this phone still looks and feels pretty nice taking a look around on the left side. You have your volume buttons and above that is the sim and sd card tray on the right side. Youll see the power button, which also doubles, as the fingerprint sensor down below the headphone jack is still there, alongside the usbc port and single speaker setup and around back the triple lens ai camera setup, which ill go more in depth with in just a second quickly.

Jumping back to the speaker setup though, like i said just the one downward firing speaker here, but actually its quite a bit louder than i expected, which is good, so no real complaints so far and heres an audio sample. So you can get an idea of what it sounds like Music with the fingerprint sensor. I really like the placement i think, having the power button sensor setup is convenient and the locking speed is fast enough, though its not necessarily the quickest ive tested, still its just nice to have it regardless. In addition to the fingerprint sensor, this phone also has face unlock, and this is actually really fast. You dont even see the lock screen. Basically, it just jumps right into the home screen, but for as fast as it is its also not necessarily the most secure face. Unlock setup, so you might sacrifice some security for a little bit more speed, but all in all getting into this phone is both fairly fast and very convenient. Now, in addition to the 5g support. Obviously, there are a couple other things that i think make the n200 stand out from the crowd, and one of which is the display. The 6.49 inch screen is an ips lcd panel coming in at a resolution of 2400 by 1080, which at this size means youre. Cramming in some 405 pixels per inch – and i wouldnt normally praise a 1080 resolution lcd display, but i know some similar devices like samsungs a32 5g, for example.

Offer 720 resolution displays, so this phone is at least out of that one to start and overall, the general viewing experience here is pretty decent, its obviously sharp enough. I think, especially at this size, its plenty colorful, maybe not as bright as it could be, but thats a minor complaint and if you dont, like the default, display color profile, you can of course make some adjustments and settings one other thing: youll find this n200 5g Display is also a 90 hertz high refresh rate panel, and this is really the standout feature for the display. You guys know that a high refresh rate display makes the phone feel quick and snappy ultra responsive, and it wasnt that long ago, that this kind of add on was reserved for flagship phones, now were seeing it on a device like this, which was a great deal. I think and something a lot of people will appreciate inside the n200 5g. I think, consists of sort of a mixed bag of specs that, depending on your smartphone usage, might be the only real point of contention with this phone. On the one hand, you get a really good sized 5 000 milliamp battery inside its a bit bigger than average, and i think, if longevity is something youre concerned about this might very well be a day and a half long smartphone, if youre, not a heavy user. So thats nice to see oneplus definitely crammed in a good sized battery to power the phone and the 18 watt charger will still juice up this device.

Plenty quick too theres, no wireless charging here, but i can look past that the rest of the power features are more than good enough inside. This phone is also powered by the snapdragon 480 5g chipset, four gigs of ram and 64 gigs of storage, and with this its a one size fits all sort of deal. You cant get any higher configuration. You cant spec this phone up anymore beyond throwing in an sd card, which i think youll definitely want to do, but i know some people maybe wish this phone was a little more powerful. Here. Are the geekbench scores, so you have a numeric value to sort of compare, but in general i think this phone still feels quick enough out of the box. At least it does ship with android 11 and one plus its own oxygen. Os 11 add ons ive. Personally always felt that oneplus does a fantastic job on the software side of things, with speed and optimization, as well as offering useful little tweaks and add ons. So the basics are all here, and fans of oneplus in general get exactly what youd expect now around back with that special triple lens ai camera. The main lens here is a 13 megapixel, f, 2.2 aperture shooter theres. Also, a 2 megapixel macro lens for up close photography and a 2 megapixel depth sensor to help with portrait shots. The selfie camera is a respectable 16 megapixel shooter. So, all in all, nothing too crazy, though i would have liked to have seen maybe a wide angle here, for example inside the camera app.

I do think there are some nice add ons. You might not necessarily experience with similar devices like night mode, for example, pro controls, a high resolution, shooting mode and obviously the ai helper, which you can turn on or off as needed. But it basically will just attempt to identify the scene and subject youre shooting and make minor enhancements to help the shot. Look better with a couple quick samples here. I think this phone does take a decent shot. The selfie camera to me looks really good right off the bat skin tone is exactly right. Color balance is solid, theres a little bit of smoothing, but not terrible and detail wise. The regular selfie is maybe a little lacking, but the portrait selfie really brings out much more detail so thats great to see the rear lens setup also seems pretty good too obviously, a totally different color profile. My skin is a little brighter and more pale. I think, but its a good looking shot, nonetheless with plenty of detail all around, so all in all with the camera setup, at least my first impressions here, i think its pretty good and i look forward to putting it to the test for my full review. So with the oneplus nord and 200 5g, i do think this phone has a lot to offer its a great looking device. Obviously, the display, with a high refresh rate, is really solid. Its got a big battery inside seemingly a decent camera setup too.

It might be lacking on the performance side of things, but i think if you can keep your expectations in check, theres still a lot to like.