The new ulu4 armor 125g, and we have it here in the review. So lets take a look. Lets start with unboxing. As we can see, we have one nicely premium design black box decorated with the nice perforated gold letters which houses our new armor 125g now lets look at whats inside the box at the top of the box. We find this envelope in which we have a sim needle some armor 12 user manual and variant card Music, and we also have another extra protective glass, nice Music. The next thing we have it is our armor 12. We will put it aside from a while. What we have here here is one strap for the easier carrying the phone, usb type c: adapter, cable for 3.5 millimeter, headphone jack, Music, a nice red usb type, c, cable, Music, and here it is 18 watts fast charger. Music, well, that was the contains of this box, so lets move on to the smartphone itself. I must say that ulefone has taken a new pad of the and say goodbye to the boring design, and now we have a pleasant materials to the touch. Has a modern, futuristic design, all wrapped in the silver ion, which has antibacterial properties and provides permanent protection against all categories of impurities. The design of this armor 12 is solid and rugged. It features a large screen on the front of 6.52 inches and on the back, a high quality synthetic rubber on the side, a solid aluminum frame that gives you a sense of high strength.

It feels great when you hold it in your hand, disputed weight of 296 grams. As for the manufacturing quality, there is nothing to complain about. It is close things to some flashy phones, because ulefone has always been working on providing quality product to users all over the world at affordable price, as we mentioned earlier on the front of the device, it is a 6.52 inches display with 15 bezels on the sides And on the bottom, there is the stick chain in addition to the waterproof notch from the top that contains a 16 megapixel camera in the middle on the top for taking selfies and video calls when we turn it from the back. Here we find a nicely designed model of quiet camera with led flashlight in the upper left corner with the slide bump at the bottom of the cameras is the name full of phone 5g and just below it. It is a dual speaker as the photo ports. The phone comes with usb type c port from the button with the microphone the buttons are metal, as well as the frame robust and pleasant to the touch. On the one hand, we have the power button with the built in fingerprint sensor and above the volume buttons on other side. We find a slot for dual sim and memory cards. It should be noted that below there is a customizable shortcut button on the side for activating preset 6 function or accessing your favorite app, which is a great thing if you notice the 3.

5 millimeter audio jack is missing. That means either you have to use wireless headphones or you use a usb type c to 3.5 millimeter adapter, including in the package. The ulufu armor 12 is covered by the high quality synthetic rubber and rated the ip68 ip69k, which means it is dust, resistant creature, resistant for shock and drop resistant and water resistant up to 1.5 meters for up to 20 minutes. In addition, it is also had a mil std8, 110 g certification and military standards that ensures the integrity of the device in maintained in almost any situation, and once again, lets note that the phone comes with the antibacterial coating based on the sealer ion to keep you Away from unwanted germs, on the front, we have a big 6.52 inches hd display, in which you get a 60 megapixel camera for selfies and a face unlock function with a 19.5 to 9 aspect ratio and solid resolution on 720 by 1600. Pixels gives you a bright, sharp, colors and white weaving angles, which are more than great for consuming visual content on youtube. You can play videos at maximum of 720 pixels and 60 fps without any problem or lag, and this is the highest quality you can get. In short, with the armor 12, i will not say that is the best screen, but the middle range category. You will get the best value for your pay. A large and good quality screen suitable for media consumption, but there were you watching a video playing games or browsing social media.

Now we move on the back of the device. One of the main points of the willful armored fair, is the cameras in terms of the classifications. There are nothing to worry about on the back. You can find a quad camera setup that features a 48 megapixel primary camera and for the rest of the cameras. You have a 8 megapixel wide angle, lens 2 megapixel macro lens and 2 megapixel dev sensor now lets see what the cameras performance are and how they work in this set of photos and videos taken with armor 12. They look pretty good for me: Music, hmm, Music. Hmm, Music, um, Music, Music, Music, uh, Music, Music, hmm Music. After part, with the cameras we can talk a little about the performance of armor 12 offers great performance in most of the basic and entertainment use such as browsing the web watching videos or youtube using social media applications here playing games as everything worked efficiently and without Facing any problems with the stopping applications or high degrees, the phone is powered by the mediatek demands of the 700 octa core chipset, with the integrated 5g modem, which uses two power cores and a 6 power efficient cores most of the applications around very quickly and thanks To 128 gigabyte of storage capacity, it would be suitable for installing any application. You need with the ability to expand via microsd card up to one terabyte and for multitasking. Browsing between applications was very smooth because its equipped with 8 gigabytes of ram, which is more than enough for most tasks, that you can do with the smartphone, such as keeping many applications or large games running in the background.

In short, for multitasking, this smartphone will give you very positive experience. The sound of the armor 12 is quite loud thanks to the building speaker with the high quality sound system that features high fire dual speaker worth mentioning is that the device has a handset free, fm radio thats right. It is one that doesnt need a viral headphones to receive. Radio signals, which is really great, also bundled are the easy launcher and the children space applications which provide dedicated customizable, virtualized environment for seniors and kids. The lawful armor 12 runs on the stock android 11 with a lightly customized user interface with y. That has a gesture navigation controls, dark team and contains most of the features that come with the system, the most important of which is the presence of all google services. Making the smartphone experience smoother and more personalized and so on. The performance of this phone is more than good as a middle rate. Smartphone focus on a daily use and playing games with the medium settings and the equipped with a set of specifications and the respectable features such as camera durability and design. To make it an interesting experience. Armor 12 has a good built in 5180 mila per battery that allows you to two days of to use such as the surfing the internet, google youtube and follow social media. Of course, the time is less when youre playing games or using 5g, but it still stay with you for more than one day on one charge.

It mostly takes about 2 hours to fully charge battery using type c, and there is a fast charger support of 18 watts. Also armor 12 supports 15 volts wireless charging. All in all, i can say that the battery was very good. If you ask me if dual phone armor 12 5g smartphone is the world buying or you can recommend, my answer is definitely yes. I think armor 12 is one of the best new largest smartphones in early 2022, with a stylish design, a decent specification in terms of the screen, cameras and battery life. The r12 is the only roger smartphone that has the two speakers and antibacterial properties that the fact that it comes with eight grades of ram gigabyte over storage and android 11 makes it a great buy for business users and outdoor workers. All in all, i can say the ulfone armor 12 will definitely not disappoint you. The smartphone is currently available on the aliexpress web store for a very good price, so dont miss out on this great deal. The official sales links are below this video be sure to visit them and get your new armor 125g today. That will be all for now.