This is guys this is a phone samsung samsung galaxy, a5, a52 s5g. It comes with the ram it its in ground, Music, 128 wow, nice color and 100 128 in the capacity memory capacity that its amazing, its nice. We can see here the inch of the screen its nice, its not that much big and its, not small, so its used on its nicer wow, okay, guys this is another toy for on amira channel, so she can support you guys. So, look at the girls how they open the gifts well show them. This is the uh its coming lets see the server here, yeah its and lets open it guys. One two three lets go and lets remove this speaker, one two three wow look at the phone guys: it comes with three camera and flashlights. Ah, four cameras, one two, three big cameras and small camera scene. I think – and this is the flash welcome start its look. Nice, the touch of the screen is nice, its not that much heavy. Okay, guys hope you, like the video enjoy with two girls bye, so so guys. This is another toy to support you. This is galaxy. A5. 2S, 5g. Okay, so in the box there is a charger only on the charger theres also uh. This inside here there is this uh theres pen to open. There is as well a pin here, and my glass fell down on the bottom and three three watts.

Let me let me see this one free housing, and this is the manual of it. Okay and there is here, uh um a stand. Okay, there is a stand. The freestyle, i see something broken gloves. Look so i let abu amira to open it guys because uh its very hard for me to make a film and the two kids is around, and then this one is my favorite color purple, so Music yeah, so its cool yeah. Okay, thank you for who give me this gift. She surprised me. Thank you so much to my sister for another toy of mine that i can use on my youtube, especially to support you guys. Okay, so thats it guys, so we can put the housing like that or you or you can buy another housing that you like so because of the girls guys its so naughty. I cannot film properly and you put here on the housing. You can put this silicon housing, okay, okay, Music, then. So this is the warranty card and a quick start to this uh to this phone on galaxy a5 to s5g uh, its contained the device, usb cable, usb power, adapter ejection pin and they said the items supplied with the device. Either images may vary by region. If you use a screen protector make sure it allows for use of the on screen fingerprint sensor, the charger should remain close to the electric socket and easily accessible, while charging all right so to install the the nano sim card.

They have as well um instruction here. So i think guys this is uh this phone. I can use this a lot like if im supporting on the live stream or on your premiere, so i have a more phone extra phone to use. Okay, this is the color of the phone is awesome. Violet 128 gig, so that is inside the box, and this is the name all right, guys. Um, thank you for watching, and i hope you like this video, its very quick, unboxing, guys and thats it so bye guys.