Now. This is uh running on a google pixel phone and youll need not just the application, but a plug in which allows you to work with the galaxy buds pro now, ive already done an unboxing video where i showed you. These are a hundred pound plus headphones in the uk, theyre of the earbuds type um and im going to concentrate on the application itself. So lets just go through the application and see how wonderful it is and then were going to talk about some other very necessary things to know about these headphones. So weve got uh different selections here on noise controls, because these have noise cancellation, noise, cancelling they have ambient sound where the sound is is coming in from the microphones and being broadcast into your ears. Thats. What you can see now, you can switch it off and theres a little sound. If you heard that or you can go to active noise cancellation now and you can set the level now youll see it automatically jumped back to ambient sound. Why is that thats? Because ive got this voice detection set on, so the idea is that youre using the headphones, youre listening to or audio or music lets, say youre out for a run, and you stop to chat to somebody and when it recognizes that you are talking, then it goes Automatically into this ambient sound mode, so the idea is, you can then have a conversation with someone without having to fiddle around with the headphones and after 10 seconds, it reverts back to what it what it was before now, its a nice idea, but theres two flaws.

First of all, i found out that, if im doing athletics it, it can, for example, in a noisy environment like a noisy road and get confused and think that youre talking when youre not. And secondly, if you do stop and have a chat with somebody, then it doesnt stop the audio. So if youre listening to an audio book, then thats a bit tragic, because what you want it to do is actually pause the audio. If its sort of sound, then it mutes that down and its not so important, so yeah could do better um samson. So i think i would recommend them. Stop the sound in future releases of this, but currently it does not uh. Okay, so weve got block touches. Block touches is to stop the touching of the of the the size of the earbuds, doing anything but touch and hold setting. So simple tap will start and stop, but more than that, the basics youre going to need if youre an athlete, is to be able to keep your phone in your pocket and to be able to control at least start stop volume up and down from your earbuds Directly so lets see if we can do that click on here you see, we can do that. You can set the left earbud to volume down and you can set the right earbud to volume up, so it it is possible to keep your phone in your pocket and have a functioning set of earbuds.

Wonderful. Now, in this case, theres a lab setting thats allowed you to double tap on the left, for volume down and double tap on the right for the volume up, so ive been able to associate a single touch and hold on the left to something else. Okay, so lets look at earbuds settings, so in here weve got many other facilities. The most interesting one to me is the equalizer setting which im going to sit on dynamic, and then we can just talk briefly about the audio quality of these. Headphones is exceptional. There are two unit, sound units, two speakers in each bud: an 11 millimeter and a five millimeter and thats just bonkers to absolutely bonkers. Anyway. The sound is exceptional and you can tell the sound using that equalizer. So dont give me any answers about. Oh theres, not enough bass boost you can just set it here. Um read notifications allowed. Okay, you can read that seamless, earbud connection only works with samsung account so that doesnt work for me any detection ive been sound during calls and the lab setting so double tap. On the earbud edge uh, and that will allow to have this volume down and volume up so that does work uh. My partner says you can actually double tap your earlobe ins instead of the yeah, the earpods themselves. I havent got that to work but uh. She she swears by the fact that you can double tap the your earlobes instead um okay, lets go to that.

Okay, uh youve got five million birds, it which is shared with other samsung earbuds. So this allows you to if youve dropped an earbud on the ground or both there, but then and youre, not sure where they are. You can go into this and it will uh start making a beeping noise and i have successfully used these. I i dropped one earbud on an athletics truck or just off the track. Couldnt find it walked around waited till. I got the connected, so i knew i was on a few meters and i managed to start they fire my earbuds and and actually found the last year, but so that was that was great um. So there we have it thats the app. This is the kind of thing you get with a 100 pound plus set of earbuds uh. You, you dont, get this on. You know so bargain basement earbuds. Obviously, this only works for android phones, samsung isnt anymore, in the business of providing an ios app. Although of course you can just use the earbuds as bluetooth, earbuds and connect uh, it does have aac connection, so you for the codec purposes. On android. I select to have an aac codec because apparently its a better, sound okay, so weve talked about the app ive said its got a fantastic sound. What else is there to know? Well to me the fit is a bit troublesome, so for me the fit is average in the sense that um lets just rewind.

What are you going to use these earbuds for id argue if youre sitting at your desk? Why would i ever use earbuds id use? Some over the head, uh over the ear, headphones and and and i wouldnt use earbuds at all standard headphones standard wireless headphones uh. But if, if you were going to use these earbuds at your desk, where theres no danger for them falling out because youre moving your head violently or youre running around uh the countryside and, of course, theyre going to be fine. But for me they dont hold in very solidly, certainly not as well as so the anchor a1s and thats because on the edge of the earbud youve got wingtips on many earbuds, and these dont have a wingtip. Theyve got different sizes of earbud end. So what we do in large, but they do not have a wingtip. So, for me, that means to say its a bit of a a miss really, but again, the only way youre going to find this out is by ordering the earbuds from somewhere with a easy way to return, for example, amazon, and if they fit you well, you Will have a beautiful set of sounding earbuds and the fit is not a problem if you determine that these fit well um. I will just now go on to the the use case for athletics and sports. So if youre an athlete or someone whos, not a sedentary person, you want to be able to take these these earbuds out and use them for for our families case.

We want to do long, duration, sports, extreme sports, so they probably arent the best because they dont fit in very snugly and also the case is beautifully small. But that has a problem when youre trying to take the earbuds out back in in that you could easily drop drop the earbuds on the ground, so thats actually a problem. Now the earbuds case comes with a so its a five hour battery life for the birds themselves and a 13 hour extra battery life. Again for athletics. You can use one earbud, only um, so if youre on a training session, for example, then that might be advantageous and of course you can have to live with the fact that youll only be able to do lets, say volume up, put a volume down, depending which Earbud youre, putting in your ear they are nicely waterproof. Ive had no problems with the with the awful british weather and these earbuds outside when its raining um, and also they recharge very well, and the one ear mode means to say that for a long endurance event, you could have one earbud in your ear. The other beard, but is charging in the case and then when it gets to every five hours you can do a swap so that works in terms of their stick out factor again for athletics purposes. They do stick up quite moderately, so my benchmark is the samsung buzz live, which is sort of bean shaped earbuds.

Now they do not stick out at all and are perfect for extreme sports, but these do stick out so for endurance and extreme sports, which last a long duration. I would say again caution because i would say after lets say 10 hours or 20 hours youre going to find these earbuds may start to hurt your eardrums and thats a pain that you know may not go away for months. So you wouldnt, you dont, actually want to get into that situation again for regular users sitting at a desk watching youtube. You know who cares other things to look at? I think the quality is great. I think the sound again is exceptional. Ive had no problems using them with my smartphone or making calls. The microphones are excellent and i think the features of the app are excellent. So, overall, i think theyre, a brilliant set of earbuds. The sound is absolutely exceptional. Youve got to check the fit the fit. Is the thing thats gon na gon na, let you down and for athletics? They are less than ideal uh, perhaps because nothing quite matches their buds live in terms of their compact form factor and not not sticking out for fit. So you are going to get um a less good fit with the buds pro but check whether they fit solidly, and you may still find them decent enough for athletics.