Today i have this xiaomi, but three. This one is one of the newest tws that i have bought this one costs around 80 us dollars. I mean when it will get released globally. This may cost around 100 us dollars, but in china it costs around 80 us dollars, and actually i have many other earbuds from different brands, which costs between 50 to 100 us dollars. Yeah im, not gon na, include apple or beats earbuds. Over here, apple earbuds actually works perfect in apple ecosystem and xiaomi. Birds are very good for xiaomi ecosystem and for any other android smartphones. Well lets do the unboxing first lets see what things we have got inside the box Music after opening the box. The first thing you will notice is xiaomi, but three lets put this aside. There are two different sized ear tips included inside the box. Also, there is a usb a2 usb c charging cable included inside the box. There is a user manual, but as i bought this one in china, so the user manual is totally in chinese Music. I was about to say, lets unwrap this xiaomi birds. 3. It got unwrapped by itself. Really xiaomi didnt put any effort to make this one better. In hand this one feels so cheap. This one doesnt even feel like a 50 us dollars, earbuds the cheapest one over here i have is a ‘ us dollars. I remember this one from ace, fast, okay, this one seems a bit better than this one, but what about one more okay, side by side in hand, one more phase so premium, this one costs around 70 us dollars and after discount this one costs only 65 us Dollars, but this xiaomi birthday will cost more than 90 us dollars.

As far as i know, usually, xiaomi products costs more outside china. So, okay, really, i cannot lie to you. I cannot say this: one is premium quality or something like that in hand. It feels good. They have this pretty good coating on this charging case, but the total thing it doesnt feel so premium. Okay before i forget to mention this charging case supports wireless charging. Also, i need to mention this one supports bluetooth, 5.2 and in xiaomi ecosystem. You can connect it to multiple devices. At the same time, i mean, if you are using a me pad, then, if you just switch between your xiaomi smartphone to a xiaomi pad this one will get disconnected from your smartphone and will get connected to your xiaomi pad thats, really very nice, because all the Apple earbuds can do that. Xiaomi also claims that this one comes with very good anc, active noise cancellation. We will check those everything but yeah, one more time in hand. It doesnt feel anything premium. It feels cheap. Really, the feeling is not that good. I feel like ive wasted 80 us dollars, but its really very, very light on air. You wont feel that you are wearing any earbuds yeah its comfortable, very comfortable. Now its time to check the sound quality. Xiaomi has claimed that this one supports one touch. Pairing and yeah pairing process was really really very easy. You will also get option for ultra high quality audio.

It seems good lets, listen to some music Music. Okay, let me talk about three important things. The touch areas on these earbuds are really on an awkward position and its a pretty difficult to find those touch. Areas like without putting attention to it – and maybe sometimes you have to like juggle around where is that touch area touch sensitive buttons – are really really the worst ones that i have ever used any other 20 30 us dollars. Earbuds would do better than this number two active noise cancellation yeah that works perfectly fine. Noise cancellation is amazing, you wont hear anything, but there is no pass through. I i didnt find that like, even if i cancel the noise cancellation because of these silicon rubbers over here, this actually provides a very good seal in air, so thats, a very good thing now number three: the sound quality base mediocre treble mediocre, vocal midtones, its okay, Very good, i cannot say very good, but its okay and it goes up to 60 decibel. I mean i have checked with professional tool and it goes up to 60 decibel, but at 60 decibels there is distortion, which is a very, very awkward which is a very, very bad for 80 us dollars earbuds, because they have a pro version. Last year they have released a pro version that one costs 40 us dollars more than this one, and that one works perfectly fine. But this one i mean they have only changed the design and theyre trying to sell xiaomi buds too its nothing better than xiaomi but 2 or xiaomi, but ear 2.

Whatever the name was sound. Quality is far worse than this one more or air fun its. Not even as good as this ugreen earbuds, so this is really really a bit disappointing for me. But if you want something fancy, if you want some fancy features like wireless charging, pretty good looking charging case, then maybe you can go for this one, but really i dont find any valid reason. Why would you spend 80 us dollars and buy xiaomi, but three well before we finish, i havent talked about one thing: thats battery life. None of these earbuds comes close to this one. This one can go up to eight hours in one church, i mean without using the charging case when these earbuds are fully charged. This one will go for eight hours and with the charging case, you can go up to 32 hours. None of these can go that far well. I would like to know what you think about this xiaomi parts. 3. Please dont forget to make a comment in the comment section and let me know if you want me to do a comparison video of this xiaomi, but then please, let me know with which earbuds should i compare this one with. So if you want me to do a comparison, then please just let me know in the comment section below.