Now in todays, video were going to be doing a very quick comparison between two devices that cost approximately 1 000 ringgit. So i know a lot of people are often asking like whats the best one in the price range or 1000 ringgit ish anyways. These are two options that are actually quite interesting here. So today we will be taking a look at the honor 50 lite versus the oppo a95. Now both smartphones were released not too long ago, so theyre actually quite relevant still today and in this video ill be sharing with you. Everything that you need to know in terms of the differences between the honor 50 light, as well as the oppo a95 now first up obviously were going to be talking about the price, because price is very important here. Uh, the honor 50 light was launched in malaysia for rm 999, which was actually quite surprising because it undercut the 1000 ringgit mark. So its very interesting here we get this device for 9.99 and the oppo a95 here is slightly more expensive at rm1099, so its just 100 ringgit between both devices here but lets see what they have to offer all right. So, first up again lets talk a little bit about the design, because design is very different here and its quite subjective in terms of the honor 50 light. What were seeing over here is a much more sporty design. We have very interesting lines at the back here.

Coupled with the round circular camera cut out – and it looks very very good apart from that – you do have these curved sides at the back here and overall. I think this is a very stylish looking smartphone for the price of just 9.99, again very, very interesting design on the honor 50 light now moving on to the oppo a95. This is slightly different. It is more minimalist, but what you might notice here is that oppo has this sort of gradient kind of look to the back panel over here and yes, a lot of the ladies actually like this kind of color combination and me personally, i would actually go with Something like the honor, 50 light uh. One more thing that i should also point out here is that the sizes of both devices are actually quite different, so you might notice that the honor 50 light is actually slightly larger than that of the oppo a95. Now, since were talking a little bit about size, lets also talk about the weight, a weight wise. Yes, the honor, because its a larger phone is slightly more heavier. It is approximately 190 plus grams, whereas the oppo a95 is 170 plus grams. It is slightly smaller here. All right so now done with the design lets talk a little bit about the displays itself, because we have very interesting and very different displays over here now in terms of the honor 50 light here. What we are getting here in the front is actually a 6.

67 inch lcd display at 1080p. Now you might think that why is honor giving us an lcd display, but, like i mentioned in my videos previously, the display on the honor devices is actually very good, and what i mean by that is that it has very good colors great contrast, levels and brightness Was actually very good as well, so you might think that it is just an lcd, but it performs very close to an amoled panel, for example. Now. Another thing that i should also mention here is that the bezels on the side of the honor 50 light in my previous video i also mentioned. That is that it is very, very slim, so, according to honor, this actually gives the 50 light here, a 95 close to 95 screen to body ratio. That means that most of the front part is actually made up of its display very very cool stuff. Here on the honor 50 light now moving on to the oppo a95. Obviously, like i mentioned earlier on, this is a smaller device. So at the front you only get a 6.4 inch amoled display again running at 1080p and yes, it does get an amoled display which actually have a slightly better contrast and saturations. But if you take a look here in terms of just the bezels at the sides and the top and bottom, it is slightly thicker. According to oppo, the screen to body ratio is approximately 91, so uh in terms of the screen, the body ratio youre getting a little bit higher on the honor 50 light over here.

But yes, at the end of the day me personally, i always prefer larger displays. So the honor 50 light is the one that i might go with now. Moving on lets talk a little bit about the processing power in terms of processing power. Both devices actually perform very similarly because they have the same processor. They both have snapdragon 662 on board. So yeah, just in terms of performance, is good enough for day to day use if youre not like a super heavy gamer, both devices will definitely serve you well in terms of social media browsing you know, just navigating the internet checking out stuff on various apps. They both actually run very decently on both the honor 50 light, as well as the oppo a95. Now moving on lets talk a little bit about the cameras at the back, because this is where things get very different. Now, first up lets talk a little bit about the one on the honor 50 light. As you can see here, we do have a four, a quad sensor setup and the most important one here is actually the 64 megapixel main sensor together with that eight megapixel ultrawide sensor. Apart from that, it also has two megapixel dev and two megapixel macro now. Moving on to the oppo a95 over here, we only have a triple camera setup. You have a 48 megapixel main sensor, a 2 megapixel depth and a 2 megapixel macro. So what you might notice missing on the oppo 895 is that it lacks an ultra wide sensor, which is available on the honor 50 light.

Now, just in terms of image quality, both devices are able to take pretty good pictures. I will put a side by side comparison here, so you can have a look for yourself, but i must mention that, just in terms of the flexibility you are able to get that ultra wide on the honor 50 light over here, and one thing i should also Highlight that is for night mode. I noticed that the honor 50 light actually allows a longer period of time to actually capture more detail. So for night mode. For those of you who like to take photographs at night, you might actually benefit from the honor 50 lights. Longer exposure time – and that means its able to capture more details for night pictures, all right so thats this in terms of the cameras next thing were going to talk about here, is in terms of the battery life. Now, yes, the honor 50 light here comes with a 4 300 mah battery, whereas on the oppo a95 over here it comes with a 5000mah battery now in terms of battery sizes, yes, the oppo does have a larger battery, but all in all, if you charge your Phone on the daily basis, you wont really notice the difference, because both devices can get through the entire day, one full day on a single charge without any issues. I think the more interesting point here is in terms of the charging speeds. Now. The honor 50 light here actually supports 66 watt fast charge, whereas the oppo a95 here supports 33 watt fast charge, so both are actually fast, but the honor 50 light here takes it to the next level, with the 66 watt fast charge on the honor 50 light.

Here its able to charge up to 55 in just 15 minutes, whereas on the oppo here it takes double the time, approximately half an hour to get to 54. So naturally, you can already see that the honor 50 light here has very, very fast charging speeds. So in any situation, if you just need to juice up your honor 50 light, you can do that very quickly. With the 66 watt charger that came in the box, all right guys, i think thats it for this very quick comparison between the honor 50 light, as well as the oppo a95. At the end of the day, uh, the choice is really yours to make me personally. I would actually go with the honor 50 light right here, because it just comes with that, a slightly larger display. You know i prefer larger displays. It comes with a slightly better camera, with the extra flexibility for the ultra wide as well, and, of course, it does come with the 66 watt fast charge, which is really very, very quick. If you do want to get these devices, you can check out the plans from dg and maxis, of course, if youre in malaysia, you can get very, very good deals here for dg its just rm22 per month for the dg post bit 120 plan uh and for Max this is just one ringgit for dr maxis one two, eight post bait plan. Both plans have zero ringgit upfront payment and zero percent interest rates.

Okay, you can find out more information in the links down below all right, guys, thats it for todays video. I hope you enjoyed this video and i hope to see all of you guys in the next one stay safe.