This is the oscar vision. Uh filmmaking kit for smartphones um, it fits a wide range of smartphones from iphones and uh android phones and any other pretty much any other phone smartphone shall i say, and its got a headphone jack. However, um im aware most phones, dont come with um headphone jacks anymore, so you need to buy potentially a a generic apple, um, lightning or usbc. However, whichever phone youve got to a female jack 3.5 female jack um to use the microphone in this, however um its still a good piece of kit, weve, briefly tested it out and ill show you later on in this video, when i show you how it works. So lets get to um looking inside it, so when it first comes, it comes in a box uh, which i dont have anymore and comes with this uh nice hard uh, pretty well made case um. This case is like all good for keeping all the stuff in, and everything and ill show you whats inside no so inside and as we open it up, um so im going from this way and so youve got the little mini tripod, which is good for uh, Because it flips out and are good for holding it for vlogging um, i mean a microphone uh. This is like a is it the uh, the road um rode micro, um ive, actually got that now ill show. You show comparison in a minute and so its like a little version of that um youve got your ball joint um phone mount and this this fits most phones, um.

I think my fiance has got at the moment, uh iphone 8 plus um, which is quite big, and it fits in that and just have to take your phone case off to have a good grip of the of the phone. Then inside here youve got a little light: uh charging by usbc joined by usbc. This is good for um if youre doing any light light like dark shots or anything like that at night and lights up your face pretty well and then youve got all your little little gear bits inside so wind mufflers and leads to mount it to your your Phone – and this is also the thing that doesnt come with it um so yeah. This is what i say like an import to a headphone jack, which you need um if youre going to use an iphone or some phones that are not compatible. However, if youre an iphone, however, youve already got a free point: um jackpot in your your phone, then you dont need one of them. You can just plug it in and away you go and weve also got um a little nice case and yeah different leads. So yeah um all good ill set it up for you now and well see what it looks like so uh just got all the bits out that i need um. I currently have the iphone sc 2020 um, so im going to mount mountie ups. This and well see what it looks like and how the audio sounds, and we might even do a comparison of microphone to the video rode mic and see if it sounds any better or any worse, so im going to need the lightning adapter yeah.

So that goes in there and then well build up this, so we put the bar joint on phone mount on now. This is all customizable. This is all customizable um going forward. However, you want theres, also a hot shoe mount on top of the light as well. So if you wanted to, you could build it up where it clips on and then that stacks on top like that, look at this theres either theres a microphone end and ever smartphone end, and that goes in the back of it, got that and then literally thats. All youve got um, oh yeah, so lets have a look now and have a record of the audio of this okay guys. This is the oscar vision, video mic, um yeah, you open up your generic camera roll and just a video from there, and the audio should just go straight in providing everythings plugged in right and then youve got the light that youre turning on so ill just hit. It on now and like say you can, as you can see, um it lightens your face, its also in a good uh in a dark situation at night and things like that, its good to look for vlogging and things so so yeah um, im also gon na Now test the video micro uh by road against this uh, this microphone that comes with the kit and well see what they sound like so now. This is me testing with the raw video micro um plugged into this up and into my phone um.

I dont know how the other test says now, but uh well see in a second all right guys. So just listening back to the audio um and testing it with a video micro um. They actually dont sound much different and they sound really really good um. However ones obviously um more expensive than the other, lock wise. This is the one. This is the videomicro, and this is the one you get with your kit um. They look pretty much the same um id say, like obviously ones just a bit bit thicker than the other um, but obviously both still compatible with um compatible with your phone and things like that and im guessing, probably these as well given in that um. I usually use my velvet video micro to plug into my camera. You could plug this one into the camera as well and yeah and use that instead of the camera audio, which is a good thing um, because, obviously, if you get a camera and move on to proper gear at some point, its a piece of kit that you Can still still use moving forward thats all guys – and this is a good kit to start off with um lets, say you get everything with it and you need to start um, vlogging or making videos um on your smartphone um yeah good microphone as we just tested It with the rode, videomicro and theres not much difference, um and yeah its good in case in case you just want to just make videos and dont want to out on.

I expected expensive cameras or things like that to start off with, you want to grow your channel. Are you starting a new channel and you want to just grow from there um, because smartphone, smartphone, videos and photography are the way forward and everyones got one today. So you can make videos and things over 57 quid at the moment um as uh as this video has been recorded. It might go what might go down. I know theres different variations on amazon different makes um but yeah, okay, guys so thats all for today.