Its been a pretty big year. We installed some off grid solar panels on my barn, plug some fruit trees into the ground, introduce two new jerry rig knife flavors and introduce jerryrig jr into the world all while pulling the guts out of a military humvee, an electric motor building batteries and getting it Rolling under its own electric power, its been a busy year but weve also had a lot of time to durability, test and tear down plenty of smartphones. Unfortunately, though, it has not been a good year for smartphone durability, weve had more phones break this year than any other year. The rog phone 5 catastrophically kicked the bucket, along with the legion dual 2 just snapped in half and a brand new phone called the carbon 1 mark ii lived out its few minutes of life right here on my desk, Music weve had a lot of smartphones break. This year, but what makes it a little awkward is that none of the folding phones, which you would expect to be fragile, ended up breaking along with the ipad, which we would also expect to be fragile, survived the durability test. So today we will be giving out these smartphone durability. Awards of 2021 should be pretty interesting. Lets get started. Applause, Music lets start things off with the most repairable smartphone of 2021, and that goes to no ones. Surprise. The fairphone 4, which is actually designed to be taken apart, has a removable battery and replacement parts available directly from the manufacturer.

Fairphone is miles ahead of everyone else when it comes to repairability. Interestingly enough, though, apple announced a new program starting in 2022 called self service repair where people can start to fix their own iphones, so itll be interesting to see how that goes, but as for 2021, the fairphone 4 takes first place. Runner up, though, would probably be the pixel 6 pro, with just some adhesive one screw and one little ribbon holding the screen to the body. A screen repair could probably be done in about 60 seconds, so runner up for most repairable phone goes to the pixel 6. Pro now, as far as the least repairable smartphone of 2021, that has to go to the iphone 13 pro max, while the screen repair itself is relatively easy. The problem comes with the different screws of different sizes, as well as the digitally locked parts, but the biggest issue in what wins. This phone, the least repairable smartphone of 2021 – is the rear glass replacement. The glass is permanently installed onto the phone and impossible to replace and apple charges, 599 for them to fix it and its one of the most common things that would ever break on an iphone. Of course, if the rear glass ever does break instead of paying 5.99 for the replacement, you can just grab a tear down skin far easier and after all, pretending not to be broken is what life is all about. Itll be interesting to see if apples repair program does include these pieces of glass, and hopefully someday apple will build their phones in a way that can be repaired until then, though, this glass ridiculousness is what earns them.

The least repairable smartphone of 2021., the most innovative smartphone of 2021, was a hard one. We didnt have the craziness of last year with the lg wing, as it would flip out in a t shape with its dual screens. Everyone here kind of played us safe samsung. However, managed to do something relatively unique: waterproofing their folding phones, both the flip 3 and the fold 3, all while building it strong enough that they survived the durability test, and i could completely disassemble the flip and put it back together in one working piece. So, even though its been around for a few generations now those improvements make the samsung galaxy flip 3, the most innovative smartphone of 2021. But what about the best? Looking smartphone on the inside the galaxy flip 3 does look pretty sweet with this gold contact pad and multi colored motherboards, along with the iphone 13s magnets on the back surrounding its copper coil. It was pretty hard to decide this year because we also have the microsoft. Do o2, which looks pretty stealthy inside with its black motherboards and long batteries stuff? We dont normally see inside of smartphones, but if i had to pick just one, it would probably be the legion duo 2, which probably had the most packed inside of it of any other phone this year with his dual internal cooling, fans, copper, duct, work, rgb lights, Ultrasonic triggers and a stepper motor with a pop up camera. It was just a super cool all round phone i mean yeah, it did kind of open up unintentionally during the bin test and didnt exactly live very long, but other than that.

I think the legion dual 2 is the best looking smartphone from the inside, even if it was dead, and that sounds kind of creepy, which brings us to the least durable smartphone of 2021.. Now we did have a lot to pick from, but if i had to pick one it would again go to the legion duo. 2.. This thing started off heavy and solid, and i just thought you know it gave me no indication that it was going to snap in half until it snapped in half, and it might very well be the easiest phone to snap in half of all time. Giving the next bit robin from back in 2016 a run for its money and that phone was plastic. So while this might be the coolest looking phone from the inside, it doesnt help a whole lot. When you cant survive on the outside, the legion duo, 2 wins the least durable smartphone of 2021. I also have another award called the delusive award, which is given to a smartphone manufacturer who kind of had some misleading advertising, but i think so far this year, 2021 most smartphones arrived as they were advertised so well put that award on the back burner, save it For maybe next year its not an award, you want to win as far as the most durable smartphone of 2021. It comes to no ones surprise. Yet again that goes to the kyocera duraforce ultra 5g. This guy is a tank with a rubberized plastic body that can survive five foot drops onto concrete.

It also has a pure sapphire display, which is scratch resistant to a level eight on most scale of hardness exponentially harder than a tempered glass moh6, its also not just water resistant, its waterproof and liquid damage is covered under warranty, since it has a sticky rubber, gasket Inlaid between the two halves of the phone to keep water out its protections like that that we usually only see in underwater drones. So while it might not be the sleekest looking phone of 2021, it is by far hands down the most durable. Remember that any one of these smartphones on my desk, including the one in your pocket, could be considered the most durable as long as it has a case and a screen protector. Personally, i always have a case on my own phone, which is the galaxy note. 10. From back in 2019, you know in the before times smartphones these days are really good and end up lasting for a really long time. So its a good idea to protect your investment, you dont, have to buy a new phone if your current phone isnt broken, and that concludes the smartphone durability awards of 2021.. Im curious, though you know. Obviously these are my opinions im curious to hear yours. Do you think a different phone should have won a particular award? Let me know down in the comments up to this point in the video ive been talking about physical protection for your smartphones, but what about digitally? Protecting yourself online, huge thanks to nordvpn for sponsoring this video, a vpn or virtual private network, allows you with one click, to create a tunnel thats encrypted for all of your internet traffic, and no one can see into this tunnel to get your ip address or physical Location.

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