now theres some a really big highs of this phone and theres kind of one minor low about this device. That ill kind of hit on and itll kind of, be like the synopsis of this video. To be honest, and the good news is the great news, this phone literally just got one ui4, which is amazing, its still being released in many different countries at different times. But once i get it installed in this phone im going to make an updated review which is going to be awesome, it could still be a couple weeks or a couple months. We dont know, but the sad news is is one ui4 is probably going to be. The last update of this phone unless samsung goes and releases another update for this device, which would be amazing. But if you guys remember last year in the year before in 2019 or 2020, samsung actually mentioned that the galaxy s10 is going to be getting another one. Ui update, which is amazing, so when ui4 was that update, it was supposed to stop at one ui 3, but it eventually got one ui4, which is really nice and when ui4 brings a lot of security features, privacy, stuff and all that good stuff. New, modern design. Ive already made a video talking about it as well, so the galaxy s10 getting that update, which is beautiful – and this is one of my favorite phones of all time, not only one of my favorite androids or one of my favorite samsungs.

This is one of my favorite phones of all time because of the difference from a galaxy s9 to a galaxy s10. This device still looks so beautiful in 2022 for three years after this phone being released its still one of my favorite looking phones of all time on the front, you have that beautiful 6.1 inch, dynamic, amoled display 1440p and its still such a good looking panel. After all, these phones that have came out the galaxy s21s, the iphone 13s, the oneplus 9s. All these phones that have came out. The s10s panel is still extremely good. Its a whole punch display, but i still think its beautiful theres, no 120 hertz theres, no 90. Hertz or anything but its such a good looking panel and im such a huge fan of the design of this phone but thats, not all this device has an inbuilt fingerprint sensor, which is kind of common now, but something thats not common is the headphone jack usb Type c, with samsung dex and that micro sd card slot this device this year has so much more. I o than pretty much any other phone thats going to be coming out. This thing feels like a laptop now like, however many ports a laptop has and how much io that has. It feels like that nowadays, to be honest, you can go and you can expand the storage of this phone with that micro sd card slot. You can go and utilize this almost as a desktop pc with samsung dex, which is still extremely beautiful, and you have that headphone jack, which no other device really has nowadays.

So just those things right, there still makes the samsung galaxy s10 one of my favorite phones without a doubt im getting like emotional talking about it, but if you thought thats, all theres still so much more on the back of this phone, just the camera setup. Okay, that triple camera setup, which well get into in a second, was one of the bigger differences from the s9 to the s10 and one of the biggest differences ive, seen from one samsung phone to the other. We now have a wide ultra wide and telephoto lens on this phone, which was pretty much far ahead of any other samsung phone that samsung put out and its still the same layout. We have on pretty much every other samsung phone as well, but we also had wireless charging and reverse wireless charging as well on this phone, which again is just so crazy. This phone was that flagship that samsung had, and, to be honest, i think this was peak. Samsung, i think they did a really good job with the s20s. I think the s21 ultra last year was an amazing device, but the s21 i didnt, really love. The s20 was a great phone, but the galaxy s10 was just that top peak samsung in my opinion. So the outside that pretty much covers it up. We kind of spent 30 minutes talking about it, but that camera quality was another big advantage for this phone and even now in 2022.

I cant. Even imagine you know how wanting more than this camera. Of course it doesnt have 8k or anything, but its still such a solid performing camera. You had a 12 megapixel wide 12 megapixel telephoto, then a 16 megapixel ultrawide lens, but you also had a 10 megapixel front facing camera and you can do 4k 60 on both the front and the back of this camera. There are still some phones being released nowadays that still dont even have 4k 60 on the front. This device had it back in 2019 and even back then, when i was comparing this camera in 2019 compared to all the other iphones and other samsungs, and all these other oneplus devices. I was still surprised how well the galaxy s10 did, and three years later, im still saying how great of a phone and how great of a camera this thing is its not perfect. I think the ui still needs a little bit of an improvement, but samsung has always done a great job at packing, a bunch of features in their cameras and even though theres some glitches in terms of the ui and when ui3 still has a lot of glitches. All over the place, this thing, the camera is just still so good and its still one of my favorite 2019 cameras for sure, without a doubt, so in terms of the camera quality thumbs up for me for sure now, software, like i mentioned, is hit or miss It really just depends how you look at it.

Its still getting one ui4, so thats great android, 12, and you know, is amazing. All this good stuff one ui is not my favorite software. I think most of you know that by now, but the big thing about the samsung galaxy s10 was that it did signify that that it was the first time samsung expanded their software. In a very long time, this phone started off with android 9. It got android 10, it got android 11 recently like last year and now its getting android 12. So four full android updates this thing kind of got and thats a big deal in my opinion, although its not getting any more updates, i think its good enough for the most part – and i guess well kind of hit on it next year once this thing is Out of software support, so i do want to end off with the performance in the battery life. So this thing came out with the qualcomm snapdragon 855 chipset, the adreno 640 gpu, and there were a couple of different models, so the base model rarely had six gigs of ram. The top tier model had eight gigs of ram. My specific model had six gigs of ram, so definitely not a bad thing. Ive actually compared this phone against the s20, the s21, a ton of other iphones and ive done so many speed tests and this devices ram is still really good. I kept thinking of this thing at 8 gigs of ram, but 6 gigs even is more than enough for me.

Ive had a really good experience with this phone. Now i will tell you the experience is a little weird on one ui 3, its definitely glitchy its. Definitely not as smooth as it used to be, but its still a speed powerhouse it any time i load up applications anytime. I really do anything with this phone, its still a really good fast and you know stable device for the most part. My main issue is just how kind of glitchy things kind of seem to appear so, if im clicking on an app its definitely one of the fastest phones im still using not the fastest phones but its still a very fast phone. But it does seem like theres. A lot of glitches theres a lot of skipped frames when i click on an app its, not a smooth. You know kind of transition opening it, but it does open these apps very fast and once the app is loaded, its a very smooth experience – and it still has a lot of power – which is one of my favorite things about this phone. But a big thing to keep in mind is that recently i actually compared my galaxy s10 to my iphone 13. I did a speed test and everything, and there were still a lot of times when my galaxy s10 was beating my iphone 13. and thats a crazy thing to keep in mind. The galaxy s10 still has a lot of capability from there and i still think performance wise.

You cant really go wrong with the galaxy s10, its a really good performing phone. Of course, its not perfect, like i mentioned a lot of glitchiness going on, but for the speed that it is and ford have gotten so many versions of android. I think, im a huge fan of this performance. I personally would probably recommend like a pixel 6 or galaxy 21, but this is still a pretty good performing phone without a doubt, so that covers it up there. I do want to end off with the battery life, because this stuff is crazy. 3. 400 milliamp hour battery. I definitely do think much like the performance it. I think it was better with one ui two and probably even the original one ui, but its still a pretty decent performing battery, and it might has degraded a little bit too, which is something to keep in mind. But if youre buying it brand new its going to be a different story, but you do have a reverse wireless charging, which is an amazing battery feature and one of my favorite things about this phone as well. So, overall, i do want to tell you the whole entire package of the galaxy s10. The samsung galaxy s10, even now in 2022, is still a very good device im a huge fan of it. When you look at this phone and youre looking at it right now its such a good looking device, you know how hard is it i mean you look at this phone, its beautiful 6.

1 inch, 1440p oled panel, usb type c, headphone, jack and micro sd card slot. You cant really go wrong with these things. The camera setup on this thing is still extremely beautiful. Its a triple camera setup you can zoom in zoom out. You can just do whatever you want to with it. The battery life is pretty decent. The performance is still pretty good: reverse wireless charging on this phone, which is crazy, and this is still a phone i would recommend people to buy. The only bad thing is its on its last version of software or its getting at the last version of software, but i still think its a pretty decent phone and i still kind of see myself recommending it in the year of 2022. So in terms of that, that pretty much covers it up, if you guys have any other questions or anything like that, let me know in the comment section below hit the like button. That means so much but definitely hit that subscribe button. More importantly, everything else i love every single one of you guys, hopefully ill catch.