, Pretty amazing features., And this phone is Samsung galaxy F22.. This phone will cost you about 13 000, Indian rupees, 20, 000, Nepali rupees and approximately 200 US dollars.. Getting the device out of the box is pretty usual setup. You get a smartphone on the top and you get some paperwork warranty card and stuff and below. That is a charger and isnt. It hilarious that a smartphone that cost only 200 is providing a charger, but not the thousand dollar one., Nothing to say, And we get a type c cable and a sim ejector pin., Pretty normal box setup. Now lets get into the phone itself. Getting started with the Design this phone has to offer. Getting the phone on the hand. First, I felt the design was little plasticky, but using it for a while uh it isnt that bad. It does feel little cheap, but come on its just 200.. The phone comes in two different color scheme: black and blue, where blue was not so great choice for me.. This phone weighs 203 gram, but considering the 6000 mAh of battery, this phone has got Im just cool with that. And talking about other design. This phones, volume button, dont feel too premium and talking about the power button, it has got a built in fingerprint sensor in its power button, which is really user friendly. Considering to the back mounted fingerprint sensor or in the screen, fingerprint sensor. Its just amazing, to have right in there.

Overall talking about the design phone is neither good looking nor it feels premium. But you can get a case or a skin for this device to solve that. Issue. Now lets see what the cameras in this phone has to offer.. The phone has 48 megapixels of primary camera, with 8 megapixels, ultra wide 2 megapixel depth sensor and 2 megapixel macro lens, and I wont consider the macro camera as a camera cause. You know its just there to be there. Its just useless.. Talking about the cameras, it captures really great image. No complains on the color vibrancy and the saturation. Samsung has nailed the contrast management, but taking a look at its ultra wide camera. It isnt that great as a primary one but yeah its still usable. Going over the portrait mode. The background blur is well managed. Skins are too much smoothen, but the background colors and the overall image is well done. And talking about the video mode, I wont say, the device provides the best video quality, as its highest resolution is just 1080 pixels with 30 fps. And even with the image stabilization. The images are still shakey and I wont also consider the front camera as a good camera, as it has a low field of view and same resolution as back camera. Now lets get to the display of this device. The display has both pros and cons where the pro of this display is its super amoled super efficient and this display is a 90hrz display, so it really feels smooth while using it and the con about this display is well theres, actually only single con that this Device display is just HD plus resolution, its uh, not full hd, so the sharpness in the text and all these things are a little annoying but overall using it for a week or so.

I just got used to it. And taking a look at this battery. The battery is 6000mah, which will last you two days or one and a half days of normal use., Normal use for me, is like playing some games, light games Using Youtube and just making some simple calls., And this will last pretty great for this thing.. This phone supports 25 watts of fast charging, but the charger you get in the box is just 15 watts. Thats a little bit annoying, but it is what it is. Now talking about the performance this phone provides. It has got G80 processor, which is really great option at this price range., And this phone has got 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.. So no complaints on the performance.. You can go easily with your day to day tasks, but playing some heavy games like PUBG and COD. You wont get the best performance. You have to play in low settings and it runs pretty smooth in low, but not so great for graphic intense games. Light games, like Subway, Surfers, run pretty great in this device.. You can carry out your day to day activity with no lag., So theres literally no complaint about the performance. And at the conclusion I say this phone at this price range is a pretty great deal.. No phone or no company is providing this level of smartphone at this price range, so hats off to Samsung, and with that said this is MrVeracity, Im, Pushkal and Ill catch.