This is another nice new phone ive got its a cheap android one um, a very simple basic phone, so lets just uh have a look so heres the phone itself and, as you can see, the battery is not fitted towards the back and theres room here. For a tf card and a sim card, or for two sim cards depending on what you want to do so lets, have a look at the other stuff thats in this box here. So here is the back shell of the case there. This is a set of earbuds, because this phone comes with a plug for earbuds. This is a charging cable, its an 8 micro, clear one here is the charger plug its one of these ones that folds out and extends and theres a case for the phone that comes with it and heres the battery. So we just pop the battery in recommends charging it for at least two hours before trying to turn it on, as i say, come with a case. So here it all is all ready to go ill, just grab another charger lead which ive got handy by me and put it on charge then well have a look at this later on. Ive just noticed in the bottom of the case. Here there is a screen protector with this phone and it feels for how stiff it is feels like its a glass one, which is good, because they are much less easy to scratch than the plastic ones charge cable in at the top, which is unusual and ive.

Just accidentally pressed the power button and you can see the displays come on and it says its 79 charged, so we just leave it to finish charging up and then we can have a proper look at it quite peaceful. This looks like a nice good basic phone, easy fit in the pocket, easy fit in the hand um none of the fancy stuff that ive got on my other phones, but for a spare phone. This is going to be absolutely perfect. Just a quick look at this phone: first of all, you notice theres a symbol for the fingerprint on the screen that seems to work quite well um. In order to go back to home, you should press in the middle here will swipe up in the middle there. So thats the basic home screen you can see: youve got phone contacts, messages, etc. Youve got the normal google play, store, gallery, email and so on. I dont think ive said email up yet um, so theres some photographs ive taken on it just swipe up to go back and theres. Some other applications ive put in on here, including google photos and google maps which do work on this phone um. A lot of things dont work on it. You cant get um the regular kindle app on it. Although there are some kindle reader apps, you can get on it um, but all in all its a pretty good phone for basic requirements and the fact that it doesnt have full access to all the apps may be quite appealing for people who um want a simpler Phone or possibly even for people who want to phone for one of their children just to keep in touch with them, because so you can be sure that theres a limit to what theyll be able to do on it.