So what i got for you guys i was creating just a smartphone market after my earlier device. I had two generations of huawei smartphones and the battery got even weaker, so i just thought: whats really trendy on the market with all most common features, um to explain, maybe im personally, a google suite user. So i use all of the google apps um synchronized. You know on the cloud with my office, so its really key and important for me to use the google services and, as you heard, from the trade embargo with huawei and the us um, some manufacturers doesnt have the google service included. So here all paul is a chinese provider really offering still the google full google services so that youre fully um yeah compliant and in line with all your google um, suites and softwares so guys this is just a very valuable smartphone. You can get below 200 us dollars ultra thing with the largest display. You can have a 6.5 inch display, so really really nice um, also ultra, i wouldnt, say ultra flap a pretty flat model with a fast processor inside im, going to show you this later guys. Im just reading for you, the latest technology you have four gb rams included. You have to 128 gigabytes a rom or memory inside so enough space for storage, guys, i personally to be honest, only use about 34 36 gigabytes of ram. So, for me also, a 64 version would be more than enough, but here you have the latest technology with um, a 5000 milli ampere battery, so thats a fast charge model and working really very, very fast and smart guys.

So, whatever im installing here, also vlan wireless and im going to show you this shortly, maybe if i start just opening an app here on facebook, for example twitter. So this is really yeah. Now we long is installed now ultra fast um and convenient. I can plug your several apps up, so this is really a fast fast, very fast, mobile im, pretty happy with this, and i thought really. It would be quite difficult to find a perfect replacement for my huawei um smartphone. I smart p 219 model and also the earlier generations and with who am i to be honest. I was really very happy because very fast processor i didnt have any any software problems. You know everything runs smoothly and fast battery. One of the best you can have on the market and compare you know with this: higher price: google and, for example, the iphones, where you pay more or less about 1 000, us dollar for the latest mobile guys and its not really necessary. So all these uh standard consumer electronics, here the oppo com – a53 mobile s – comes with a triple camera: 13 megapixel. Of course you can ask also from this provider um, so high price models with better camera, also 15 megapixels. Then you pay them around 250 to 300 bucks guys, but also the models here around 200 or below 200 have great features and really work smart, so whats included in the oppo from his chinese manufacturer guys – and i have really recommended a recommendation on this – and im Really very happy: i could synchronize all my apps quite fast doing.

Well, you get the um smartphone. You also have this um transparent cover protection and, of course, you got the headphones and include a mic inside as standard in most of the common smartphone manufacturer and brands. Guys so thats what i can tell you about oppo im chasing this mod now more than two weeks, guys just synchronized everything so doing a great job and im really really happy with this. Maybe, to be honest, you find some quality and differences also with the included speakers, and here this is already great, but of course on high price models. You can have some better um speakers whenever you need this for your mobile purposes. Of course, im also using headphones. Guys, thats something i have more precise sound than on the included speakers and, of course, you can also use a wi, fi, bluetooth, external loudspeaker or sound boxes to run this application. Yes, so this was it just short review about oppo smartphone, guys. I, to be honest: i didnt know this brand before you can find on the market. Also um. All the chinese manufacturers show me. For example, you find german manufacturers gigaset. You also have a french one. We call what i really heard from the processor speed guys. Gopro is a very good solution compared to huawei. Also, you have samsung models. Of course, um. The market is really a bit complicated, so you dont know really, which one is the best and all these technical specifications like we test also the music equipment, guys it doesnt really show you the big differences between the models, so its always good to have an end Consumer test, a review guys where you can see it really.

The model is performing and doing well so thats why we started here the youtube channel on youtube guys, and you can find many other contributions here. Whenever you have a questions, hit me up, drop me a comment and whenever i have time ill, give you my response and its really great to see that we have people and feedbacks around the world from india, u.s, canada everywhere. You know asia, yeah, thats, really fun guys and, of course, whenever you have any idea, um, for example, uh just one guy hit me up here to say i should really try to compare about three different models of monitors, for example, or anything you wish to do Me here on youtube, i try my best to realize it guys and really busy, and you can see theyre already a lot of contributions.