In fact, guys, uh weve launched a series actually v23 series, so there is also one more uh variant that is known as the v23 and guys. This is a review and, as you can see, thats why it says no not for sale, and we also do not know the pricing guys so uh when i know the pricing ill. Add it in the description, but this uh, the pro one actually again as its a vivo smartphone. These are camera centric, smartphone and again in respect to design. Also, they have done the actually uh. The press release said that what i got material, the design is supposed to be really good. We look at that one and of course this is also a 5g smartphone. Now the pro version comes with the mediatek diamond city, 1200, soc again its 5g, and it supports seven bands of 5g here, the 5g bands and uh again, if you look at the back guys, this is the 8 gigabyte ram variant with 128 gigabytes of storage. Thered. Also be one more variant that comes with 12 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of storage. It also has the dramix extended ram functionality. Also, so lets quickly just open this up and have a look and, in fact, uh the front facing camera. Also on this, one is supposed to be a dual front facing camera, so of course, it should be really good for selfies and uh initial impressions again its having an in display fingerprint scanner.

So amoled screen has to be, and first thing i would say, looks again in terms of looks it has that 3d design, curved 3d design, so in terms of looks, definitely looks very, very good and in fact it does not weigh also that much again i, like The color guys and if you notice from this angle its looking like what do you say this uh golden color, but if i tilted it changes the color, so theyve done it really really well, so it plays around with this one. In fact, they call this a fluorite ag glass, so it gives a very cool uh different shades of color. As you can see, i hope the camera is able to capture it, but in person it looks very cool and this pro version, the main camera is 108 megapixel, whereas with the regular one i believe its for 64 megapixel and a front. If you also look at, we have actually dual camera. The main camera is a 50 megapixel that has actually high auto focus for great selfies, and we also have eight megapixel ultra wide. So, in terms of looks, i would say, looks very, very sleek and has that vivo branding and definitely plays around with the light, and i also like that. Yes, there is that camera bump, but in terms of design, i would say they have done a good aspect with this. In fact, the handset feels very light to hold. In fact, if i recall yes, its just 171 grams, so lets see what else do we get in the box? Fortunately looks like we get some stuff in the box, so you also get a case a transparent case, so thats nice, a bunch of paperwork.

What is this, this is a like: okay, stay, safe, so bunch of paperwork, and all these things ill. Just keep that to the side. Uh, you get a fast charger uh. This is actually a 44 watt uh charge a flash flash charge shift. That is a fast charger that they call so its pretty big, as you can see type a port, and this will be the cable type, a2 type c port. We also get a sim ejector tool and luckily we are getting a. What do you say: headphone jack and a proper 3.5 mm headphone jack? We are getting oh thats, actually cool and glad to see they have bundled the earphones also because thats becoming a big rarity these days, you guys know that so nice ill just keep these things to the side and lets come back to the handset. Let me give you a physical again feels very very light, and the weight balance has been done well on this one. In fact, another thing that i like is, if you know does the phone does not feel very bulky because its having a 6.56 inch amoled screen its a full hd plus one, and this actually out of chases. This is metallic guys uh. We also have a secondary noise cancellation microphone and on this end, we have the volume rocker the power on off button uh, the tactile feel is good bottom, as the speaker uh. This is your uh. What do you say, main microphone, type c port, and this will be your sim tray.

It will be dual nano sim, im assuming but lets see, and we also have a rubber gasket on this. Yes, its a dual nano sim that we are getting on this one and again guys, as this is a diamond city, 1200 soc uh its actually a true uh. What do you say? Both the sims will have 5g support, so thats, actually nice and as ive told you seven bands of 5g and on this end, actually play nothing on this end. So definitely in terms of design and looks it looks cool and again in person. I dont know how its looking on video, but in person uh this playing of uh the light of what they are doing. Uh looks very cool anyways. Let me just power this on guys and uh ill set this up, and then we will continue so guys. I have set up this smartphone, so lets have a closer look at the same now and, as you can see guys uh, this is the smartphone again, and this one is also having a amoled screen, as ive told you and its a 90 hertz and the this Is actually coming with the new uh? What do you say? Fun touch os version 12.. Uh. Let me actually show you that first and uh this is actually based on android 12. If we go through about the phone here, as you can see uh, this is based on android 12. and the specific variant that we have is 8 gigabytes of ram.

With the extended ram up to 12 gigabytes uh. We also have one more video in the 12 gigabytes of ram and that extended ram is four again four, so it looks like 16 to the os. So this is what it is and um we have the dimension 200 soc. This is based on six nanometer process. Its a very powerful uh processor from uh, what do you say, mediatek so again in day to day operations will not happen, our uh. What is the issues and if we go to display, where did it go if we go to display over here and if you go down screen refresh rate, as you can see, you can set it to smart, which, by default it was a smart switch, but ive Set it to 90 hertz and also guys um the moment i set up the phone. I got one ota update, so i had applied that uh again its very sleek to hold in the hand – and you also have this always on display option – and we have this in display fingerprint scanner on this one and the in display fingerprint scanner as expected is Working very well, so i do not have any issues with the same and again, the handset feels very light to hold, and if i go over here again, we have a lot of quick toggles on the smartphone and within the ui uh. There is some bloatware guys. Some gloatware is there, for example, mojab, josh, etc.

Lets see if we can uninstall this and thats what it says: okay, move icons or whatever, oh yeah, you can uninstall it. So there is some bloatware but uh you can uninstall the bloatware like this. As you can see so thats what it is and if i go towards the left, we are getting the google now pane over here, so thats actually nice. So they have. I i feel this fun touch os 12. They have cleaned up quite a bit now so feeds closer to stock android. You have the app tray and all those things and again, if you look at this smartphone again, this is a camera centric smartphone, no doubt about that uh. If you look at the back camera setup, guys uh again guys, so here are all the specs for your reference, so that you know have an idea. It comes with the mediatek dynasty, 200 soc and the specific variant is 8 gigabytes of ram and other specs are over here. So now, specifically moving to the rear facing camera. This pro version, the main camera – is 108 megapixel. Then we have 8 megapixel thats ultra wide. Then 2 megapixel. This is for that macro, whereas the front facing is interesting setup again, as you can see, we have a notch, but this is a functional notch. As you can see, we have two cameras. The main camera is a 50 megapixel with eye auto focus in fact, ill show you a lot of camera samples later on, because this is a camera centric smartphone and we also have ultra white on this one and uh.

The handset feels uh sleek uh. One thing that i noticed guys uh – i was looking at uh, this uh smartphone and we dont have a three point: five and uh uh five mm headphone jack uh, but this is a 3.5 mm. What do you say? Headphone jack the handset, but i forgot to show you we also get this adapter. That is the type c to 3.5 mm headphone adapter uh, so im its im happy to see that they are providing this adapter in the box. Other vendors are just not providing that. So thats what it is and the handset is very sleek. Now let me actually show you the camera interface because thats an important part of the smartphone. So this is the camera interface guys and um by default. You can go to ultrawide like this. This is the regular and 2x is actually a digital zoom that we have and again, as you can see, this is a fast processor, so no lag or anything in that respect and as we have all the various mode like portrait etc, and we also have a Pro mode full pro mode – and we also have dual view with this one – that means it will use both the front and the rear. So all those options are there on this one uh. Now, if you move to the front facing camera uh again, as you can see here also you have that ultra white, so you can go ultra white thats pretty wide and in fact, uh.

The front facing camera is a fully functioning as f2l its a 15 megapixel and if even in video, its good, if i go over here uh, this is the regular mode. So these are the options, but if you go even in the video mode, if i go over here and if i click here as you can see, we can shoot the video in 4k up to 60 fps, even with the front facing camera uh. That is actually pretty cool and we have the level meter and all those things. So let me do one thing: let me actually show you some sample shots that i have taken with this smartphone so that you get a better idea regarding the camera. Some samples with the rear facing camera – and this was taken around the sunset time as you can see – and this is the regular shot – and this was with the wide angle lens again a regular shot, and this was with the wide angle lens also in terms of Skin tones its produced very well, as you can see, with these uh sample shots, it does a good job. In my opinion, this was a regular shot and this was in the portrait mode and i feel the portrait mode also does a good job. These are some samples of the portrait mode again regular shot, and this was in the portrait mode moving to the front facing camera, this camera axles. As you can see, these were taken with the front facing camera and they come out very good, and we also have the wide angle lens with the front facing camera.

In fact, the front facing camera also does very good in the lighting conditions. In fact, these two leds, as you can see, actually come out automatically in dark situation to light up your face very well, and that works very well. In my opinion, this was taken in dark conditions, and this was in the portrait mode, but i feel the night mode also does a pretty good job. This was with the night mode to give you an idea. Uh, let me show you an example. It was actually this dark, as you can see the background, but when i enable the night mode, this is what i got so definitely the night mode works now guys recording the video with the front facing camera, and we also have a stabilization option. So now i have actually enabled that stabilization option and, as you can see im, so this is a quick sample. With the same, we can also record the video in ultrawide, so lets do that and see the difference now. Im recording the video again with the front facing camera, but this is an ultra wide mode. I really i like the fact that, even in video you have so many modes like ultrawide, etc, which is actually great for vlogging and, as you can see, im walking also so ive enabled that stabilization option. So let me know what you feel about the video in this ultra wide mode. We also have the dual view mode uh in the video where it captures the footage from the rear facing, as well as the front facing camera, so guys thats it for now.

For the unboxing and first look at this vivo v23 pro smartphone, so guys. What do you feel about this smartphone? Do? Let me know in the comment section below i would say: the big highlight of this smartphone is definitely the camera and also for selfies, and if you even use what you say the front facing camera for a lot of video work, then its a very good option. Another thing that i like is its very sleek so in terms of what you say, looks also its a pretty good smartphone.