So last year we first saw redmi releasing a couple of redmi books which, by the way currently starts at about 38 000 rupees in india. The thing with the redmi book e learning edition that i reviewed was that, while its price was good, the build quality and battery life were excellent, the display and the sound quality wasnt, something that i was expecting. So i thought a slightly lower price would have been perfect fast forward, and then i tested the real me book slim later in the year again it had the looks. The display was amazing, a top notch build, but then again the sound output of the speakers and the battery life was kind of underwhelming, and this one mind you starts at about 47 000 rupees for the base i3, plus a 256 gb ssd variant. This brings me to the infinix inbox x1 and with this machine, when we talk about the price to performance ratio, i think i have to hand it over to infinix. First, just take a look at the variants and their prices, although do keep in mind that these are indeed introductory offers, and only time will tell when infinix might just hike them. So the infinix in book x1 comes in a full metal body, construction that feels sturdy. It feels solid. The two tone looks on the outside looks classy. The hinge on this laptop goes 180 degrees flat, which means you can prop this laptop at various angles.

According to your liking and the hinge mechanism, by the way itself is a solid and i did not encounter any wobble while using the machine. Moving on in terms of handling at the inbook. X1 is only about 1.48 kilograms, which makes it quite portable to carry around. In your backpack or a sling bag, but besides the aesthetics and the portability, this laptop is one heck of a practical machine. Just take a look at the ports and i o on the right. You get a micro sd card slot, a headphone jack two usb 3.0 gn a ports and a kensington lock port. On the other side, we see a dc 3.5 charging port, an hdmi port, a one more usb, a port, a couple of usbc ports and, finally, a switch for camera privacy. Moving on up front, you are greeted by a large 14 inch. Fullhd ips lcd display that refreshes at 60 hertz and offers a peak brightness of 300 nits and while the numbers might sound modest, i feel for the price of viewing experience on this laptop is good, since this is an ips panel, the viewing angles are good. The color reproduction is decent. Now, of course, i wont call the display as good as the one on a realmes laptop, but it is definitely much better than the one on the redmi book models. Additionally, the media consumption gets hugely complemented by the four speakers on the inbook x1. The audio quality is top notch and for sure miles ahead of the competition heres.

A quick audio sample, as captured from my cameras, microphones, Music Applause, Music Applause, so guys theres. Also a 720p webcam situated in the top bezel of this laptop and its quality. Well, you can see it right in front of your screen right now. I am recording from the webcam of this laptop and, as i said, the quality well nothing to write home about coming to the hardware. My review unit here has the 1005 g1 core i3 processor. Under the hood, you get 8gb lpddr4x ram in the i3 and i5 variants, while the i7 variant gets 16 gb of ram for storage. My unit comes with a 256gb pcie nvme 3.0 ssd, while the i5 and i7 variants get 512gb storage. Now, in terms of the ssd performance, my i3 variant usually recorded consistent scores of around 2400 megabits per second and at 1250 megabits per second in a read and write respectively, which is quite good for a machine at this price. But numbers aside in terms of real world performance, the only con that i could encounter was the slight latency issues that i had with the trackpad. But apart from that, for my usual everyday tasks such as running chrome, microsofts, suite of apps, some photo editing and watching a lot of youtube and netflix, the inbook x1 was easily able to take the load. Multitasking was never a problem. Of course. This machine is not meant for heavy duty stuff, and by that i mean doing things like gaming or video editing.

I didnt even try doing that. Well, i did try playing cs, go to see if the hardware can handle it but yeah. What was i expecting? So this machine is definitely not for a gamer or a creator, but anyone whos looking for a decent entry level laptop say for using it in a college or in your workplace or for entertainment purposes, for watching videos or say for typing documents and all that stuff. I believe, in that case the inbook x1 will not disappoint you on to the keyboard and trackpad. You get scissor mechanism keys on the inbook x1, which also happens to be backlit. The keys are well spaced and offer a pleasant typing experience with good travel. However, the trackpad on this thing is just about. Okay, i mean it is clicky and responsive, but at times i was bogged down by the latency shoe something that i just mentioned a while ago, as well as for the endurance theres a 55 watt hour battery. Under the hood and infinix also gives you a 65 watt type c fast charger in the box, which tops up the battery from say about zero to eighty percent in an hour which is sweet in terms of battery life, i was easily able to last a complete Workday on this machine, if you ask numbers well with the brightness set at around 70, most of the time during my usage, this machine easily gave me about eight to 9 hours of screen time consistently on a single charge.

Long story short, the infinix inbox x1 takes most of the right boxes. It has a decent ips display. The speakers are excellent. The battery life is good. General performance across the board is again fine and, most importantly, the price of this laptop is bang. On the only con that i can think of and something that i mentioned before as well is the slight latency issues that come with the trackpad, but you can always use a third party mice for that, and your work will be sorted apart from this. If you have any doubts or queries regarding this machine, then definitely feel free to reach out to me in the comments below. So that was my review of the infinix inbook x1 laptop, as always for all the latest in tech stay tuned to mr phone ill catch.