My name is wade with tech daily so 271 days ago, in september 2020, samsung announced the s20 fe and in the 271 days since then, samsung hasnt released a better phone than this one. In my opinion, if youre in the market for a new device right now, this thing, i think, is still the one to beat, and i think, a month from now six months from now, maybe even a year from now, this device will continue to be the best. All around option for value for features for specs for just about everything from samsungs smartphone lineup. I realize those are some pretty strong statements so in this video im going to try and explain why i think the s20 fe is still so good in 2021. Im also going to talk about how this phone stacks up against some of this years. New samsung phones, because i think thats an important factor to consider as well and ill also get into my experience. Using this thing for quite a while now and address some of the positives, some negatives and some important updates about this device. Now its no secret that the s20 fe quickly became one of the most popular phones overall from last year and for good reason. Samsung. Basically, just stuck 95 of the specs and features from their flagship s20 into this phone. They essentially created the best bang for your buck, amazing value device. I also think that this phone made other manufacturers sort of rethink their smartphone strategy.

Flagships are cool, but whats really cool is offering people a well rounded feature pack device with no unnecessary over the top gimmicks for a somewhat reasonable price and thats exactly what this phone is. Overall, the s20 fe still holds up to 2021 standards and in fact this phone has features and specs and add ons that phones from this year still dont have already. I think you can see why this phone continues to be an incredible value. Physically, there isnt anything in particular that stands out on the s20 fe, at least at first glance. It looks and feels like any samsung phone released in the last like two years, but there are a couple of little standout things that set it apart. From other mid rangers and bring it closer to any given flagship, you can think of things like an sd card slot for expandable storage, theres, no compromise there youve got 15 watt wireless charging, samsungs reverse wireless charging feature and 25 watt fast charging through usb c power. Wise, it misses nothing: its ip68 water and dust resistant as well. The in display fingerprint reader is faster than any a series phone for sure and its more comparable to the flagship s20 than anything else. Theres dual stereo speakers here you guys know. I really appreciate that. Each one of these things is small on their own half the stuff i mentioned you may not even care about or use, but the point is its all here on this phone and aside from a headphone jack, samsung, didnt take away or otherwise omit anything in particular And in fact, like i said, theres things here on this phone that other phones just dont have now.

I will say that one of the standout features for this phone last year. The hertz display that just isnt as special anymore in 2021, its still great dont, get me wrong. The super amoled 1080 resolution packs are respectable 407 pixels per inch. It not only offers a great viewing experience, but also a stellar user experience with the high refresh rate, keeping things quick and snappy, with every touch its just that a lot of phones now have 90hz or 120hz displays some of the newest a series phones this year. Even offer high refresh rate panels so its not nearly a flagship, caliber feature anymore from samsung, its still great. I still love that its here and its one of the best things about this phone, its just not necessarily one of those selling points for it, specifically in 2021 performance. Wise though this i think is where we need to talk about a few important things and depending on your own personal experience, you might have a different opinion here on some things than i do. But let me start out by saying that spec wise on paper, you really get an unfair advantage going with the s20 fe. I believe it outperforms any brand new 2021 upper mid range chipset to start in the s20 fe. You get the snapdragon 865 5g processor inside paired, with the adreno 650 gpu and either six or eight gigs of ram. My phone here has eight and all that has been perfectly fine for me.

For all intents and purposes, this is the 2020 flagship spec, and not only is it still good right now, itll continue to be a great performing phone for two three four more years or more and for all those reasons, ill continue to consider this phone to be A powerhouse just based on my own personal experience, all in all with the android 12 updates slated for this device, in addition to perhaps some more security updates in the future. I truly believe this phone is a sound investment, even if you bought it today. Theres a lot of life left in it and itll continue to perform well and outperform. Similarly priced phones for a while. Lastly, ill also say that the camera setup on this thing has been fantastic for me and ill. Keep it simple and say the triple lens setup. The ultra wide the regular wide angle and the telephoto lens is the perfect combination. So let me dive a little deeper now into why i personally dont think any current 2021 samsung phones have quite matched the s20 fe, but i think it kind of boils down to this. The s20 fe is positioned above samsungs, a series phones but below their flagship line. It fits comfortably at that spot in last years, lineup, but now, even though the phone is nearly a year old id argue that it still holds that position nicely well above this years. Newest a series when you look at specs and price and features, and obviously still below the new s21s, but comparatively a way better value overall than those phones weve gotten a lot of great new, a series phones this year, obviously, but even a brand new, a series Phone from this year, still isnt better than last years, s20 fe, the highest spec a52 5g, still has a less powerful processor, slower, fingerprint sensor.

No wireless charging less capable cameras. There are obviously a couple factors here: depreciation on the s20 fees part and the a series – phones, of course, not being meant to compete or compared to an s series device, but i think comparatively value wise. It just still makes more sense to snag the fe versus this years, a series phones. Furthermore, the flagship s21, on the other hand, maybe offers a bit more than the s20 fe, mainly with its processors and performance and cameras, its not that much better, its, not nearly twice the phone for nearly twice the price so again by my own standards and comparisons. The s20 fe just makes way more sense, im not so sure that ive ever been one to recommend a nearly one year old device over any current generation phone from the same company, but thats exactly the argument im comfortable making here the s20 fe is still just Really good, and maybe a little too good if you take the time to do the comparisons versus any given samsung phone in 2021. Doesnt make much sense to get anything else. The direction samsung took with the s20 fe was bold, to say the least. I think it wound up costing them a bit on their flagship phones, but they revamped the mid range space in the process and ultimately created what i considered to be still the best bang for your buck android device for most people. This is a phone that likely still has years left as a top choice device.