tv, and today we have just obtained the brand new iphone 13 pro max. The prices of this is from 1099 dollars to 1, 599 from 128 gigabytes to one terabyte. The color we have here is graphite, which is similarly like a dark gray. The other colors that you can get are sierra blue, gold and silver. The box has a load of textures on it, similar to the iphone 12. It has textures around the phone, the cameras and this shady bit i actually saw it – was a bit darker than what ive seen on the promotional adverts, but lets just hope that this image on the outside of the box is similar to the actual phone inside. Now. Holding it feels very luxurious. Ive actually never held something so expensive in my life, but anyways lets unbox it now its quite a hassle. First one done second one done and now that weve peeled off the stick tape thing i dont know what apple calls it. We can finally lift open the box and see whats inside its, so shiny theres, shine on the edges, theyre curved theres, shine on the logo and the three triple cameras. Okay, no im scared, im, so scared right here, my god. It feels so luxurious and expensive. Ive. Never held something: oh no, ive, gotten fingerprints all over it now. Okay, no lets just set this off to the side and look look at what we have in the box. So here we have a lightning to usb cable.

I dont know whats the strange obsession with apple wanting to like not want android chargers. They always have to do something special to their chargers, so no one else can use them unless they have an apple phone. So taking this off, we can now see the full length of the charger normal size now lets see. What we have in here should be the usual. We have a sim card, ejector some instructions and contracts. I guess and a sticker that you can put on your laptop and actually now i just realized guys theres, no charger Music. I feel like this is a scam. So apparently we get to have the wires, but not the charges. This is stupid. So now i guess we have to go to the official apple store and buy ourselves a charger because its for some reason not included in the box or we can get one from a third party brand. You can find them on amazon, ebay everywhere. Even your local tech shop but id recommend using anchor dont misspell it dont misspell it anchor okay anchor since they have good, reliable and efficient products for a reasonable price, but anyways moving on here we have the iphone that almost slipped out of my hands. Thankfully, its all right put all the trash away, because this deserves its own sport. Now the dimensions of the screen is 6.7 inches tall and 3.07 inches wide, with a thickness of 0.3 inches. Now we actually have the iphone 12 pro max right here, so we can properly compare with our eyes the size so looking at the size, they are pretty much identical.

You cant tell them apart unless you really looked into it now, the buttons on the sides theyre in a similar shape, theyre, basically the same except this ones, a tiny bit shorter on certain pro max. All of these are the same, except that the certain pro maxs sim card tray is longer and slightly moved slightly above, but aside from that theyre pretty much identical. So now we get to the best bits unpeeling that was so satisfying and now were going to start. The boot test, which is where we power up both phones to see which one loads up quicker im, actually not sure which one will power up quicker but well see so hands on the power button and three two one. Now we just have to wait for the logo: okay, its gone dimmer for some reason: oh and the iphone 13 pro max wins by about two seconds so taking this away since we dont need it anymore. The intro is aesthetic as usual. I forgot we have to set this up english united kingdom now its setting up the language i dont think we need to do this so ill, just set it up manually now that weve connected to the wi fi its data and privacy, we can just press continue. Now we have to set up face id. I have to carefully position my face. Oh, i missed a bit yay face id set up now. Now i need to create a passcode.

Just do one two three, four five six, oh my god now i have to re enter it. I dont think well need to transfer our apps and data. So im just going to press this, and now we have to set up my apple id t. Hg03. H. D03, so now that weve correctly entered in our apple id details were going to press, agree and wait now. The rest of this is pretty boring. Just keep your phone up today, location services, apple, pay ill just set this up later. Dont use icloud, keychains, theorys. Fine continue not now screen time, dont, share, dark mode, display, zoom standard and welcome to iphone. Our new phone is now loaded up. So now we can compare it with the iphone 12. We actually dont have a sim card in it, but its fine. Oh, you can actually see that the iphone 13 pro max is just a little bit thicker, but now comparing the notches, the notch is much smaller on the iphone 13 pro max than the iphone 12, but it has gained a little bit of thickness. I just noticed now looking through the iphone 13 pro max, we can see that the display is actually much smoother. This is because the iphone 13 pro max is the first generation of iphone to have 120 hertz display magic. Now the main differences between these two phones are a the much longer lasting battery life in the iphone 13 pro max b, the 6 liter 120 hertz refresh rate and finally c the upgraded camera quality and a brand new cinematic mode for videos on the iphone 13.

Pro max the big question that youve probably been asking the whole video, should you upgrade from the iphone 12 pro max to the iphone 13 pro max Music? Definitely, this phone definitely outweighs the performance in this phone. So the minute you can get your hands on this be thankful youre, not stuck with this.