Show lots of excitement happening around here. Weve just entered 2022, and i think the mobile market is absolutely on fire. Well, start off with the vivo v23 pro a smartphone for selfie lovers, two front cameras, unique design, a back panel that changes color and very high performance internals and a good aggressive price. Then well talk about the smartphone trends likely to go mainstream in 2022. Lots of stuff to talk about out there and well round it off with the techno spark, 8 t and 8 pro techno adds two smartphones in their spark series spark 8 and 8 pro. The spark 8 pro is betting, big on cameras and 33 watt fast charging. Great specs for the price of just 10 599.. Our last story is the dji arm4sc. Gimbals are great for creating content on the go and dji osmo series of gimbals. Take your mobile, your camera phone photography and especially videography to a whole new level. Well, review this hands on Music lets. Take a look at all the news coming in from the world of mobiles before we get started. The next flagship from oneplus is on the way and the company has started showing off some of the key design elements, features and specs of the new phone. The highlight is a bold new back design that showcases the camera partnership with hasselblad powering the phone is the latest snapdragon 8101 chipset. The phone is expected to launch in china next week with the global launch, including india, scheduled for later this year.

If fast, charging is what you need look no further than xiaomis latest earlier this week, xiaomi launched the me 11i hyper charge and me 11. I 5g in india, the mi 11. I hyper charge features 120 watt charging which promises to top up the phone in 15 minutes flat. Other specs include a mediatek diamond city, 920 chipset and up to 8gb of ram and a screen rated for 1200 nits of brightness. The phone is priced starting 26, 999 rupees looking to save a bit of money. The standard xiaomi mi 11 i5 g drops that 120 watt charging to 67 watt charging and is available starting 24 999 rupees. We will review the xiaomi phones soon on cell guru. Our top story today is the vivo v23 pro. Now there is a vivo v23 also which will review, but the pro is really looking good, so premium looks very innovative on design a back panel that shifts colors. If you get the gold one, you can actually shift it and it moves depending upon the light thats coming on it, whether its out in the sun right or artificial light that is in your room, can move from a blue grey purple to a gold, looks really Really good, then, two cameras in the front great cameras at the back great media text, dimension: chipset 12 gb of ram. Everything in this phone is really looking good and good. Aggressive price, too lets take a look in a world of commoditized.

Specs great design can be the make or break factor for a product. This is definitely true in the case of smartphones, where consumers have more options than you can count with the vivo v23 pro. The company is banking, on top tier design, chops to elevate the rest of the spec sheet, but does it succeed lets find out in the cell guru review of the vivo v23 pro the design of the vivo v23 pro is a subtle mix of flowing lines and Smooth curves the fluorite ag class at the back of the phone has a matte finish that stays fingerprint free and sits gently in the curve of your palm look closely, though, and you discover that the back panel has another trick up its sleeve. Yes, shifting the phone will change the color of the phone under the right lighting conditions. You can see the phone switch from a gleaming gold to an ultramarine green shade. It wouldnt be unfair to call the effect magical. Meanwhile, the flat frame along the edges guarantees excellent grip while playing games or tapping buttons. The phone doesnt skip out on the front either, and you will observe a 6.5 inch full hd amoled display with a 90 hertz refresh rate. The screen is suitably bright and vivid with deep black for those marathon netflix sessions. Of course, flagship design is meaningless without flagship hardware to back it up, powered by a mediatek diamond c, 1200, chipset and 8gb or 12gb of ram the phone powers through all games and apps that you can throw at it.

The software is well optimized and we had no issues with day to day performance, its also great to see that the phone ships with the latest android 12 operating system out of the box battery life, however, could have been better and the 4300 mah battery barely makes It through a day charging speeds 2 are in the fastest around, with 44 watt support, like all vivo phones, the v23 pro is going big on the cameras over at the back is 108 megapixel primary camera. That is paired with an 8 megapixel ultra wide sensor and a 2 megapixel macro camera. The primary camera delivers excellent results with highly detailed shots, ample contrast and low noise levels in low light too. The phone does a good job at capturing details and reducing ambient noise. The ultra wide camera performs similarly well, though, the resolution could have been a bit higher to allow you to crop in without losing detail. The 2 megapixel macro camera, however, can be hard to focus and the results are hit or miss when shooting close up objects. In addition to the rear cameras, the v23 pro lives up to the vivos reputation for stellar selfies, with a whopping 50 megapixel front facing camera, and not just that. A secondary 8 megapixel camera is also included for capturing wider groups. Both cameras perform well with detailed and exposed shots, and, if you like, shooting selfies the vivo v23 pro should be near the top of your list of phones to consider another unique feature of the vivo v23 pro is the addition of two led spotlights on the front To help with nighttime selfies priced starting 38, 990 rupees, the vivo v23 pro is an excellent example of competition, pushing smartphone brands to innovate and offer more while the design alone stands out.

The top notch imaging experience, backed with high performance internals, makes the phone an easy recommendation. Music lets do our next story. This is our prediction of the big smartphone trends that will go mainstream in 2022.. Foldables will become more mainstream already one from oppo, which we believe is going to be very aggressively priced real me oneplus. Even google could launch one, and then you never know, maybe not in 2022, but apple could do it in 2023, then under display selfie cameras will also become more common and better, and i think that is the best way to take them forward. Custom silicon chips will be huge this year and i think charging tech will also improve a lot already. Xiaomis launched a phone with a 120 watt fast charger. So here there are trends for 2022. Music Applause. The mobile industry continued to play a crucial role in society. During 2021, helping billions of people around the globe stay connected to friends, family and colleagues as lockdowns and pandemic related disruptions continued into a second year. The year 2021 went well for the smartphone industry in terms of innovations such as foldable phones, finally becoming usable improvement in camera tech and advancement in ai, to name a few. The trends that have been frequent in 2021 are more likely to switch into 2022 with tweaks. We list out four of the smartphone trends that may turn out to be dominant in the year 2022. foldable smartphones, which are still a nice technology, saw a few launches in 2021, at least in india.

This year, foldable smartphones could finally go mainstream. Not only that, but many different smartphone players will come up with their own, take on foldables case in point samsungs fold, 3 and z. Flip 3 exceeded the total accumulative sales of samsung foldable devices in 2020.. Many other companies can and probably will learn a lesson from this and by treating foldable phones as a serious prospect that consumers consider buying. They might end up doing so. In 2021, we have seen debut efforts from xiaomi and oppo, as well as the 2nd gen model from microsoft. Hopefully, this year well see a lot more of them. Launching on indian shows. In addition, foldables will become a lot more affordable as well. Just for the simple reason, new deck is always pricey until its been made for a while. In the last few years, the screen to body ratio has improved drastically for smartphones. That said, we still have to put up with unsightly notches and punch holes that spoil the distraction free full screen experience. Thankfully, the on the display selfie camera, offer a more elegant solution to this problem and are all set to go mainstream in 2022. Zt axon was the first to implement this type of camera hardware, but the korean joint samsung introduced this futuristic feature with its flagship. Galaxy z4. 3 handset. This year expect this technology to show up on more smartphones. Smartphone manufacturers are quickly hopping on the bandwagon of designing their own processors.

However, while it is common for android phone manufacturers to use third party chips in their devices, external chips, dont offer the same level of control and optimization capabilities that a custom chip can to tackle. This tech giants are taking it upon themselves to design their own chipsets for their smartphones brands, such as apple and samsung, already designed their own chips, giving them an advantage in terms of low cost and more control over user and software experience. However, the adoption of custom chips can prove to be yet another trend in the smartphone industry that other companies may soon follow suit. Even more fast charging support could be the benchmark of smartphones. In 2022., we already have seen a concept from infinix that supports a whopping 160 watt of power and claims to charge a 4000 mah battery in just 10 minutes. Xiaomi is also introducing its 120 watt fast charging tech with its xiaomi 11i. It will be only a matter of time before realme, huawei and other vendors also decide to launch smartphones with the astounding fast charging tech. Our next story is the tecno spark, 80 and 8 pro and basically im going to talk about the 8 pro. The 80 is also great, very good price point, but the 8 pro really takes it up a notch, so plastic bag striking stripe design, looks much more expensive, really really good. Looking phone 6.8 inch fhd display ipx2 splash resistant 3.5 mm headphone jack, then the good really good part helio g85 processor at this price point: 4 gb ram, 64 gb storage, triple camera, setup, 5000, mah battery 33 watt fast charger and its priced at 10, 599.

Music. As high end phones get more expensive awesome budget, android phones get even better. There have been a plethora of budget smartphones that have grown from strength to strength which can also take on the more expensive smartphones with relative ease, and when it comes to the 10 000 rupee price segment, techno has been making waves with its unique feature set, coupled With great pricing, the techno spark 80 is testament to this fact, which offers features such as a 50 mp, ai, dual rear, high resolution, camera helio g35 processor and a massive 5000 mah battery, and all of this is very competitively priced at 9499. Rupees now, with the launch of the spark 8 pro techno is kicking things up a notch. The smartphone is loaded with segment disruptive features while maintaining the price at an affordable range, but is it the best budget smartphone that you can buy right now? We answer this. In our cell guru, review now keeping in mind the budget category that the techno spark 8 pro is in the smartphone strikes us as an all round well built device. There is the customary plastic build with a stripe like pattern on the back, which is resistant to fingerprints as opposed to the glossy materials used on the camera module. The in hand feel is good and the phone does not feel heavy. Considering the big battery that it packs, although there is a stop at nothing brand slogan, written somewhat too boldly on the side which we found a bit unnecessary.

Coming to the display, the techno spark 8 pro flaunts a 6.8 inch full hd lcd display, which is a rarity at this price point. While this isnt the brightest display in its class, it is an excellent screen for casual viewing. The colors are nice and fairly easy to see in bright, sunlight, the punch out for the selfie camera and the fairly thin bezels on the device give a good multimedia experience. Although we do wish the output from the single bottom firing speaker was better and yes, dont expect a high refresh rate here, its a standard 60hz display, and we would like to report that the transitions and animations are mostly smooth, if not fluid in terms of performance. Techno has gone with the mediatek helio g85 processor, which is then bundled with 4gb of ram and 64gb storage. We did not encounter any lag or slowdowns while using the smartphone. It was quick to load common apps and we could multitask between them quite easily. We tried light gaming on this phone and found it to be rather enjoyable, but this is not a smartphone for end gamers. The techno spark 8 pro runs on high os, which is based on android 11.. The downside of this os is that it comes along with a lot of bloatware, but the good thing is that you can uninstall any app that you dont wish to keep on your phone in terms of optics. The techno spark 8 pro carries a 48 mp primary sensor, along with the 2mp secondary sensor and an ai lens.

The shots taken from the primary sensor had good details and colors with an average dynamic range. The smartphone delivers good photos in optimum lighting conditions, but not quite as good in low light. The 8mp selfie camera is also capable of great selfies and also packs a flash which helps in those low light situations. Overall, the cameras are pretty good. Considering the price point, a large battery capacity is becoming normal in recent years, and the techno spark 8 pro packs a healthy 5000 mah battery, which is ample to get through the day. But where techno surprises us is by providing a 33 watt fast charger in the box, which is unheard of in this category of smartphones priced at 10, 599 rupees, the techno spark 8 pro ticks all the right boxes in terms of performance, camera and battery life. If you are looking for a solid and powerful smartphone on a budget, this could be a good option. Music lets take a quick break right now on the show when i come back, lots more happening on the selkuru show Music lets move over now to our last story. This is the dji gimbal osmo, 4 sc folding design, of course, makes it really portable and thats. How you really use a gimbal right? Keep it in your pocket, then snap on your phone onto it, and this makes you a professional videographer range of buttons to control shoot modes from you can do hyperlapses time lapses, panorama mode its priced just at 9999.

So this could really really be one step. You need to take your video and camera to a whole new level. Music. A smartphone gimbal is one of the easiest ways to up the game in smartphone, videography sure os is good, but it cannot just handle a lot of movements and gimbal comes in handy even in the rockets of settings to stabilize footage Music, djis osmo series of gimbals Have long been the go to for smartphone videography fans, but this year the company is adding an upgrade that could make the gimbal a perfect accessory for almost any user lets. Take a look in our review. Applause. Dji hasnt changed the overall design of the gimbal. Much from the osmo, 3 and thats a good thing. The folding design easily fits into a small bag or large pocket. Making it easy to carry around youll find a range of buttons to control, shooting modes and a thumb stick to manipulate the motors Music compared to the other gimbals. The osmo 4 sc uses a magnetic ring to attach your phone to the base once attached to the back of your phone. The magnetic ring acts like a pop socket and can be quickly attached to or removed from the gimbal. This ensures that you dont waste any time fiddling around with the osmo. While setting up your shot once attached using the gimbal is straightforward. It will automatically ensure that your phone stays level even while walking or running and guarantees incredibly smooth footage.

You can also adjust the angle of the camera using the thumbstick, which affords you a lot of flexibility with creative shots. Looking to amp up your videography game, the included dji memo app gives you a number of cool video features like dyna zoom that can create dynamic. Zoom experience similar to professional videos without requiring any user input, active tracking is also included and when paired with the tripod, the gimbal and smartphone can follow a subject even without walking across a wide area. Additional features include the ability to shoot, hyper lapses. Time lapse, videos and even an automatic panorama mode that stitches multiple photos together to create the perfect composite ryzen 999 rupees. The dji osmo 4sc is the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to add that extra zinc to their videos, its particularly useful for youtubers or amateur filmmakers looking to up their game Music. That, then, was the sell guru show for this week. Weve got an incredible amount of stuff look. I cant believe how much is happening. Just in the beginning of january, weve got all the new phones. Launching weve got great new stuff being announced at ces, so whatever you do, dont miss out the show next week, Music.