It is you mobix you mopex has so many features. It will make your head spin stop laying awake at night, worrying about your childs safety and wondering who theyre speaking with you, can do all of that with Now umobix is used for the ios system, so apple is for android systems and tablets as well. So you can try that you can click on the link in the description and try this right now and not waste any time now. Theres, two things about umobix right here that im gon na tell you right from the back one. You can see the battery life of the phone that youre tracking, so if the phones going to die, for example, if your teenagers out and about maybe theyre prom theyre somewhere, you can save the battery life and, if its going to die, send a fast text message Or a phone call give them a fast phone call and say: hey charge your phone or be home before it dies. You have that option, which i think is fantastic, because you never know if the phones actually dead or whats happening or just loss of service right. The second thing is, is if the phone turns off the gps or the teenager or whoever youre tracking turns off the gps. You can remotely do that with umobix, so thats, one big thing right there. That is really going to give you full power. Now you mobix, it gives you an option too, when youre downloading the application on the phone to either hide the app or not hide the app so based on.

If you want the person to know youre tracking them or not, if you dont want them to know, just hide the app and they will never find it, and so thats really really great as well theres. Two things you need for umobix. You need five minutes of your time and the cell phone itself that youre trying to track you can download the application on the phone by the qr system. So if you have the qr code on here, you can actually use a qr uh code reader from google, and actually it will start downloading and it will give you prompts and telling you what you need to do and you can even opt in to let it Set all the permissions on the phone for you that it needs to fully operate, so you can do that or you can manually do it by yourself. All in all, it takes about five minutes, not even five minutes, really to get started with your Now, now that we have that done once you do this once you create your account just a your name, the email address and make a password for it, and you log in youre, going to be given a dashboard. So once you go to the dashboard its going to look just like this now, when you come to the dashboard theres two things you should know about this dashboard, this is just a regular dashboard thats going to give you the most recent information.

So not everything is going to be very detailed, but you do have the option in the left sidebar to actually see more information and ill show you what i mean so for speaking about locations in the last visited addresses when were looking at the dashboard. You can see brooklyn bridge and theres a timestamp right, and so all of these are just the most recent now, if we click on the sidebar on the left hand, side and for location, you can see that it has the address the longitude, the latitude, the accuracy Of it in the date tracked, it also gives you a url so to click on this hyperlink, and it will take you to a map view, so google maps will open up and you can see the actual location of that phone, which is pretty nifty. In my opinion so coming back to and you can even go to the address book and see all the contacts thats in it, so you can see the name and the phone number, the state and the date and time this track. Now everything that is done and tracked on this application for you mobix, does have a time and date stamp. So no worries coming back to the dashboard lets dive in a little bit deeper. So you have the most frequent calls. So the most frequent calls that are available and the frequency or how many phone calls were given. For example, mom was an incoming call for four times in the cell phone.

If youre going to outgoing, you have the telephone number and the contact name as well, which was they made. Five phone calls to robbie b libby the same thing for the smss, the incoming and outgoing. So the text messages that came to the phone, for example airbnb. The telephone number and how many and outgoing as well so for apple, you have the phone number and how many went out and rick s. Russell was sent 18 text messages, pretty cool, but lets see what it looks like in the other side menu. So, are we going to the phone calls when you click on this youre, going to have the contact if it was accepted or declined, the duration of the accepted phone call and when it was started, if were going to messages its going to give you more information? As well, because youre going to be able to see the contact, the the telephone number and the last message youre going to be able to read that last message that was sent out and that date as well. Now we have dashboard again and you can see the contacts now. Weve already went over the contacts, so you can see that the address book of what was done, but this is just the most recent that youre going to have available. You have browser bookmarks if youre not sure what a bookmark is, especially if because were speaking about in todays times, a bookmark is just exactly a website that you wanted to come back to over and over again.

So when you have this website, you have, for example, huma wikipedia the date that it was actually made as a bookmark and a hyperlink for that. So you can actually visit that same bookmark. You also have the browser history or the sites that were visited. So you have most visited and last opened. If you go to most visited, you can see google when it was last visited at eight oclock right. You can see the time and date right and you can see how many times it was visited so 65 times for google new york, times 26, so forth and so on, and the last open was google at this time and new york times as well. Now lets jump to the sidebar menu the sidebar menu were going to have for the browser history first, so this information were going to click on this and youre going to be able to see the websites that were visited so the title so seed, floral flower delivery, Los angeles, a url to visit that same website the time and how many visits. Now you also have facebook, the commercial real estate. You have five visits as well and that same url, so you can kind of scroll through and click and visit. All of the sites that were visited, which is really going to put you at ease and make sure, especially if youre, not if you dont, have a teenager necessarily, but you have a young child, you want to make sure theyre not visiting any really bad sites.

This is where its going to help you at now coming back to the dashboard again on this vanilla side of it were going to have some more information. Uh were going to have the most frequent socials, and this is the last thing youre going to see on this dashboard. You can see what was visited today, so whatsapp was five times and yesterday whatsapp and whatsapp again of all time. Now we have for the social media, you have whatsapp snapchat facebook, tinder tick, tock, zoom, instagram, viber, telegram reach out skype. All of these that are actually on the phone youre gon na be able to click on every social media that is on the telephone in itself. So whatsapp is treated like a text messaging service, uh tech and so is telegram as well. So when we visit the social media on the left side of the side menu, you can see the chat name, the name, the last message and the time that it was sent and so forth and so on. For all of these, the same thing is going to be, for example, like instagram once you click on instagram, youre gon na be able to see that chat name the name to the last message and when the message was sent, which is very, very cool now, if Were speaking about because these are much like the text services, what the information is giving you like text messages, there are some thats treated like a cell phone which could be uh, for example, for zoom, for example, if we go into zoom its going to give you That same information like accepted, call or decline right so moms a contact is accepted.

It was lasted for 28 seconds for the duration of it and when that was started, if its declined, you can see this information here like mom at this time, engage right. So you have that now one more cool thing with the social media. What i like the most just to kind of show you uh is facebook messages, so you can see this chat name have a picture with it and thats. What makes it so interesting to have a picture or a face to match with the person that is sending messages to the phone youre tracking, the name and youre gon na be able to read the last message if its a group chat or if its a personal Message and when that last message was sent to it, and so you can scroll down and see and read what messages were sent via facebook, so all of these youre gon na be able to click and see different things. Now we have one more thing: its definitely not the last and not the least or its the last, but its not the least. So you have photos and videos if we click on photos, youre going to be able to see the preview of the photo, the file name, that was on the phone. So if you go to the phone and you actually type in this file – name youre going to be able to find the same photo and then the date that it was created and you can see all the photos that are saved on the phone.

The same thing is going to apply for video and exception youre going to be able to watch the video with the sounds and as well so the file name for if you want to search it on the phone and the creation date so theres. One last question for you: why are you staying awake at night without using your mobigs? I urge you go to the link in the description. Click on it.