Pro max was one of the best smartphones. If your price range falls in between 20 25K And It wont be wrong to say this time. Also, Its successor, you can say Xiaomi 11i, You can say this phone is also the best choice in this price range. Now it depends on your priorities. This price range is something where all features cant be perfect. 1. 2. Things are awesome, Some things are balance type. No problem: There are some things that some people may not like. You have to decide whats that, for you Well lets talk about the Xiaomi 11i First about the durability, because it is important for me also. I have shown you the complete build quality of this phone. There is a change in build And you must have seen the change earlier as well. You can say iPhone style Or you must have seen Reno series phone in Android like Reno 6. This is Reno 7. Such a boxy design is given here. This phone is solid because An extra frame hasnt been applied here. This is complete chassis Extra material, So the phone is good in bend and drop test. You can check the test. You will like boxy type design. If you have used iPhone or Reno, series gives a solid feeling, The grip is very good Good experience in holding, But in comparison, If I use a slim phone like curved phones, gives better experience in holding Phone weight is slightly more 200 Gram.

If you want the lightest phone around 170 180 Gram Like Motorola, edge, 20 or Realme GT master edition, then maybe you will be disappointed. It is a slightly heavy phone. Yes, it is a 108MP camera side mounted fingerprint sensor, Which is unfortunately not working after scratching, but it is convenient Present on the same place. Its perfect volume buttons are next to it. On the top, you get a speaker which is JBL audio and the speakers are awesome. The headphone jack on the top IR blaster, also on top Speaker in the bottom as well, Sim tray is given in the bottom And USB type C. Charging This side is completely flat. Lets move ahead again lets talk about its perfect feature. Today, I will cover its good features. First, The display is very great, Really a cool display Its size is 6.67 inches and supports a 120HZ refresh rate. Hdr 10 support No 10 And its peak brightness is 1200 nites. So you can say it is exactly the same display that you got in Redmi, note, 10 pro and pro max, Very bright display and a very sharp display, and if I compare it with other devices So again, it beats all other displays. With this support of 120HZ refresh rate given which is again very perfect, There is no auto refresh rate option, so here you can select only 60 and 120Hz No in between, like 48 or 90Hz lets talk more good things. Its performance is also good Here.

A new processor is given, which is Dimensity 920, How to tell you its exact competitor. Let me show you some benchmarks. You will get an idea If I open Antutu of this phone And take one more phone like Motorola Edge 20. We will see the score of Dimensity 920, 4 Lakh 20 thousand and if we see the score of Snapdragon 778G 4 Lakh 61 thousand – And If I show you the score of Dimensity 1000 Like Realme X7 pro Again, it is more than Snapdragon 778G. So if you guess in this way, then you can say It is very close to Snapdragon 778G, which is a very good and popular process. But if we talk about this processor, It is also very good. I didnt feel any leg in 1 month some ROM issues. I will show you if I get to see You wont, feel any issue in day to day use Now. Is there any heating issue with this phone or not See? I havent felt as such in day to day use And approximately 30 32 minutes. I did an extreme test. The refresh rate was on in the screen As because there is no auto refresh rate option, the game will run on default, refresh rate, which is 60 or 120 Hz, But even after playing for more than 30 minutes, I didnt feel I havent noticed any leg. The game was smooth with no heating issue. The temperature was around 30 32 degree, which is perfectly okay.

I think Dimensity 920 is also a very good processor. So in the performance summary I will say my experience with Dimensity 920 was good. Now let me show you one more amazing thing which I liked in this device That is its battery backup. Its charging range is very cool And talk about its battery backup. I got very excellent battery backup. If I show you the battery section You will see. I have charged this phone around 50 hours ago. It means I am using it heavily for 2 days, still 9 battery left This way. I guess you can easily use it for 2 2.5 days. The charger in the box is 67 Watt, So lets do its charging test Lets see how much time it will take And … There. It goes 730 minutes completed 230 minutes remaining till then lets talk about camera. How do I like the camera of this device Here? Triple camera setup, given First, let me tell you in conclusion: Camera is okays, Not the best. The reason is that the software corporation is not better. I will show you the comparison in the upcoming days. You know when the same camera sensors use in other brands, Maybe in premium phones, Then obviously the optimation is better. So the results come good. Most of the photographs that I took. I found the color over saturated Straight to be. If I show you photographs, you will say, photographs are good, But in actuality, when I compare the photographs I found variations in photographs LIke color is getting modified anytime.

The yellow Marigold is getting orange. You can see. There are a lack of details. Photographs are not that sharp. I found good sharpness in other brands cameras, and even if I use 108MP Photographs are not much better, colors are getting changed, but detail and sharpness is missing. So If you take photographs in bright outdoor Photos are okay, Like I told you would love to see the photo. But if you try to find detail, You will get to see the exact reality And if we come in artificial light, like indoor So here also the photographs are okay, Not very good looks like, as you will go in low light. The performance of the camera is getting poor. Indoor shots are not that good. Obviously, the colors are boost, But the detail and overall ISO is less. Photographs, are looking dark. If we go in complete low light, Results are okays. Currently the weather is foggy, fog is high. According to that photographs are okays, Not bad. Lack of sharpness Lets talk about the selfie camera Here, 16Mp of the front camera is given, Photographs are okays, color is getting changed, But looking great, But the best thing is that you can record video up to 1080p 60 FPS. I think it is very good If you use to make Instagram reels or Facebook videos, You will get more frames in slow motion Thats. Why? I liked it selfie videos are good and we talk about the rear camera.

You can shoot video up to 4K 30 FPS, Which is okay. Color is getting changed here also, But it will look good. Obviously, you wont get stabilization With the IS whatever some shakiness you will get. But what is one more good part, Which is again, I think, comes in Redmi devices? You can shoot macro videos. Also Apart from this, there is a movie mode feature given You can shoot video in slightly wider aperture, even in ultra wide And 4K 30 FPS in standard mode. Now, let me show you a one more amazing feature That is the speaker of this phone. So how did you like the speaker Here – 2 speakers are present? 1 – is exactly on the top Generally. It comes in the earpiece grill, but here it is on the top And on the bottom as well. I believe you can say 30. 70, Like 30 loudness from here and 70 from here Speakers are very loud Here. Jbl has been tuned, No Dolby Atmos, so you can consider the loudest speaker of this price segment. You will feel some distortion if you listen on full volume that you wont notice Too much loud, then maybe you will listen on 70 80 volume and at the last lets talk about ROM. So here again you get MIUI ROM Still based on Android 11 Lets see. When will Android 12 come? Sometimes I felt an issue. I am not sure I will be able to show you or not Like I have opened so many applications.

Sometimes here It doesnt show all the applications. Currently it is showing all But many times. I have noticed that it shows only a few applications And, as I closed all the applications, There is no application, But after some time some applications came again automatically. So maybe again It will be a ROM issue. Hopefully it goes well. So its ROM is fast and optimize. You will get some animations Like you uninstall any application, Then maybe you will feel this blast effect. So if you like all these things, then maybe you will like this ROM thats, why I have kept it in the last. I have kept the Camera and ROM in the last. The remaining things which I found perfect were on top, so there are very few flows in this device. Improvement requires in camera, Which I think will improve with time. It takes time 5 MP macro has been removed, which should be present. Redmi complains to other brands for giving 2 MP, But Redmi itself has come to 2MP from 5MP. Well, whatever it is. So this is again one of the well balanced, perfect phones which you can buy. If you can spend some more money, you can get faster charging By getting hyper charge version. Battery capacity would be slightly less, But you can charge 100 in 15. 18 minutes, then no problem. Well, what are your thoughts on the Xiaomi 11i? Let me know, Thank you.