It is a rugged smartphone that packs some interesting technology and features that we will explore today. The product packaging looks good lets proceed to unbox it to see what is inside inside the box. Users will find one okitel wp16 rugged smartphone packed nicely in a dedicated foam slot. Next out is the usbc charging cable, which is provided with a wall charging adapter to charge up the okitel wp16. When the battery is low, a set of paperwork like safety instructions is included with the device. A sim card tray pin is included to unlock the sim tray all packed neatly in the product packaging on first impressions, the oakytel wp16 looks and feel to be of a sturdy material, hard and durable lets peel off the protective layer on the screen before use. As you see, it has a sturdy and solid metal body frame on it, which creates a sense of durability and quality to it. On the front of the screen, users can find a front facing camera, which has a unique design. As the screen is built around the camera cool the front. Camera is 20 megapixel for clearer selfies, especially during family outings. At the rear of the phone users will find a water drop design camera the rear camera is equipped with a 20 megapixel camera which is equipped with night vision for night camping trips. We will cover more on the night vision camera later in the video. It looks really cool with this water drop design at the sides of the phone users will find two volume buttons, plus a power button for users to control the device.

On the other side of the smartphone, there is a sim card tray and an orange customizable button which can be customized to a function. You want, for example, to launch the flashlight or camera or other features useful feature. The sim card tray can be used to place. Your sim card for network, along with your sd card, expandable storage, if you want to expand the storage of the device like what i am doing here, simply slot the tray back when done and the device is ready for use at the bottom users will find a Usbc charging port, which can be used to recharge up the smartphone when battery is low, lets power. The device up when powered up the boot logo boots up nicely and elegantly too, simply follow the on screen instructions to set up the device. It has a rugged themed, home screen and wallpaper when booted it is powered by android 11 os, which runs really smoothly and is fast and responsive. When i scroll around it, also isnt jam packed with bloatware, like some other smartphones in the market that are packed with bloatware, making the device lag and eating up on storage. This operating system feels clean now lets try out the main 20 megapixel camera. It is easy to launch and operate just point and shoot simple as that. The camera features a whole host of different shooting modes like night mode, filter mode panorama, mode pro mode, beauty mode and many more one cool feature is the infrared night vision.

It has infrared sensors to allow the camera to be able to capture and see during night conditions. As you see in this demo, i am walking around in complete darkness with the night vision enabled on the smartphone. I can navigate around my home with ease, as it is able to see obstacles in my path, great for people who go on outdoor camping trips and need a night vision, camera to see and navigate check out. Some pictures i captured on the smartphone. It captured these shots during the day in clear, vivid, colors nice, even during night conditions. The image turns out in decent quality too. Very vivid and clear here is a video i recorded during the day decent video quality. I can see my fishes swimming gracefully in their tank and record the moment on camera during night. Videos are also reasonably clear. Shots of vehicles, as you see here, are clear and visible, even when lighting isnt that good at night, the smartphone has a handy toolbox which contains some cool gadgets like a gradient tool, along with a sound meter, digital compass, digital magnifying, glass and some other tools. Cool right, it also has a very bright flashlight, which can be activated when needed. It supports global 4g frequency bands, meaning users can stay connected by phone or texts, even when traveling around the world, as it supports many different bandwidths lets, try running a game on it. This game requires coordination and responsiveness.

The devices you see is able to key in my inputs and movements promptly during the game. It didnt lag, which is good thanks to the leo p60 octa core processor, along with the eight gigabyte ram and 128 gigabyte storage, allowing the device to a better capacity for multi tasking and running games on it. Lets try out the display quality on the okitel wp16. As you see, the display is really huge: 6.’ inch high definition display. It is able to relay images for my video clearly in full hd. The color and contrast is really vibrant and accurately displayed good for streaming. My favorite movies and clips, while i am out and about with android 11 users, can get the latest software updates to their apps hassle free, since it is one of the newest android os available at the time of filming awesome. The battery is really massive, too. With 10 600 milliamps of power packed into it, it is able to be on standby for around 883 hours on a full charge, while allowing for longer video streaming and runtime on a full charge. Great, the device is also rugged rated with ip68 69k and mil std ratings. It is able to handle rugged activities like water sand or drops better than regular phones to allow for better durability and quality, even when used in a rugged environment. Overall, i find the okitel wp16 rugged smartphone a device catered for people who like to adventure out and need a powerful smartphone that is able to handle rugged day to day activities to fit its users.

Lifestyle. The huge battery pack also is a plus point for longer usage time on a full charge. If you want to find out more about the okitel wp16 find out more with the link in description.