Keep watching to learn more Music, hey whats up guys julian from smartphone Here the ultimate online course about smartphone filmmaking and, like i already said in the intro today, well take a look at the comica audio wireless microphone system that just got released today and i was lucky enough to be one of the beta tester kind of, and i Got early access to the microphones and i was putting it through its paces for the last couple of weeks, so i can now give you my full insights and my impressions of these microphones. I have already said it in the intro. This is truly by far the easiest way to get some good sounding audio to get some good sounding wireless audio with your smartphone, and i have quite some experience when it comes to smartphone filmmaking and also when it comes to teaching other people smartphone filmmaking and the Most important thing when it comes to smartphone filmmaking is that things are easy and convenient to use, because you know it doesnt matter if the quality is maybe like one percent or even 10 percent better. If the user experience in general is just a horrible to work with well, then people just simply wont use it, and then they will stick with the internal microphone and then the audio will be bad and then maybe they are not using lighting. And then the videos are looking bad and then people think that smartphone filmmaking is just not a thing yet and kumika audio kind of disrupted.

This entire setup, because, like i said before, this is by far the easiest way to get some good sounding wireless audio. With your smartphone inside of the box, you get this little case. You also get a carrying pouch and a charging cable, a usb to usb type c cable and this little box. This is where all the magic is inside and the cool thing about this little box is on one hand, actually its pretty small, and on the other hand, this is a charging case, so you actually have a usb type c connection right here. You can plug in your cable and then you can actually charge the entire case and with a press of a button you can open it up and inside of the box. You have one receiver, which in my case, has a little lightning port that you can plug in directly into your iphone, and you also have two senders, so this means you can actually record two people talking at the same time, just with one receiver in the past. I have tested several different wireless audio systems that work on cameras and also that work on smartphones, and this does also work on cameras. But you know with the other systems you always had to use an adapter. First of all, you always had to use an adapter, for example, from lightning to 3.5 millimeter, headphone jack or from usbc to 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. Then you had to plug in a cable from trs to trrs, and then you could connect it to your receiver.

And you know these are two adapters and you always had to use the right one, because in case you happen to use a trs to trs, cable and the difference between those two cables is just one tiny little black ring. Well, then, you would not have any signal and it would not work at all, and you know with this system, how does it actually work? Im just gon na demonstrate it right now you have this receiver and, like i said there is this little lightning connection and you just plug it into your smartphone im now using here, the iphone 12 pro just plug it in it also stays in there. No matter what youre doing and then the next thing that you need to do you just take out one of the microphones and also one of the senders, and you could be plugging in an external microphone right here. So you could be using a lavalier microphone. For example, or inside of this sender, there is also a microphone built in that i can spoiler here. Just for a second sounds really good, and then you can just you know, plug it onto the clothes or whatever the person is wearing, and then you would already have audio from me and it would be very close to my mouth and you would have some really Good audio, especially compared to you, know, using the internal microphone of the iphone, but i will now play a comparison of what it sounds like with the internal microphone from my iphone and then what it sounds like with this guy.

Okay. So what you guys can hear right now is coming directly from my iphone 12 pro and its pretty rainy and miserable and cold outside, and, i would say, lets switch over to the comica audio mic, okay guys. So what you can hear right now is coming from the comica audio microphone and they also do deliver a wind protector, so yeah. This is something that i should be using, maybe right now but yeah as you can hear. Overall, the sound is just way more focused on my voice, so yeah, as you can hear, the difference is night and day better. In my opinion – and the cool thing like i said before is that it does not only work with one sender, but it even has two, and you know i cannot stress enough how cool it is to have this super simple setup process, because this just makes all The difference, in my opinion, like i said at the beginning when it comes to smartphone filmmaking the most important thing, is that things are easy, because if they are not easy, people wont use it and then it wont make any sense at all. On the sander itself, you can also turn it off and you can change the volume so in case your audio is too low or too high. You can change it directly here on the sender and in case you are shooting more professionally. I would recommend that you use a proper video shooting app, for example like filmic pro, because then you have the option to also turn down or turn up your audio levels, and you can also monitor your audio.

Whilst you are recording – and you can actually see the levels in real time, so you can see if your audio is way too high or way too low, and then you can adjust from there on and in case thats, nothing that youre into in case. You want to just use the stock camera app. You also have a tiny little screen here on the receiver and there you can also roughly see your audio levels in case. They are way too high or way too low. So its really cool the range of the entire system is meant to be around about 30 meters, so its not the biggest range, but to be honest, thats also more than enough, because you probably are never going to film a person talking that is further away than 30 meters anyway, but just so that you know another thing that i really like is that directly on the case, you do also have a little indicator that shows you how much battery the case has left and as long as the case is charged, your sanders and Your receiver also always gets charged when you put it into the case.