Actually they are a rebranding model model entire. You know brand sub brand xiaomi. In fact, a few of pocopinion model is uh rebranding of redmi 4 model, so macha poco f3 is based on redmi k40 redmi k43 is more for market and then, maybe specifically on the there. Welcome to the poco family. Welcome kit, sim ejector tool, poco poco poco stickers, little buggy, all the manuals usb two three point: five millimeter jack, adapter, laggy, debuggy, clear case xiaomi, redmi, note, flexible silly contact and then next telephone there and charging cable the charging brake collar pressure five side panel. There plastic plastic all the way around the pdf macham brush metal opening, looks killer, theyre mad. So on top here they are the buggy speaker holes. So any other stereo speakers are on top of the speaker, holes power, harder speaker holes, then the usb c charging port nice sim tray. They are the dual sim and then volume rocker attached power screen. There is a num point: num tujo in chi brac and one plus nine one plus nine yang ng barat sikket lagi uh, one plus nine dual sim wi fi, then the wi fi six and then the other 5g compatibility legi and for nikon they took up the Other ip53, ip53 rating, so maximilia the other dust and splash protection, so upper micro ip53. They are the limited dust and water spray protection and then dust 68 foreign right. So somebody letting us switch on to a little bit about the veneer processing.

Chipset qualcomm snapdragon, like a spec tapi at this point price point hdr down 30 hertz, so battery saving feature can so at one glance i think phone is expectations. Video 4k at 30 frames per second dengan electronic stabilization right, yambawa, honey; okay, there other eight megapixel ultra white, again, five megapixel macro selfie camera there. It is 20 megapixel, just sharing a quran. Some sample photos. Videos me okay, this is pakistan macro, shot im people.