With the look of a gaming phone. Today we have a new phone in the hardware cyber series, the cyber 9 pro, which is a bit like the cyber 7, but a bit different, so come with me and check out what it has to offer. The packaging is not much different from the cyber 7, except for a charger and charging cable inside the screen protector that come with it has been attached to the screen for you, which is very thoughtful. The overall design of cyber 9 pro is a bit different from the cyber 7., although all four corners are wrapped in rubber and the frame is made of metal on both sides. The bag has become simpler, the bumpy edges have become lesser and there is a glossy material in the middle that extends from the lens to the logo. Im not sure if the glossy material is plastic or glass, but it does feel premium to touch even though the back is made of rubber. It still makes a shiny feel the sim card slot can be directly picked out by hand and can be used for macro. Sd cards, the same card holder of the cyber 9 pro is not very friendly to users with short nails, and it is not as good as cyber 7 to pull out considering the infrequent sim and micro sd card changes. I dont think its a big problem: side, fingerprint recognition, custom shortcuts and so on are all standards on this rugged phone.

So, compared to the cyber 7, the cyber 9 pro may be more suitable for users who prefer a lower profile, the cyber 9 pro as a rugged phone. The durability of the phone is certainly not a concern. Protection like ip67 waterproof dustproof, is definitely standard. You can shoot underwear, it also supports shockproof, which ensures that there will be no damage, even if you drop it from a high place, you can see the phone after we dropped it many times, even if its a little bit dirty. It still works, fine and dirty at any time can be cleaned with water very convenient. The right phone can ensure that you will not delay important things in a harsh outdoor environment because of the damage of the phone, which is the most important meaning of the existence of the right phone cyber 9 pro is addition to the cyber 7 also has freezer And child mode, i found that tool back in the wearing function to do quite comprehensive. In addition to having a warning bell and a flashing light warning, there is also a screen color flashing feature. This makes it very easy to notice that you have an emergency going on. Of course, i hope everyone never has to use this feature. The cyber 9 pro has only three lenses: a 48 megapixel main camera, a 5 megapixel macro camera and a 2 megapixel blur camera, and we dont expect much from a rugged phone as long as it can capture objects clearly, and we follow this requirement.

The cyber9 pro does a pretty good job. To give you a clear photo. Cyber9 pro doesnt go overboard with noise reduction. The upside is the most of the time you get a photo with plenty of detail. If you really feel a bit too much noise at night, the night mode allows you to take photos with less noises at night. Both game mode can also help you to bokeh the background to get a photo that highlights the subject. The problem of weak highlight control that exists in cyber 7 before was fixed in cyber 9. Pro overexposure is much less of a problem. Macro lens allows you to take more fun photos. The cost is that the quality of the photo is definitely not as good as the main camera. Its definitely a shame that the cyber 9 pro likes an ultra wide angle lens this time. But you can also use panorama mode to shoot magnificent landscape, which is also considered a remedy to hot web Music. The cyber 9 pro speakers are not on the bezels, but on the back, the benefit is that it wont obscure it when you are watching videos or playing games and its very loud, ensuring that you can hear the audio content even in very noisy outdoor environments, Music Applause, so Music, Music, the cyber 9 pro, is equipped with the media attacks 12 nanometer helio p60 processor, which is an intro processor and is weaker than the cyber 7s diamond d 700.

. The antutu bench score is 220 000. and three 3d mark bench. Score is 657. Look at the bench score to know that it unlikely to play large game. So here we test only one pubg, smooth, graphics, high frame rate can be stabilized at 30 frames per second, a stable frame rate means that at least you wont give up playing pubg games because you cant stand the lag and the weaker performance means less power consumption. Although the battery is a little bit smaller than the cyber 7., the 75 million power battery capacity is much larger than any other phone on the market. 20 minutes of pubg only consumes 30 of the power. Even if you love to play games, cyber 9 pro can be used for 3 or four days with a full charge. In conclusion, hardware, cyber 9 pro is actually not an upgrade to cyber 7, but a simpler version of it, its weaker than the cyber 7. In terms of processor, camera system, battery etc, but it has a more premium appearance and a lower price. I dont know exactly how much it costs, but based on the fact that it does average in all aspects. I think cyber 7 pro should be hot webs product to enable more people to get a good value for money right phone, if youre on a budget – and you want a red film that is not bad in every way.