Aaron here for Zollotech and the iPad pro 12.9 inch with the new M1 chip set in it has been out for over six months. Time has been really moving quickly, and this has been my main go to apple device when Im at home or not Creating videos and editing them where I typically use this for consumption planning and much more., So I wanted to give you a little bit over six month, follow up review. And so, like I said this is my main device. When Im not editing videos.. I absolutely love this device., Its the cellular model.. You can see that with the little antenna lines here., It also has the 5g antenna in it.. So if we go around to the bottom here, you can see the 5g antenna., So it also has that. And its just something I really enjoy using.. I wanted to talk about deep, good and the bad or positives and negatives about it as well., And the first thing is the design.. Well talk about the accessories in a little bit, but the first thing overall is its design.. The design hasnt changed too much for a little while.. It did get a little bit thicker now that it has the M1 chip set in it., But its not something that youre really noticed after using it for about a week or two.. So its been pretty good that way. Durability wise, it seems to be pretty good.. I havent had any issues with it flexing or bending, as some people are concerned, with that.

And thats, probably because its been, in this case, the entire time.. So I use the magic keyboard with it. And if you have it protected like that and youre careful with your devices and you dont on them or drop them youre going to be fined with this device.. If youre someone thats a bit more clumsy well, you may want a little bit more protective case as it could bend. If you were to maybe put it in a backpack and put a lot of weight on it.. However, its typically in a backpack for me as well. Now the display has held up really well.. I dont use a screen protector on it and I did notice. There is one light action in it, but I cant even see it under this light.. There is a light scratch in it. Im, not sure what its from since its always in that case, when Im not using it and closed, but it does have a tendency to get a few light scratches on it here and there. If something maybe gets in here Or you could bump a ring against it or a watch or something like that, but overall it holds up really really well.. The anti collective coding works well and the display in general is something thats incredible.. So this is a display, thats HDR. And I absolutely love watching movies on it.. If I dont have my TV available, I watched the entire new matrix movie on this, with spatial audio and with its incredible brightness up to 1600 nits with HDR content.

It its incredible. If youve ever watched, HDR video on it., This is one of my HDR videos. Youll, see here that its too bright to view on the screen, because this videos, not in HDR. But if I bring the brightness way down, you can see how bright this really is.. So this is typical brightness on an average display, but when you crank it up to HDR its 1600 nits., Its just going to a look all washed out to you on here., If the video was in HDR, you might be able to see it. But keep in mind the latest iPhones go up to 1200 knits of brightness in HDR.. This goes up to 1600 knits., So its incredibly bright. Its great to view HDR content on as its accurate color. Accurate has good viewing angles and just works really well.. There is some occasional, odd background issues. If youre on a black background, and maybe you have some blooming around the cursor thats, not really an issue for me as Im, typically on this sort of home screen or a website or things like that.. So dont notice that, on this display, as much as I have on other LED displays or LED back lit displays, many LED seems to do a great job with this. Youll notice it in the very darkest of backgrounds, though, when it comes to the speakers. These are something I continue to appreciate. And I dont think theres any better speakers out there, except for maybe the latest MacBook pro 16 inch.

. So these speakers, having quad speakers they sound great., Have great bass, are nice and loud and they resonate well since they use the whole back of this as sort of a resonance chamber to give you the most accurate, sound and a really nice stereo or surround sound. Almost when youre watching movies., I typically use this with AirPods, but if youre using it standalone like they youre at home, its not bothering anyone., It really sounds great.. Now the magic keyboard is something I use all the time., Its the main accessory. I use with it. Its great. And it protects the iPad. And, as you can see, it has a few different marks on it., So its sort of a rubberized material. Theres a few marks here and there, but this is protected. The iPad, whether that comes from being In a bed ag or backpack, or something else Im not sure, but these marks dont come off., Theyre, permanent and theyre kind of little divots in here., So its protected. The iPad, from whatever hit this as far as the keyboard, its great., Its back lit. And then the stand of course, is magnetic.. So this is something I use on it all of the time.. Occasionally, though, there will be some odd issues where sometimes the keyboard doesnt work properly.. This could be bugs with iOS or iPad OS, but I really like that. It just adheres magnetically.. Then you use the keyboard, then you maybe use the trackpad.

, And I typically use this as sort of a laptop media consumption device., Like I said so, with these things combined, it makes for a great experience.. I would like to see them add. Maybe the keyboard brightness directly on the keyboard here or the the top of the keyboard, where theres the function keys normally, instead of having to go into settings for the keyboard brightness, but everything else is fine.. You can control brightness of the screen from the control center, of course, but I would rather have those MacBook function, keys, here. If they could add those, maybe in a future version.. Otherwise this is my favorite accessory. Its a bit expensive, though At 350., The rear cameras are pretty good on this iPad. Theyre, definitely something you could use for photos and video regularly., Although I wouldnt recommend that just because the iPads so large and youd have to carry It around everywhere., But if maybe youre, setting up a video shoot and you wanted to get an idea of framing or youre scanning something with the LIDAR sensor, its quite a nice setup that theyve provided here.. Although you dont get HDR video, you can record up to 4k 60.. So if we unlock here and face ID works great on this in both orientation, something I wish theyd add to the iPhone. But as you can see, we have up to 4k 60 no HDR. Thats limited to the iPhone 12 and 13 series devices, but you can record 4k 60 if you want to use it for that.

. Also, the forward facing camera is great, especially if youre using it for FaceTime, as it has center stage and well follow you around., So youve got studio mics in here as well., So well spin it around now with video with the forward facing camera, were going to Get up to HD in 60 frames per second., So you have a couple different options: 720 P. And lets see. If we can change that here. There we go HD 30, but you dont have the option for 4k off the forward facing camera.. However, if I hit record the microphones sound, quite good, even compared to my studio, microphone Im using here, they should sound great.. The video will be okay, but its not as good as, of course, a 4k video such as the rear cameras have.. So in general, the cameras are quite good. And again, like I said: if youre in a FaceTime call now within a FaceTime call, it will track you around.. So, as I move around, youll see its tracking me within FaceTime., Its got center age. And so its sort of like having your own cameraman looking at you.. If theres two people in the frame it will follow both of you and sort of zoom out the apple pencil.. I highly recommend for most people with an iPad.. Yes, its an extra accessory.. It costs about 130 at this point, but its super convenient to just have it here.. If you need to sign a document or maybe just fine tune a photo and get more sort of precise, it really helps with that.

, Especially if youre, editing, video and sort of really sliding along to where you need precision in iMovie or Luma fusion., So its something. I highly recommend. And, of course, if youre an artist, its going to be great for you as well. Its pressure sensitive and its very sensitive to touch and everything youre using it with. My daughter uses it to create art and it works really really well.. It does have a few marks on it after using it for about six months being attached. Its just where it attaches to the iPad. Youll, see a little bit of wear from the magnets, but other than that. Its held up really well. And I find it to be very durable and last without a problem., So its something I use all the time, especially for signing and some things like that.. So most of the things Im quite positive on.. However, theres a few things that are needing a little bit improvement. Battery life would be one of those battery life on this is okay.. When I first got it. It easily got eight to 10 hours. Now were getting more around six hours.. This might be because I test a lot of betas, but even with public versions, Ive run on this as well., I havent seen a real increase in that battery life., So youll see it was charged well before this video at seven up to 77., And it seems To drop throughout the day, pretty rapidly.

Im getting about five hours of screen on time, total, maybe six if Im lucky but youll, see here.. If we go back a couple days, two hours of screen on time, one hour and 50 minutes of screen off time. I dont really use this for playing music in the background or anything., So Im not sure why theres a bunch of screen off time again two hours and 11 minutes of screen on time, then another 17 minutes and I needed to charge it. So overall, its just Not what it used to be.. I think this will be addressed in a software, update. And thats. One thing I would like to see in this M1 iPad pro theres, something with this that now that we have the latest M1. I would really like to see them. Maybe bump it up as close as they can to what you get with the MacBook pro, of course, thats constrained by the limitations of the overall sort of design and thinness of it, but maybe have additional battery life in the magic keyboard or something along those lines. Where we could get a little bit extra battery life closer to that of the 20 hours of the MacBook pro., Since we have the same chip set, we know its efficient. I would love to see them, bring it to this.. So in general, this is a phenomenal device.. It has a couple limitations with iPad OS and I think it needs more pro apps such as final cut and logic pro or logic.

. I think they really need to bring those things to the iPad. Everything else. Im pretty happy with., Although the portrait orientation is a little odd., So the layout of things I wish theyd change this or allow you to change it. A little more expand it. But in general Im quite happy with iPad OS 15, but I wish they would upgrade this with some pro apps and maybe some additional functionality. Maybe well have to wait until iPadOS 16 for that, but either way its getting to a point Where its quite good., It doesnt have all the Mac functionality though, but I could definitely use this to edit video on the go. If they had final cut, of course, theres Luma fusion in other apps as well., But thats. My main complaint with this device.. Otherwise, its something I love and use all the time., So after using it for six months, its definitely the best iPad Ive ever used., If this ones too large for you, of course, you could opt for the smaller one, but I typically like the larger iPad and Then Ill use it with my iPhone on the side.. Let me know., You think about the iPad pro, though, in the comments below this is something like. I said I really enjoy. And I use most of the time other than that battery life and a couple limitations with iPad OS. I think its the best device I apple, actually makes right now.

. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, below. And, of course, Ill link. This wallpaper in the description like I normally do., If you havent subscribed already, though, please subscribe in. And if you enjoyed the video, please give it a like as always. Thanks for watching..