If you want to buy a phone in the price range of 20 to 25k, clearly this is not the best phone in every aspect, but a lot of things are very good here. So, im just going to first talk about the things i like most about this phone then well just step down like maybe that could be reversed by you in whatever way you like it. So first lets start with the durability, because this is my priority of all the phones theres, a design change in this phone. This phone is now very much similar to like what you have seen with the iphone 13 and 12 design and on the android it followed. The similar footprint, like you, have with the renault six or maybe with the red on seven. This is a very good design. Phone theres, no band issues very, very solid, durable phone. In case you havent used the boxy design. So how does it feels like uh? It feels like a very solid brick of phone that youre holding, but since its complete boxy, you might need to stretch your hands a bit more. You need to stretch your fingers a bit more because it is not curved on the edges, so you know it will feel like theres. A difference of couple of millimeters fingerprint sensor is on the very accurate position. Then, on top of that theres a volume button. Now there is one drawback like it has 108 megapixels.

Clearly this is a high sensor, if youre using your phone Music, something like that there might be some problem. The display of this phone is very, very good, and i think it is exactly the same display that you have seen on the previous generation redmi note 10 pro and the pro max it has a 6.67 inches display size. It is super amoled display. Colors are really sharp and bright. Brightness is very good. Peak brightness is 1200 nits, so whether youre watching it indoor outdoor you wont, find any problem plus on top of that it has a 120 hertz refresh rate support, but it is just 60 and 120 theres. No auto like it cannot switch to 48.90. Whatever you will set, it will just go on that and even compared to other phones. The colors are very good and very very bright colors, so it is a very good display and about the performance. Theres. A new processor demands t920, which is 5g processor, and if i have to show you the direct computer of this phone, i think the closest will be the snapdragon 778. These are the two devices having the snapdragon 778 g processor and you can compare the score. It is very close to 778 g, but if i compare it with the dms 1000, you can see theres a good amount of difference. So clearly this is very, very close to 7780 in terms of using this phone on almost 40 days, this phone works very well.

There is no issues like application. Opening is very fast, minimizing, very fast, theres no lag so far in the span of 40 days, and also just to test like about the heating issues and the gaming stuff. I played bgmi on this phone for approximately 30 to 32 minutes and i did not found any issue like there is no frame drop, i mean. Maybe there could be, but i havent noticed it also. I played it on the refresh rate since this numa to refresh it. The game will play on the just what you have set it on the max one and also after playing for 30 minutes. I did not see any heating issue. One reason could be. It is very cold outside around 10 to 12 degrees, or maybe the processor is also very good, but still even after playing for half an hour theres around 30 degrees of average device temperature. If it is summer, it will be approximately around 40 to 41 degree, which is very normal, welcome back guys according to the company one, and i think after the performance, the speakers are again very much appreciable. You have seen theres a dual speaker, one on the top one on the bottom and even on the full volume you can easily hear all the stuff. I can see theres a five percent distortion, but not too much the speakers again, very good and very loud whats. Next lets talk about the battery, because this is very crazy here.

The battery charging and the battery backup the xiaomi 11i comes with the 67 watt charger in the box. And if you go with the 11i hyper charge, you will get 120 watt, so that will take nearly 15 to 16 to charge your phone. This device on an average shows up to 30 35 percentage in just 10 minutes. But if you talk about the battery backup, i think the battery backer was very excellent. On my everyday usage, once i charge my phone, i easily go up to two days on very heavy usage, and sometimes even i go to end of the third day. So battery backup is very good. You get five and six zero battery capacity and on the eleventh hyper chart you will get the 4500. I think theres a bit of compromise done on the camera, not because the sensor is bad just because its a budget phone and you wont see much automation on the budget phone. So if i just show you the photographs, like you will say its very good, its very bright, its very beautiful, its very sharp, even they ended in eight megapixel mode – is very good but uh heres, the actual reality, if i take the photo – and if i just Try to match it like hows the difference in most of the photographs. The photographs are mostly, you know. Over saturated colors are being boosted a lot, and, due to that many times it happens like colors, are completely changed.

For example, the yellow color flower is being completely changed to the orange, which is completely different, and sometimes the maroon color turns to the brown. The details are also not very accurate. The sharpness are not very good, especially on the hand in an eight megapixel mode. If you just try to take photograph, you will see like details are missing and if you try to take photograph on the artificial lighting situation, you can see how photographs are coming since colors are slightly being boosted, they looks good. But if you just take a look on the oral photographs, you will find uh theres a bit of darkness in many of the photographs, and now, if you just go to the complete low light, that means theres, not a visual light at all. Photographs are okay. Okay, you just cannot say like it takes gradient, low light photographs. The selfies are nice, colors are slightly being boosted, but it takes nice program by default. The beautification on you have to turn it off on the video stuff. One good part is that from the front camera you can film 1080p 60 frames per second video, especially if you are doing a lot of instagram rails and making facebook videos the higher the you know frame rates. You have the more you can do the slow stuff from the rear camera. You can film 4k 30 frame per second videos again, colors are slightly being boosted like there is no pollution at all.

The skies are very blue and colorful, but actually it is not. You know the situation. This is a movie mode option. Also there you can film some wide aspect ratio and if you just film on the standard, it is 4k 30 frames per second. But if you just try to switch to the ultra wide, it will be just 1080p, because that is just 8 megapixel sensor, its ok each camera, its just great on the numbers, but not actually on the results. So company need to do some bit of software work and about the rom. This one is running the miui 12.5 and it is again based on the android 11. lets see when youre going to get the android 12, and i dont need to tell you much about the miui. You already know that it is very fast theres, a lot of good animations, for example, if you just application, you will see some boom effect, so thats it guys for the xiaomi 11i. I think most of the features which we are getting in this phone are very good for the price you are getting exactly because, since this is a budget mode, like i told you, you cannot expect everything to be super perfect. Most of things are very good, yet nothing very rare on this price segment. Whats, your thought, do. Let me know in the comments. Thank you so much guys.