If you dont know what a gimbal is its basically a a selfie stick with a stabilizer in it, and it does the stabilization through battery power that it already has. So i got this off of amazon and had really great reviews so lets unbox it in this Music lets see what this turns out to be now so apparently theres a charging cable. There is a guidebook which is in chinese and bunch of other languages in english, and i think this is german, and this is a charging cable, Music, its type c so thats interesting – and this is the gimbal Music. So you can see its quick, oh its really. Nice wrapped and lets see if theres something else oops looks like we. It also comes with a beautiful bag. So this is what came inside now. Lets try to play around and see what this is. Okay, so theres, something over here. It says lock to the left loose to the right, its locked and, let me try to oh, you see its open theres a battery button on this side. Theres a remote over here it is detachable. It also has a type c charger and theres a type c charger over here: okay, very nice – and it can be extended. Oh its pretty long range, as you can see its a very long page, and this thing is movable its quite convenient. Another thing i see over here is: is this okay pushed it all the way down, and now you can see that it also becomes a great tripod.

The funny story is when i ordered gimbal. I didnt really know what a gimbal is. I was actually looking for. Tripods and then i learned about gimbals, so now we can see how the gimbal in this thing works, but its good to know that it can also be a great tripod right awesome. So lets close this this thing can be moved so lets try to power it on and lets see. If we can power this thing on as well, i dont know: oh there you go, it started moving theres a light over here. The interesting thing is that it needs a usb type c. I use the macbook pros charger to charge this and so now lets try what happens so right now, its pretty free and if i take it all the way over here it can lock Music, then its open and now lets try to turn it on and see What happens Music there you go so, as you can see, if im moving it just retains smoothness. So if i were to record something with my camera, my hand would be shaky, but if i use a gimbal it will be very smooth transitions Music. So most of the things that ive seen they usually have only on one side, but this gimbal has on both the sides, which is quite kind of interesting, and they did it by enabling two. You see: theres wider ones on the right side and shorter ones.

On the left side, and as you can see now its basically, i just added this – my this is a pixel 3 phone that i added to this mimic and if how i want to use it, let me also power this off. How i want to use. It is Music is as as a stand for the most part or tripod, so there you go, it came all the way down. I think this is whats going to be useful for me, and i can just record and the fact that it comes with this makes a big difference, because now i can just turn this on and itll start recording and the mode can just switch and stuff. But in the standing mode i think im just going to use this as but im also going to take one video and add it to the end, where i will record or test its performance when im taking a selfie without gimbal and one with gimbal. So lets get there. Imagine if you wanted to take a cinematic shot like this. You see it just stays stable. It doesnt move it doesnt pivot. It doesnt vibrate its like a very smooth transition, Music, and this is how it would look in a selfie. Stick its pretty similar, but you would notice that my hand is shaking a little bit its not as smooth as with gimbal is yeah Music, so gimbal smoothens this and helps you make incredible cinematic shots.