com where were tasting all the latest electronic gadgets for you guys. So this week we have another smartphone review for you guys, and i guess few weeks ago we just tested out um the latest models from oppo chinese manufacturer, uh, yeah, quite good solution, and now we already have a next review im going to show you here this Box, what were testing out today, so this is also chinese manufacturer. The name is xiaomi and you can find it under if you go to the website under, find all informations about the product from this manufacturer, xiaomi or xiaomi. This is the redmi 9, a model which were testing out, so you can find this smartphone very cheap on the market. It comes with the 4g technology, so in the meantime they have the 10 series and also the 11 series with 5g version. Whenever you want to go to the latest standard guys and of course you can use the 5g um were testing out. Actually, the 4g version here in europe and to say even you take the smallest and the most cheapest solution from the redmi 9a smartphone, with two gigabytes of ram, its even quite fast guys, um, whatever your wireless or even without wireless access, so for standard consumer. I think its more than enough to run with one of these gadgets. You can get it from the market between 100 to 120. Us dollars guys. So this is ultra fast and to give you just the main features, i mean if you need a smart solution, fast smartphone at home, not with extended gaming and extended audio function.

This is absolutely enough guys. The redmi 9a im going to show you this um. The features here specifications you have is uh um. Let me just say its a two gigabyte ram processor. You have 32 gigabytes of memory ram, so its extendable upgradable um with a micro sd card. So you can of course, upgrade it anytime to 64 or 128 gigabytes. Guys um, maybe one important issue here on the xomi redmi models. Guys and i was quite astonished. When i opened the box, you dont have any headphones and mic included in the box, so thats important info from the pricing theyre very very attractive and, to be honest, thats very, very cheap solution guys. So here you can see the model um also pretty thin. Of course, there are more ultra thin models guys, but im going to show you just here this solution, um, i already installed the most important features here and yeah to give you here just a quick overview of my handy um, pretty easy access. Everything works out perfectly with all google services, guys thats very also key and important to me to use those and have the compound. So already here i installed all the apps. You have access to all of your apps. You see in loading i mean with a four gigabyte or even three gigabyte ram processor might be a little bit faster, but already to say this is working quite smart and smooth im, not using wireless right now, and you have access to all those games and yeah.

Maybe i will show you here the right solution when im uploading then wireless as well, but overall, very fast technology, easy to use guys and also with the speakers here, the included speaker absolutely enough, for you know any kids, any kids using a smartphone at home for Standard access guys so thats what im showing you right now and you can use. For example, i will just open another app here. Yeah now, wi fi should be installed now. You can see it over here and just swipe this away here shortly. So you can see it even better, so alarm clock most common features. You have and maybe thats important um photo camera im. Gon na show you this um. Whenever you use the included camera here on the backhand side, thats a dual camera, you have with 13 megabyte um pixel, so also here, of course, latest model. They go up to 50 48 or 50 um megapixels. So you have on the latest model some more quality and features, but more or less you know for young kids to play or standard use having the latest technology of smartphone with the on the 4g lte net absolutely more than enough. So it costs you about 100 to 120 usd guys thats. What im trying to say very um a lot of value for the money. Also read me very good solution here. Very fast processor included, maybe ill just open you another app here on the instagram there.

Of course, you can see if you have a two gigabyte brand processor, three or four. It makes its a little different. But even if you look on videos over here, im gon na turn, this short for you its absolutely. Where is the turning feature there? We go. Absolutely more than enough guys, so this was it, i mean from a review. We have several calls. You can check all on the website: um black, blue or even green um, yeah thats. What i can say totally fine gadget guys im going to show you here in the cam. There are also nice things and designs you can use here on the pop up screen on your display, so i decided on this guys. I love it. Also very nice. You have a lot of features all the most common software and apps included google business software as a set google suite everything you use from google guys at a very valuable price from 100 120 us dollars. So this after i really worked now with the three latest models from huawei, also the chinese manufacturer. I just thought i need something new with a faster processor. Also new, camera inside and also oppo, is a great solution. To be honest, i didnt know this brand. The company before and but i also can agree on oppo. So if you compare the models in a loss, video the oppo models we have tested, that was the a53s for more or less about 150 usd there.

You have a mic and headphones in set. You also get a transparent cover from opal and also yeah the headset, as i said, but from battery its 5 000 milliamperes. Both the same and processor goes from two up to four gigabytes, guys and memory. Of course, as i said, i mean this is the lowest standard on 32 gigabyte even enough and when im just checking here the most key applications – and you can see – maybe how many i got. I mean you look at this more or less about 40 or 250 apps. I have installed so there i maybe use nearly 20 gigabytes of ram. So just imagine, of course, whenever you have a lot of photographs, music and everything else. Of course today i would say you need a 64 gigabyte solution, but, as i said, you have here the sim card slot and there you can also include a micro sd card and on micro sd card. You can save another um yeah, another 32 or 64 gigabytes on top guys. Yes, so that was it and maybe let me show you, i mean speakers yeah its already a great solution and im gon na just put here a track. I can use spotify or something else for you to show and also read talks. You have a lot of choices on ringtones, guys and on spotify. If im, just gon na show you here, one track lets just listen, how that sounds so maybe thats a metal track.

Thats, not even the best solution, guys to show off lets see what else do we have here and maybe i can use something we produced actually here at with a music label guys. So this is one track. You can find awesome spotify on youtube on every dsp store Music, so even its not the most expensive model, guys sound quality from the speaker generally is very good. So you have here the speaker. You have the microphone included and on the top here you have the the trs mini trs plug for using any headphones Music. Maybe i can show you shortly this Music Applause, Music yeah. What were testing now and thats very, very good to try and reference guys if im plugging in now, a really high premium high premium headphone, just you know whenever you Music youre around, and you want to get some good music. This actually is a yeah, maybe too high impedance of 250 ohms on the headphone guys so its not actually made for smartphone, but sounds very nice. Even you plug it here, you hardly have to plug it here on the maximum maximum of output level from the more mobile just to have a good impedance on this higher um high priced headphones. So for smartphones generally to have a perfect hyphy sound guys. We always recommend to use the 32 version, which actually is made 32 ohm version, which is made for smartphones, especially so here also im using ampycom check out the other videos here on youtube guide.

Where were testing out the latest electronic devices and also hopes to the equipment for doing great records at home its hope, i hope this contribution was very worthwhile to you and yeah, if you like, that, just give it a thumbs up guys um check our other videos. Veritas of the latest gear, for you, microphones interfaces, keyboards software, everything you need for home studio, recording guys yeah. I hope you stay safe in the new year. Wish you all the best in 2022 guys and hopefully see you soon thanks a lot for watching bye. Music.