This is the second of our year and videos make sure to check the first one out its on wireless speakers. The link is down below, but today we are going to talk about what happened in smartphone tech in 2021. Well turns out, it was a lot were gon na break it down into four parts: camera battery display and audio, so without further ado lets get right into it. We know that smartphone tech is the feature youre most anticipating, so lets get started right. There. Camera systems evolved a lot in 2021, with huge hardware improvements, more pixels, larger cameras and better chipsets, allowing for better photo video and user experience. The snapdragon 888 launched in december 2020 and the new apple a15 bionic chip both support new hardware capabilities and make ai tech easier to use preview, low light and video also improve. We cant forget googles, new tensor chip and both vivo and oppo announced that they are working on in house chips as well with artificial intelligence coupled with multiple cameras and or sensors. Further content analysis is now possible and overall, rendering is more accurate. With respect to the scene. In 2021, we saw and measured improvements in particular for portrait video with face to blurring so seen here. The google pixel 6 pro, for instance, uses the main and ultra wide angle, camera together at different exposure settings and face detection to blur faces on moving objects. Manufacturers also made improvements to under display cameras.

Some solutions are now available on the market like the zte axon, 20 5g, for example, but measured results are a bit disappointing check back soon. Well, give our analysis for the selfie camera of the samsung galaxy z, fold 3, which also supports this kind of feature. We also saw improvements in macro or extreme close up photography. Some manufacturers have provided new designs with macro ability on their ultra wide wide and tele module. The results are drastically different in comparison to dedicated low end macro camera modules, perspective 2022, so whats to come in 2022 for camera well, heres. What we think will be happening in the next year. One inch high resolution – sensors, okay, so its not new. I mean the nokia 808 presented this kind of thing in 2012, so we are aware of this, but with current sensor and chipset technologies we can expect great results not only for video and photo, but also for zoom capabilities. So speaking of zoom were looking forward to seeing more capabilities in continuous zoom new camera modules, with real, continuous optical zoom, providing for a better user experience and giving devices some real challenges also under display selfie camera as more devices are released with the technology. We hope that this will provide some better results with this feature. So, of course, video is becoming a hot topic, so well see what 2022 provides this year, the iphone 13 pro max provided the best video hdr experience we have ever measured so keep in mind in 2022.

There might be more and more video hdr format support in default modes. We also think cinematic mode or portrait mode. Video could become better and more popular as the technology gets better and better. So we gave you a little bit about camera lets. Move on to our next category. Battery with its consumption, plays an important role in the camera performance evolution. Charging speeds were on fire in 2021, with 120 watts not only available in ultra premium models, but also found its way in more modest premium devices like the xiaomi 11t pro. You can also find 60 plus watt charging now in cheaper high end models such as the xiaomi 11t in battery autonomy. The iphone 13 series had 13 percent more charging capacity on average, with the pro max having an 18 higher capacity compared to the previous generation. With great discharge efficiency as well, the introduction of the arm, cortex x1, a chip micro architecture, all about processing speed with no compromise on power consumption was introduced with the snapdragon 888 chipset back in december 2020.. Today we have the successor, snapdragon 8 gen 1, which now will support the arm cortex x2. Perhaps the biggest news to come for 2022 in the world of charging is with the eu legislation over uniform charging cables having each eu state adhere to usbc. Does this mean that your iphone will at least be coming with a shiny, new, usb cable instead of lightning, so with the arrival of android 12? What will be its impact on battery autonomy? Weve seen the optimization change from android 10 to android 11 with increases across the board, but will android 12 show the same kind of uptick? We expect that battery will continue to be interesting to watch with ever changing tech and design constraints.

Lets move on to one of those challenges, though, in particular for battery and thats display 2021 saw the iphone 13 pro max. Take our top spot in display scoring 5 points higher than the next device, with its high refresh rate brightness levels, with an extra reserve for brightness for that extra wow effect, excellent hdr, rendering with a very pleasant hdr10 video experience featuring the right brightness contrast and color Fidelity levels: the display world also saw the release of the biggest trend this year. Foldable phones, though samsung, has been releasing its z fold line for the past three years. 2021 also saw the release of the microsoft surface, duo and xiaomis me mix fold. Are you ready to replace your tablet for a foldable mobile phone? Foldable phones do have a few drawbacks. Aesthetically does the crease line up well and disappear, but also mechanically? Is it durable and solid enough? Let us know in the comments below what you think. Are you ready to replace your tablet for a foldable mobile phone whats coming for 2022 in display word on the street? Is apple? Are both planning to launch foldable phones in 2022, so well have to wait and see on that? Last but not least, lets take a look at smartphone audio in 2021. Big progress was made in audio, especially with gaming phones, proving that they are not only able to hold their own when held up against most flagship devices and, in fact, theyre able to go beyond what it comes to audio performance offerings from black shark asus, lenovo and Red magic also showed improved performance with this years versions, and we could see a strong, progressive evolution by such main players as apple asus, black shark and xiaomi, taking over the top 10 in our audio rankings in 2022, we expect some devices to be more focused on Multimedia consumption and gaming to now focus on audio performance, while flagships may have more compromises to deal with such as space constraints.

Improvements in recording algorithms and tuning should continue to raise the overall recording experience on most smartphones will foldable smartphones offer more immersive audio with multiple speakers. Audio zoom for video recording is becoming available in more and more devices, allowing you to focus in and remove background noise. Its zooming, but for audio, were definitely going to be testing that in the year to come, so tell us in the comments down below what you thought was the best tech you saw this year and what youre excited about in 2022, thanks for watching. Of course, all the links are down below make sure to comment. You havent done so already make sure you subscribe.