Initially, then it was launched. It had good offers. But again it went back to almost 30 000, but now uh with the amazon coupon. You can get it for 25 000 and i feel for certain segment of the users. This makes sense so lets divide it again. Ive already posted the unboxing video watch that for a general overview and all these things will directly jump to the smartphones. What i liked, what are the things that i did not like and all these things uh in this one and first thing – is again guys its a. What do you say? Lets start with the pros. Obviously, and first thing is the screen – this is having a big screen, 6.7 inch screen and i have to say its a good quality screen that youre getting, and the good thing is that this is actually 120 hertz refresh rate and ive been using it only at That 120 hertz and it works very well, so everything is very, very smooth on this smartphone and the thing is that its smooth, because of the processor, also, i think so, thats the big thing. In fact, i would say in the mid range smartphone category in 2021, the snapdragon 778 soc was the best chipset that was released by what you say: qualcomm, because its not only very efficient its powerful enough and also consumes a lot like battery life thats. Why? The combination is very good and many of the phones with the snapdragon 778, which i tested perform very well because of the chipset thats the same case.

Even with this one and again the screen quality is good. Dont have to worry about it. Even i used it outdoors, i mounted it on my bike and used it for gps and stuff, like that, in fact, today also, i used it on my bike with gps and the brightness is good enough that it gets the job done so a good quality amoled Screen, you wont have a problem with that next thing, as ive already told you the biggest trump card, i would say – and you think that slight premium i would say, because of the snapdragon 778 chipset and its a very, very good chipset again, i have to talk About the battery life, also, to give you an idea – and this chipset is so good uh – that, though this chipset is pretty powerful, it simply does not heat up the phone and then also gets very good power life thats the ideal combination. I would say that you should have and thats what we get in fact im not that happy, even with the snapdragon 88, because it heats up quite a bit and the battery life is not good. That way. This is overall, i would say, very good chipset and if i go to the battery stats and go to the battery uh again guys, this is uh starts just for today from morning. Even i use the gps for about 40 minutes on this one. On the bike ride and as you can see morning, i took it out now its at 79 percent.

That means about 21 percent of battery life was used, and this is a two hours of 20 minutes of screen on time and all of that guys, 38 minutes was directly using gps using at full brightness, so uh. In fact, in battery life i would say i was very very impressed with this smartphone and typically it was giving me almost two days worth of battery life and in terms of sot anywhere about seven to nine hours of sot. You can get so excellent. Excellent battery life that we are getting on this one uh, this one actually has a 5000 milliamp hour battery. In fact, here are all those specs for your reference. If you guys really want to know about that, one anyways moving to the next thing is uh. Also, the phone is very, very light to hold, although its having that 5000 milliamp hour battery its just seven uh. What is that uh? Let me just its uh: it weighs very light 178 grams, or something like that. So it simply does not feel that heavy and guys thats all because the back entire thing is made of plastic that will be in the cons but yeah. The phone is very, very light to hold and again im just using the fingerprint scanner. Also, the fingerprint scanner works very well on this phone, and you dont have to worry about it and guys regarding the battery uh. I did not enable this always on always on option is also there in the settings.

If you enable it, maybe it will be one and a half days worth of battery life but uh overall, very light and again uh yeah. I have to talk about 5g because its a 5g smartphone uh this one, if i recall, supports 11 bands of 5g. So again, i think the 5g will be coming in some of the metros this year. Finally, there was a statement earlier so yes, 11 bands of 5g, so it should for okay. Next thing is again because of the snapdragon 778, its also very good for gaming. So if youre a gamer also, you would be happy with it and again as its very power efficient, you get pretty good battery life and pretty low heating on this phone. That is the biggest thing that i like, because these days, you see phones with very good processors, but they heat up so much and the battery life is bad. This is the rear combination, i would say – and overall i would say this – one ui is also good on this one uh. This still didnt get the android 12, yet so im waiting for it uh so hopefully well get it. But this is the uh regular one. Ui and it handles it, fine there is a bunch of bloatware ill talk about it, thats the reason i didnt uninstall the bloatware, but general operations were good bluetooth. Connectivity was good. Wi fi reception was good coming to the call quality, which is very, very important, as ive told you from past three weeks.

My main sum is in this one and i did not have any issues of call quality. In fact, no issues are even that proximity sensor or something the only nitpicking if i have to do over here is as this does not have a stereo speaker, just a single speaker over here. I felt that what do you say? Sometimes i take the calls on speakerphone if its an empty area like this, its fine, but in a noisy environment, i felt that the volume was slightly low, but apart from that call quality, not an issue. Your piece is good. No proximity sensor issue also coming to next uh thing is hows the memory management uh im using the base variant, six gigabytes of ram, and i have to say the ram management has been done well on this phone uh, the apps that need to stay in memory And reside in memory, for example, truecaller works perfectly this my gate, app that i have to use for security that also works so in terms of memory management day to day operations, no issues with the smartphone that way, uh samsung, has done a decent uh job. I would say, apart from the bloatware, but the bloatware does not really hamper the ram management. I would say so that way: im okay, okay, next move next thing is regarding fingerprint scanner, ive already told you guys its fine, no issues but again its over here. I personally like it here if youre a right handed person its very easy, but if youre a lefty, this can be a little bit tricky but thats what it is now coming to the camera guys we have a triple camera setup uh.

Thankfully, all the three cameras are decent uh, not total gimmicks main is actually a 64 megapixel. Then we have 12 megapixel ultraviolet. Then we have a 5 megapixel macro and the front facing is actually 32, and here are some of the camera samples that uh have camera shots. That ive taken casually around with this smartphone and i would say, the camera performance is decent. I would say its. Neither extraordinary nor bad and gets the job done. The only thing is that this model does not have ois with the front facing camera, its a 32 megapixel and its okay. I was expecting a lot more, i would say, with the 32 megapixel front, facing camera, but its just okay again, i would say its not bad or not great, its just okay, the guys got this place and uh kids etc are enjoying it. So lets uh head out. They told me to come theyre playing apartment, you know whatever so lets see and by the way i have this dj action too. So its secretly recording everything uh lets see what they are doing. Lets capture it like so thats. Regarding the camera performance on this now lets move to the cons and some of the peculiar things that ive noticed on this smartphone and in the box guys. This is the box uh, though the smartphone supports fast charging up to 25 watts, but in the box only a 15 watt charger is given, so i feel thats a real bummer, either dont give a charger or give a decent.

Whatever rated power is there for the charge, they should have given a 25 watt charger, because the mrp of this one is 30 000 discount whatever prices, but lets talk about the mrp. So that is something that i do not like. Next thing is in this model uh – and this is a breather i would say – to the samsung galaxy a52 s5g – that high has ois. This one does not have os. As ive told you, the camera is good, it could have been great even in low lighting had it just got the ois part here, uh something did that cost cutting and no ois on this one and again guys. The back is a plastic on this one. The polycarbonate plastic, this we are getting on almost every samsung smartphone right now, thats the same case with this one, and i would say, ive been using this without the case for the past three weeks. Using it, roughly good thing is for some reason i havent got any scratches on this one. I noticed no scratches, but this is a fingerprint magnet just notice. It just attracts fingerprints like so i would say if youre buying this, you have those skins or whatever d, wrap or whatever stick it. That would be better, i would say the case or use it with the case so thats regarding the back thing and again uh one more thing that i do not like is again uh.

The samsung is charging that premium almost 30 000 or something like that, and still there is a bunch of bloatware, for example, this mojab this candy crush this mx tuck tuck puck puck, whatever these are by jews and all those things i didnt install all these things. These were pre installed on this, so a lot of actually a bloatware and junkware was pre installed on this, even though, if you see my setup, i had unchecked all those options. Still that was there. Another thing is that i dont know i am not very sure about this. One is samsung, adding what do you say more craftware with updates the thing is that so guys, if you notice the last update that we got is just first november after that i had applied it on december, 8th and after that we didnt get an update im. Actually, waiting for the update to see if samsung adds more crap there with this one but monthly updates, we are not getting so. The last update was november december. Also didnt, we didnt get so maybe well get it now in january. So it looks like samsung. Is updating the smartphone once every three months, uh so thats? Regarding the update and the craftware situation, i dont know with the new update that we might get in january or something will something add crap there or not. That is something uh maybe were gon na get. Next update ill, add that in the comment section or make it a sticky about that one uh.

So next thing is uh. Regarding the pricing, guys uh, as ive told you uh for mrp price, the mrp price is almost 30 000. This was launched on amazon and for that price i would say this is simply overpriced and last thing i completely forgot man the biggest con about it. Well, talk about the price, no headphone jack, no headphone jack, as you can see, uh 3.5 mm headphone, jack and no stereo speakers also, so i think so thats the biggest bummer of the smartphone. Why did you omit the 3.5 mm headphone jack if youre not giving the stereo speakers? So that is something that i really do not like. So if youre buying this smartphone get a tws or something that you have to invest uh separately now lets talk about the pricing. As ive told you, i didnt like the mrp pricing uh. The mrv pricing is 30, 000 was launched on amazon, and that was the reason i was not reviewing this because i didnt feel like it was justified, but now the pricing there is a amazon coupon, 5000 rupees coupon. So the price falls down to about 25 000 and i feel if you are specifically looking as for a samsung mid range smartphone uh for and at 25000 its. This one is actually a pretty good deal, uh but again uh some of the shortcomings as ive told you, no stereo speakers on this one and no ois on the back camera, which you can actually find on the its elder brother.

I would say the galaxy a52 s5g, but that is almost about six five to six thousand more than this one uh, but at 25 000. This is certainly a decent smartphone. In fact, i would say: uh last year, samsung launched a bunch of these mcd smartphone. That is in 2021 and i simply did not like any one of them that much, but this one is the only one. I would say that i can recommend, because the overall performance is very good and for that 25 000 i can justify it. Yes, there is still that samsung premium that you are paying, but overall because of the snapdragon 778 processor, the camera and the screen its a decent uh good enough phone, i would say uh but anyways. What do you guys feel about the samsung galaxy? M52. 5G. Do let me know in the comment section below and guys if youre still not subscribed to my youtube channel hit that subscribe button and also uh. I had created a new channel called nikki ranjit, the rides and vlogs.