I spent the last few days playing with their record breaking 2022 flagship phone and i think its time we talk about them. This is the realme gt2 pro i got. Ta say these guys do not have the clearest naming convention theres a real me: 8, an x, 50 or c21 doesnt sound, very real to me. It doesnt make any sense, but what you need to know about the gt2 pro is that its the first time that this company has ever made a top tier flagship and its the fastest android in the world by a mile underneath the phone. You also get a pretty decent quality tpu case, a 65 watt fast charger and a usbc charging cable better than most flagships, then so this realme company has been more than doubling in size every single year. How on earth do you do that heres? What i think, i think that the market for affordable smartphones is held back by the market for high end smartphones, because most companies want customers to go and buy their flashy flagships. They have to purposefully make their lower end phones, less attractive, less good, looking and also usually not as cheap as they would otherwise be. But ryomi hasnt been burdened by that because they so far havent made a flagship phone theyve not been trying to upsell people towards anything and so with every single device. Their only objective has been. How do we make this? The most unique and value crammed device possible? Some have had racing stripes, others, bold colors.

Quite a few have just had this massive, dare to leap motto plastered over them. It looks kind of like one of those drunken tattoos that you regret the next day. Not all of their designs are winners for sure, but theyre consistently packed with really strong hardware for the money and that doesnt change here. In fact, the real me gt2 pro is less than flagship price ive been told around 700 to 750, but at the same time, theyve managed to break three major world records with it. It has the largest internal cooling system, it has the widest ever ultrawide camera and it doesnt just use the same top end snapdragon 888 chipset as every other current flagship. This is the first phone to ship with the next generation of that the snapdragon 8 gen 1.. But the very first thing, youll notice is not those things its the design. This is classic realme. It borrows elements from other oppo and oneplus devices, because if you didnt know realme belongs to the same parent company, but it adds that wacky gen z flare that theyre developing a bit of a reputation for its pretty tastefully done here. The flourishes of chrome dotted around the body, the ultra fine texture on the power button, the contrast of matte and glossy on the back, the papery textured wallpapers, its almost uncharacteristically classy. I would definitely have scrubbed this signature from the back to me. It just looks like theyve written the word noob, but you only get that on the special edition variants and oh, i havent even mentioned the most interesting part of this, the material.

So you know how smartphones are going through a bit of a an eco revolution. Right now with their recycled packaging and nothing included in the box. Well, this is realmes way of doing it. The back of this phone is made of a biopolymer which is derived in part from recycled paper and therefore uses 35 percent less co2 to make and on one hand, it is a bit strange like when you think of a flagship phone, you dont, think of recycled Bottle caps, melted together with paper mache, but in execution. It just reminds me of leather, its got that same plushness, but also that slightly coarse texture for grippiness. And so when you combine this back because i am a fan of leather phones with the seriously alluring screen on the front, this starts to feel like one of the most complete hardware packages that money can buy like when you look at this form factor. It looks high end yes, but it doesnt immediately strike you as one of those nothing missing feature crammed ultraphones right well, as far as the screens concerned, it kind of is literally every corner that i kind of assumed they would cut. They didnt its super amoled for deep contrast. It supports true 10 bit color to be able to display even more of a range. Its quad hd plus resolution for more pixels than youll ever need 120 hertz, refresh rate for fluidity with, i think the highest ever recorded level of touch responsiveness, all topped off with ltpo 2.

0 technology, which allows the refresh rate to scale all the way down to one Hertz, when it can get away with it to save up to 50 battery consumption, plus also its just a nice clean flat screen with no weird jutting corners, i mean i dont personally mind curved screens, but the point is youll struggle to find something to complain about. Here, actually this is the internet, but okay lets address the elephant in the room. This is the first phone with next generation processing power. How fast is it kind of amazing kind of underwhelming, then hey? If youre enjoying this video, then a sub to the channel would be real Music good lets be very clear. This is powerful. This is the most powerful smartphone ive ever held, or even looked at. If you want to put a number on it, while samsungs s21 ultra scores around 700 000 points on antutu benchmark, this passes a million. I nearly fell out my seat. I still remember the day where all i wanted in life was to get my phone to 10. 000 points – and here i am holding something that passes – a million ive been getting consistently higher wifi speeds than on my s21 ultra, wherever im testing from, and also it blitzes through games, with seemingly less of a performance hit from sustained play sessions and while the metal Room around the outside does get toasty doing so. The actual core cpu temperatures are kept at a healthy level throughout, but there is a counterpoint to this and its partly the fact that well i mean android games and android apps.

They arent really getting more demanding and last generations. Chipset already ran them really well, but its also partly the fact that this doesnt feel like the most polished optimized software experience. I get the impression that the only reason this is the first phone to have the next chip is just that real me spent less time working with the chip. Ive had a couple of cases where my widgets havent been updating. Ive noticed that the charging animation just kind of disappears when you swipe up, looks a bit unfinished, a few of the menus and core apps dont support the phones, 120hz refresh rate and so feel jittery as you move between them and also something that definitely cheapens. The experience you will find subtle adverts within the user interface, its not a bad experience by any means. For the most part, this realme ui3, based on android 12, is quite an interactive tactile experience its filled with settings that you never even thought to ask for, and its baked in apps like weather rather premium. I was slightly concerned that realme was going to continue its rather weak trend of one year of major software updates here, but for their flagship theyre committing to three, which is fine. I would just refrain from thinking of this as some sort of transformative experience just because they have the new chip. Doesnt mean theyre, squeezing every last bit of utility out of it. And that brings me on to the cameras, because the performance of phone cameras is more and more being governed by processing power.

This snapdragon 8 gen 1, for example, should technically enable next generation dynamic range in photos, but in actuality again i assume, because of a lack of time spent optimizing. This is pretty standard flagship performance. It does keep up with last years, top end phones in most situations, but falls behind a little when it comes to low light. Oh also doesnt have a zoom lens. However, this is a ridiculously fun camera to use theres, so many options i dont even know where to start – and i love it – youve got your standard things like night mode, portrait, mode, expert mode, etc, but also movie mode which shoots in a cinematic aspect: ratio street Photography, which gives you more data like exactly how far away your subject is dual view: video which records two separate streams at once, microscope mode, which uses this little third camera and the not one but two separate flash modules to get 40 times closer to subjects very Cool but also kind of irritating that its only two megapixels id mode, which turns a selfie into an actual usable passport, photo starry mode which highlights stars in the sky 3d mode which identifies faces and separates them completely. From the background, and of course, this 150 degree ultra wide mode, its a bit odd in the the normal ultrawide camera on this phone is well. I mean its just normal its only when you go to more options and then specifically select 150 degrees that it gets crazy, but to be fair to them, even though it is kind of a hack, theyve turned off distortion correction.

To achieve this wide angle, when you use it, it is genuinely astonishingly wide okay just to round this phone off. It also has a 5 000 million power battery dolby atmos stereo speakers, eight to 12 gigs of fast ram and 128 gig to one terabyte of fast storage, but on the downside, no ip rating, no sd card support and also no headphone jack. So, on balance, its really rather good, like assuming that the price does end up at around 750 dollars, like theyve, told me and assuming that ryomi follows through with their promised three years of updates. This is an a plus okay. If you love watching my videos, then you probably love to learn and if you love to learn, then youre going to love this video sponsor skillshare, so heres my situation, you might know that i post quite a lot on this youtube channel and on my youtube, shorts Channel but my instagram has not been getting the love it deserves. Ive, never really known how to pose for photos. No one teaches you, and so most of my instagram shots have just ended up being teasers for videos. However, i found this course about portrait photography on skillshare by a girl called jessica kabesy all about how to take good shots and how to look good in those shots. Its little things like lifting your chin or how to use lighting or how to make yourself look taller and using some of the things i learned from this, i managed to get this photo, which somehow managed to rack up 160 000 likes from you.

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